I don’t tell you the truth. Definitely not all of it, and sometimes none of it.

I have been going through some of the messiest and most tumultuous experiences of my entire life this past 6 months, to the point where every single DAY almost brings about a new upheaval of some kind, and the physical fallout? Is real.

As a parent, as an ex-wife, as a woman navigating love AND life, it’s been … interesting. Full on. Exciting. Daunting. All the things.

What I’ve been holding, steering the ship with, picking up pieces of, and doing my damn best to just try and understand has honestly been more in a compressed period than what I’ve had to figure out or navigate in the past 10+ years combined, but then again … a lot of life happened during that period and I think that as time passes we forget how full on or scary certain things were. Kinda like childbirth, and maybe an in-built protection mechanism so we keep going back haha. To the childbirth thing and also to fully facing LIFE.

Recently, somebody mentioned to one of my team that they (my team member) seemed to have a bit of guru worship going on about me. My team members reply was something to the effect of ‘ha. I just know the actual Kat behind the curtain, and what she has actually done and keeps doing. So when I say she’s amazing … it’s because I’ve seen it ALL’.

There was a time 5 or 6 years ago where pretty much every messy moment in my life ended up word vomited on the internet in some fashion. In a really literal sense, my business saved me. Healed me. Helped me to find my voice. And my way. So I wouldn’t really be in my truth to say that that period was me over-sharing, even though it could easily be identified as such. It was just what was true at the TIME. I’ve since deleted a lot of the posts that really were just things I don’t feel aligned to have out there anymore.

The thing is … that style of posting and raw open soul sharing, where every day you’re spilling your guts on the floor of the internet … it gives people the ability to RESONATE. Now don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean just spilling MESS. I mean: openly showing your realness. Your raw. Your human. Letting people see behind the curtain with the good, bad, messy, random, ugly, any of it! Or whatever parts you wanna show.

>> The reality is that if you want people to buy from you, on repeat, and RAPIDLY fall into a soul connection that they act on with you … they need to feel your soul. <<<

Of course there are a lot of ways to do this. The easiest being: speak from your soul ;).

For me personally, it’s no longer the thing to share a lot, or even anything, necessarily, about what I am navigating personally. Certainly what I am holding and daily walking through right now is nobodys business, and nor do I feel any pull for it to be a message which goes out of me. Even though I’m sure it would be powerful, helpful, healing, in many ways.

But I will say this. Which I said to that team member yesterday on the phone when we were discussing that interaction he had. Sometimes it truly leaves me BREATHLESS and in wonder knowing just how much I have going on, and just how fucking FULL on a lot of it is in this current season, and that I somehow genuinely still do pull off – pretty easily I might add – the incredible results I do in my businesses, finances, and life.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

And my life in a literal sense is messier and more manic than it’s ever been. It also requires from me physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually more than I knew multiple people combined could possibly hold together. I am shocked at how damn well I do. How calm I am, most of the time. Steady. GROUNDED. Joyous!

And the reason is this:

I am the ultimate walking talking testimonial for my own work. I am the embodied, and continuing to become ever more embodied, ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ version of a woman who once upon a time didn’t even know how to hold herself fully upright, let alone hold a crumbling life, family, world, and reinvent a new one, never mind all the … other stuff … all at once AND with grace and certain faith.

When I write about saying yes to soul. Or identity work. Or owning your TRUTH. Or living from your values. Or being RELENTLESS about going all in on what’s inside of you. Or putting first things first.

I may not share it with a ‘here’s shit in my life’ story every time anymore. Or even much at all.

But let me tell you this:

I don’t just write shit that feels good on the internet.

I write the shit that’s changed my life.

And it will change yours.

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