Live Your Passion






“May I please?”

“Is it okay?”

“If I can.”

These are some of the words, emotions, and states of being, which have been allowed to creep in.

Which YOU have allowed in.

Allowed to wash over you. Allowed to speak to you. Allowed to be impart to you, and worse still – through you.

At one point, you were certain. Strong. Focused. And you commanded it. You made decisions like a warrior with forging a swathe of land to then plunder, with purpose-driven focus, and intent.

As a result –

You created what you were meant to.

Burned to the ground what was no longer needed.

Did not think twice as you made even the greatest of decisions as rapidly and fully as though you were cutting through dry dead weed.

Bam, bam, bam, Strike, strike, strike. Move, move, move. Win, win, win.

Success, led by soul, led by mission, led by purpose, led by TRUTH, was your natural state of being.

NOTHING OF THIS EARTH COULD STOP YOU. Because you knew who you were, and?

You’d mofo claimed it.

Even without knowing how. Even without feeling you could dare. Even without being sure of the VERY next move to make, let alone the ones after.

And so it was, that you saw the things, were shown the things, for you to say yes to, shown them from that PLACE GREATER THAN YOU WHICH YOU WERE PLUGGED IN TO, said promptly yes to them, took the guided action as and when you were shown it, no matter what, that was just how it was, and

What happened?

What happened man?

Where’d you lose your way?

When did you turn from being a rock of certainty, a pillar of strength, an exemplary badass LEADER of integrity and aligned action and NFG and truth into …




“Can I really?”

“Do I dare?”

“Is that okay?”

“Where do I even start?”

When did you walk away from the simple and unshakeable reality of how it GETS to be, and how it GETS to be,

is this:

I command it. I decree it. And so I shall see it.

Don’t answer that, it doesn’t really matter when. It’s interesting to observe, perhaps. Some learning to be had, could be. But regardless, here we are, and where we are is –

It’s time for you go all in on faith.

It’s time for you to wake up.

It’s time for you to lift up,

stand up,



This is not arbitrary ‘intentions’, or ‘wishes’, or ‘desired outcomes’ for the sake of it, or even for what could be.

This is not about connecting in to your surface or even mid-way down level human wants, or the cravings of an unplugged spirit.

This is about you being connected. Plugged in. SWITCHED ON AND LIT UP BY WHAT YOU KNOW YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

And FROM that place, seeing | knowing | feeling | believing the reality of your EVERY desire and inner nudge becoming physicality, and THEN.YOU.SAID.YES.

Do you get it now?

Your YES is not meek.

Your YES is not mild.

And your YES is not a request.

Your yes is a COMMAND.



So stop. Stop giving your time. Your focus. Your energy. Your life. Bit by bit and piece by piece. To all of the things you will never really care about anyway, even if you do accomplish or live for them, because they did not come from THE place.

And stop. Stop ‘knowing what you were born for’, and approaching the creation of it with timidity.

And turn.

Turn ALL the way in. For as long as it takes. Every day that it takes. UNTIL it takes, to see. To know.

And then COMMAND.

COMMAND like you know the power you’ve been given.


And watch how it can’t not.

This is the law.

You know there is no other way.

Make today the day you stop living as though there is another way.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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