You can be free of binge and emotional eating for life, and you can start now.

I believe that breaking free of binge eating has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with understanding your why.

What are you running from? What is it you’re trying to push down, or deal with? And what do you really need?

You’re Not Alone

It’s time to speak the truth about binge and emotional eating. And the truth is this – no matter how bad you think you are, you are not alone. Everyday I speak with women who are emotional eaters. Compulsive. The common thread is not just that they feel unable to stop the urge to eat and eat and eat, but that they feel completely alone. As though nobody else acts this way, eats this way.

But yet –

The typical binge eater is successful. Driven. A high achiever. I work with women who are fit, in shape, in control, leaders. Women whose friends come to them and wonder how they do it all. Women who feel that they are falling apart and that nobody would possibly understand who they really are.

In The Secret Life of a Binge Eater I share some of the stories of these women, and I share the story of my own decade long journey as a bulimic and binge eater – all the while working as a fitness and health ‘guru’.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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