Success Mindset


WHEN will you understand that you should NOT EVER be doing shit that YOU were not born to do and that ALSO, by the fucking WAY, you absofuckinglutely SHOULD be doing ALL the shit –

All day long! –

That you WERE born to do!

You think you have TIME, to muck around, to WAIT on this stuff?


You think that it’s OKAY, to wait, to wonder, to hope, one day?


NOW is the time.
NOW is the time.
NOW is the ONLY fucking time.


By the WAY –

Everything you dream of –


Is possible.


By the WAY –

Everything you damn well KNOW you were born for?

Is your fucking RESPONSIBILITY, not just a cool thing you COULD do if only you were brave enough to live like you knew it’s your fucking LIFE!

So man the fuck UP.

Roll up your SLEEVES.

GET YOUR HORRIBLE BIG GIRL PANTIES ON (damn do i HATE that expression … I’ll stick with my VS seamless unless I wanna fancy it up and DEFINITELY not with BG panties, but you get the idea!!).
And act like you actually gave a single –

Flying –


About the fact that this?

Is your LIFE.

And really?!

After all …!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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