Bloody hell.

43. I honestly can remember like it was yesterday sitting down at Brunetti’s on the 3rd floor of Myer in Melbourne, ordering a triple shot 3/4 full latte, a couple of fancy little truffle chocolates … a hot yoga class and a bit of wandering around the city already filling my soul for the morning … and writing my 33rd birthday post. ’33 ways to be gorgeous happy and free’. I didn’t, and haven’t, written a birthday post every year, it’s not a ‘thing’ … but it’s also not not a thing.

Birthdays are a great time to pause, reflect, check in, remind of ourselves of who and what we are, and ultimately – to go deeper into that. To anchor in CHOICE. Yes. I choose to be this person. Yes. I fucking love being this person. Yes. I will run further faster and more relentlessly into being this person!

How on earth has 10 years passed? How on earth can it feel like just a moment ago? How on earth can even my 13th birthday, 3 decades ago now, feel like just a moment ago?! (My 23rd is lost in the black void of my soul, I’ve no idea WHAT was happening then!)

And how is it, that 10 years on … and I’m willing to bet 10 years before as well … once again, I am sitting alone with my coffee, in my happiest of all happy places, which is just me, a girl, with her fancy Mont Blanc fountain pens, her leather bound journal, and her laptop, pouring out her soul.

16+ years now I’ve been writing the things on the internet. 16+ years I’ve been simply waking up each day, and asking ‘what is it I have to say today?’. And then doing some sort of version of saying it, sharing it, letting it free.

How did I build this business? Make 25mil or so online as a product of just being fully me? Springboard it into now an entire emporium of businesses, brands, investments, and hands down THE best staff on OR offline? Get to where I am famous worldwide for being that person who you simply come into the space of and you just BECOME – you? Privately mentor the best in the WORLD, across a multitude of industries and ways of life? I STILL HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE.

Like I said, I’m just the girl waking up every day and letting what’s inside of her out. Ever choosing. Ever adding a sales call to action on it.

. Ever saying yes to what’s inside of her, even or especially when it makes NO sense, and I’ve no idea where to start or how.

On the other hand … I know EXACTLY how I created all of this.

I just.kept.saying.YES.

YES. I will answer the call.

YES. I will open my mouth my heart my soul, and say the things.

YES. I will choose to have the audacity to appoint myself as THAT badass person, even though the shy girl within is so.freaking.SCARED or at least uncomfortable so much of the time.


I’ve made a lot of money over the past 10 years. I’ve grown up over the past 10 years. I’ve created true wealth and leveraged assets over the past 10 years. I’ve been divorced, married again (sort of), broken up again, had various dating … encounters in the in between bit. Fallen in love in ways that were never ever going to be viable. Had the most powerful female friendships of my life come into my life, and solidify such that they are FOR life. Found what I am pretty sure is the my twin flame relationship of my life in a place I never expected it, with a female friend. Found love again recently in a ‘cosmic left hook from God’ sort of way where I NEVER would have seen THAT coming. Laughed a lot. Cried a lot. And still, obsessively, been the girl who, well, obsessives. Obsessively. Over every fucking thing she can triple think twice, before finally,


settling back into that soul truth.

And that small voice inside which just reminds me:

you always fucking knew.


And let it be this simple Kat –

When you say yes to soul?

Life says yes to you.

I’m writing this the day before my birthday actually. Tomorrow, October 2, I’ll turn 43. Tonight I will celebrate and eat and dance and DEFINITELY make merry with my besties and loved ones here on the coast. Tomorrow? I have zero fucking doubt I will wake up, coffee up, drop in, and WRITE. For an outcome? For a second birthday post? For an email or for social media or even, for you?


For the reason I came here:

To wake up. To listen to my soul. And to let what TF is in there out.

FUCK I am grateful for who I am! And for everything I have chosen to be, and still will.