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Money Mindset


“Why do you WANT that though, to make that much money, or be THAT level of famous, have that many people following you and reading or watching your stuff? What’s your ‘why’ for that?”

– “I don’t have one.

It’s just how it’s meant to be. It’s not something I want, although sure, of course. But no, that’s not the why, the why has nothing to do with want or desire.

It’s a knowing.

I’ve always known.”

You feel this way too, don’t you? I know that you do.

You’ve felt it since as long as you can remember, since before you could possibly identify or express it, long before your mind started to look for a ‘how’, and maybe even since before time began.

You’ve always known

That you were the one to live a life less ordinary, to do something extraordinary, that the normal path would never and COULD be for you, and that there was something powerful inside which had to, of course,

Be unleashed.

You’ve ALWAYS known, deep in your soul and the places in your psyche where you’ve so often been scared to look, that your path would be to make millions –

Impact millions –

And maybe,

Change the world.


There’s no fucking maybe about it.

Can you remember when you first knew that you knew? Of course you ALWAYS knew, we’ve established that. Your soul was BORN knowing, it’s LITERALLY WHY YOU WERE FORMED; your human shell simply a casing to embody the vessel that IS your soul, the art which is it’s OWN self, which needed, a person, in order to release it in the physical realm.

You were created, quite simply, for this purpose.

It is what it is.

And that’s all it is.

But perhaps you can recall, no?

I remember being 11 years old.

I was the most voracious reader in the WORLD, perhaps! I was consistently in the Top 3 of the NATIONAL school read-a-thon each year. #nerdalert 

My top love has always been this, right here. Escaping into words and worlds, of my own and of others, and creating, whilst there, new ones.

All I really did to get to HERE … with this business, this multi-million dollar empire, this ‘badass cool chick’ thang I seem to have going on … and a life completely on my terms … was KEEP BEING THE LITTLE GIRL WHO JUST WANTED TO HIDE IN THE BUSHES AND READ AND WRITE.

I went off path for a while, as we all do –

And then I remembered who I was always here to be, a performer, a storyteller, and most of all –

A messenger.

Brought to this earth –

To share truths, and allow others, similarly called, to also drop into the deepest of deep soul and cellular shifts, and of course –

Money makin 

Where were we?

I was 11.


And, sometimes Mum couldn’t take us to the library that day. I would always rent out the maximum amount of books allowed! I think it was 20. And then I’d read them ALL, in a couple of days.

So, I ran out of things to read.

And I went to my father’s bookshelves.

The GREATS, the Godfathers of the personal development world lived there.

As a pre-teen, I started turning the pages and meshing into the worlds of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar (love Zig!), Harry Beckwith, and so on.

And I remember just thinking … KNOWING … understanding, vaguely, what it was these men did, and somewhere inside of me my soul saying –

‘Oh. Well, that’s what I’m going to do’.

It wasn’t ‘I WANT to’. It wasn’t ‘that’d be BADASS’. It wasn’t ‘that way I don’t have to have a normal job and I can make money online’. lol.

It was –


And it was absolute –
Fucking –

Of course after that I went here and there and EVERYWHERE doing everything possible BUT being me – which is a fabulous way to eventually remember and realise how much easier it’d be to just be you … not that most people ever get to this bit of the revelation of course! – but finally I came home.


If you stay the course of doing the inner work, being here, tuning in, looking in, and being God damn honest about what you see and KNOW there,

You WILL give in to being you.

With a sigh.

And an ‘about fucking time’ of your soul!

The long and the short of how I got to where I make THIS sort of money in THIS sort of way and whilst being SO in fucking alignment and soul integrity is I GAVE IN TO BEING ME.

But that’s not really the whole story, is it? Actually, it is! It’s just not the complete way to look at it.

Specifically I’m speaking to the bit of it in which you somehow MAGICALLY SABOTAGE GETTING TO THE MAKE FUCKLOADS OF MONEY BIT, no matter HOW much you repeatedly give yourself permission to be all of you, and then THINK you are following through.

A simple exercise, a question, a thought, floated through me this morning as I connected to my body and soul in my morning interval training, my mind already half in the room today, where I will be with my Inner Circle clients for our LA retreat –

“What would you DO with all that money though? Surely it’s TOO MUCH”

I was thinking about ‘when I’m making tens of millions of dollars every MONTH’, which is of course how I’ve always known it will one day be’.

No, NOT because I think it will be cool.

Not because I want it.

Because it’s

EVERYTHING I align myself to –

Money, the types of clients I have, how many kids I have or will have, body stuff, love and romance stuff, travel stuff, even how I EAT, is based on what is shown and known to me.

Let go of setting or searching for ‘cool goals which will save you’,

And watch your whole life just flow a hella lot easier.

Anyway –

It came to me that something inside of me still felt, or feels, that it’d be perhaps just a little bit VULGAR, to have ‘that amount of money’, and besides – what would I do with it?

The thing with receiving things which you know are DIVINED –

Is it’ll only happen if you clear obstructions to flow (which is a practice, continual, and never ends), in conjunction with actively choosing to BE THAT PERSON.

Embody the beliefs
And actions
Of that person,

And duh –

Obviously the PHYSICAL reality of that person will appear around you.

You made it normal,

And so it becomes done.

Right now, the truth is that making tens of millions of dollars a month does NOT feel normal for me, and in some part of my heart and mind it also feels potentially WRONG … vulger … maybe unsafe … and flat out just not NECESSARY.

Well, obviously I feel this way, there’s no ‘truth’ reveal about it! If it did feel normal and ‘duh, of course’, then it would BE MY CURRENT REALITY.

Do you see?

While pumping my body to the beats of Rihanna and Timbaland (soulmate cardio tunes!) I remembered back to when I first had to really drop into this around allowing myself to even make 100k a month.


I said ‘even 100k a month’, that feels super low to me now. Like … I don’t even know how I could possibly only earn so little, I’d have to REALLY fucking try and decide to drop down like that! Which I will not. Haha.

But damn, I remember when I was making 3-5k a month and the idea of 20k a month seemed OUTRAGEOUS, unbelievable, ridiculous, and also HOWWWWWWWWW?

But at the same time –

My soul knew it was divined.

Soon enough 3-5k a month became 10k a month … became 30-35k a month … 50k … 72k … that one stood out for me as I was ‘living’ in hospital during my tumultuous second pregnancy … and eventually, sure enough, that first 100k month took place.

November of 2014.

Funny, I was excited about it, I wrote a whole book about it (The 100k Per Month Formula, it’s on Amazon!), but also it was like, well –

I haven’t changed anything.

I still do the same shit each day!

I’m still chaotic and disorganised as fuck.

I still never do all the behind the scenes shit I say I will!


I FEEL the same.
I DO the same stuff.
I AM the same person.

I just upgraded –

Bit by bit –

My idea –

Of normal.

And as part of that, I MADE IT SAFE AND ALLOWED AND OKAY AND EVEN, Required.

And I guess all I’m trying to say today,

Is what if you made it safe,



And even,

Duh –


To bring to life the things you’ve always know must be?

It’s a choice.
It’s a discipline, of turning away from fear-based thinking, and back to faith and being the you who you’ve always SEEN yourself as being.
And it’s a daily practice, from there, of continuing, to turn up that dial, and turn ever deeper, into what you’ve always seen would be.

Remember –

Just because you HAVE a destiny,

Doesn’t mean you’ll ever live it.

In other words?

If you say you know you were born for it but you don’t HAVE it, then perhaps it’s time to own what you came here to be, and do, and receive, and then identify the BULLSHIT which is currently stopping you.



Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

Calling in the Green is here baby!

The Higher Consciousness Wealth Code for Receiving All That You Desire, Require, and KNOW is Divined
4 Weeks to Change Your Money Reality, with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth!

It’s supposed to be on your terms, you know?

This whole damn thing is SUPPOSED to be on your terms.

It’s supposed to flow.

It’s supposed to feel CERTAIN, and true, in your soul.

It’s supposed to connect you more deeply to purpose through EVERY SINGLE BIT of what you do and how you do it.

And also –

Just by the way!

It’s supposed to get you PAID AS FUCK.

MO-ney WEALTH The ‘GREEN’ Smackaroonies (lol … is that a word? Is now!) MOOLAH, and then some

Did you happen to fucking realise that this shit is like AIR? That you can just breathe it in, decide it, choose it, have it? It’s INFINITE!

It’s available.

It’s available for YOU.

And it’s available now.

But, you already knew this, didn’t you?! It’s not like you ever for a second have actually BELIEVED that money is hard to come by, or that you shouldn’t have INSANE amounts of wealth, financial AND otherwise! You’ve ALWAYS known this … the truth of it lives deep in your soul and is ABSOLUTE.

It’s just that right now … and perhaps for a while now … it’s felt kinda



like a bit of a clusterfuck figuring out how to GET it

Can I tell you the inherent problem with THAT particular statement?! Shall I?

It’s the tryna GET it bit which is stopping you.

By definition,

If you’re trying to GET something, to figure it out, to HAVE it, to get your sticky little mits on it,

Then you do not indeed

Have it!

I know –


Yes, yes, yes. But can you see how if you continue to try to GET it, you also continue to state and reaffirm that you do not indeed HAVE it, and thus you recreate the cycle of, well, not freaking having it!

Of course this is just one part of all of this, isn’t it?

Really what we’re here to talk about, and what you’ve ALWAYS KNOWN IN YOUR SOUL, is that we need to get you into the automatic RECEIVING energy of money. It’s the VIBBBBEEEEE of the thang.

And right now? If money feels hard to come by, and it slips continually through your fingers like a slippery little squirrel (?!), even though your soul knows OF COURSE IT GETS TO BE FLOW AND EASE, then baby you just ain’t in the vibe of the thang.

Wanna know something cool?

We can change that!

Wanna know something EXTRA cool?

We can change that fast!

Wanna know something EVEN MORE FUCKING COOL?

We can start now.

Well, technically on Wednesday July 18, but ACTCHUALEEE –

Now. ‘Cause, you know, early-bird pre-work access and all.

Oh! Did I forget to say?! Guess what?!

CALLING IN THE GREEN is here baby!

And just a lil warning for you?


Just how you like and need it!

Calling in the Green!

The Higher Consciousness Wealth Code for Receiving All That You Desire, Require, and KNOW is Divined

4 Weeks to Change Your Money Reality, with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth!

– Starts July 18 – Facebook group and pre-work kicks off July 11 – Super spesh something for my Top 50 (deets below!) – #VIBEASFUCK – Made for you!


I definitely gotta say sorry first, for this. Although maybe not! After all –


But still –

I’m a little sorry and also mainly just kinda SHOCKED, that I literally never thought to do this before … how is it, that in over 200-something programs and products launched online, including a FUCKLOAD since I flicked the switch on the money shit, I somehow never freaking thought of teaching the FULL ins and outs of receiving money?

Receiving money?

Let’s call it what it is, no need to be shy about it!

Receiving a fuckload of money.

With a fuckload of ease.

From a fuckload of flow.

All the time and on repeat.

From your soulmate clients and community members.

And also just from nowhere.

Like magic.



Well, ‘receiving money’ is shorter I guess

But ANYWAY … I just find it kind of hilarious that it literally never occurred to me previously to do this. I mentioned it yesterday on my livestream, and Deneen said ‘maybe because it comes so naturally to you’. Maybe! Probably! But then again –

It didn’t always.

QUITE the opposite.

By GOD, it felt never-ending when I was in the thick of it and trying to GET to where I was even just SAFE with money, never mind rich!

I suppose back then … 100k+ in debt and often not even able to buy FOOD … I certainly wasn’t gonna be teaching on it. lol. Although I did talk about it a little. And then as time passed and it became NATURAL and AUTOMATIC and OF COURSE for me to receive like this, to just ‘click my fingers’ and know it was done and then see it show up, and as my business grew into the multi-millions ON MY TERMS online empire it now is, well –

Perhaps I did forget.

Just how hard and endless and quick-sand-y it was.

And perhaps it did become so natural that I didn’t fully recognise or just bring to top of mind the work I really DID, and LEARNED, and was gifted from GOD, and tapped INTO, in order to become this person.

Are you ready to become the WEALTHY person you’ve always known you’re meant to be?

Are you ready to step into receiving with ease?

Is it TIME?


If so –

I made this for you.


Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We GO! Calling in the GREEN, Your Place Available Now!

Let me tell you a little of what we’ll be covering, and how this will work.

Here’s the how it will work bit:

4 weeks (we said that)

From July 18 (we said that too)

FULL Facebook group support starting from a FULL WEEK EARLIER, July 11

PRE-work in the Facebook group from July 11 for you to dive into (My Most Powerful 11 Learnings on Receiving Large Amounts of Money, and How You Can Apply Them Now)

TOP 50 BONUS (deets below)

Weekly LIVE training with me, 4 weeks, 4 deep dive CALLING IN THE GREEN modules (comprising what I outline a bit below this, in addition to whatever else is downloaded to me along the way)

WEEKLY LIVE Hotseat style Q&A with me (kinda unheard of at this price point by the way!) – think, ALL YOUR MONEY AND RECEIVING WONDERMENTS ANSWERED AND SHIFTED!

Twice weekly Journaling to Receive exercises from me, taken from my own personal wealth creation journaling, and shared with full explanation and training so you understand it AND do it

My support and feedback and soul-shiftin’ prompting and answers in the group

Whatever the fuck else comes through, AS IT ALWAYS DOES

Details, details, details, I know, but let’s talk SHIFTS, aka here’s the what we’ll be covering bit:

Let’s get clear here.

The work will be what the work will be, so I don’t know exactly all that we’ll be diving into in this work together, but I DO know that I’ll be allowing out of me and into you ALL of what I have learned, understood, and stepped into over the past 7-8 years since I actively began to study and shift on WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS.

From my soul,

To yours,


And so much more:

– Soul and cellular shift work: understanding and BECOMING the vibration of wealth, on a soul and cellular level, what this means and ‘how’ to actually have it take place in you, instantaneously

– What receiving energy feels like, and impregnating it into your very DNA so that it no longer is something you ever have to think about ‘doing’, but it is just who you ARE

– Identifying and easily releasing the aspects of your environment, business, money situation and SELF which do not reflect or allow for wealth

– Seeing beneath the surface fears and blocks, to understand how they have served and supported you, and how to let go

– Writing money goals and intentions, the most effective way(s) to do that and also how to deal with conflict between what you know you WILL ultimately align to and what you feel you can NOW ask for

– Knowing how to choose the correct soul aligned money goals for you

– ALIGNING to the next income level, exactly how I have done that on repeat to consistently ‘turn up the dial’ on my income year in and year out

– the beliefs, emotions, energies, thoughts AND actions side of it

– How to balance ‘acting as if’ with also having no fucking $$ in the bank

– Specific actions to take when money is EXTREMELY limited and scarce

– When to ‘only do what I freaking want’, vs when to HUSTLEEEEEEEEE and push, and how to be in soul flow and truth either way

– My exact Advanced Manifestation process broken down for you (yep, I have a process! It freaking works!)

– What I suggest (and do) on a day to day basis to continue call in ever more abundant income with ease, and all while ‘doing nothing’ except for honouring my soul

– My EXACT journaling affirmations, exercises, statements around money and wealth

– Understanding and EMBODYING surrender and release (critical in order to receive; there is no receiving without surrender!)

– Making the money makin’ side of it just ‘automatic and of course’, so YOUR focus can go where it is supposed to go – your message, your art, your purpose, your family, your self, etc!

– Shifting past limiting BS around what people will think, whether you’re good enough, have done enough, know enough, etc. Aka – owning your shit and who you are and get to be!

– How to FULLY and FOR GOOD release fear / scarcity around things like not getting the sales you wanted, or around people not liking you, or around people leaving, and also around being ALLOWED to boldly sell and receive in the first place

– Releasing your fears around being somehow punished if you were to become rich


– Understanding and dealing with stuff to do with why it feels so wrong and you feel so guilty if your income were to exceed that of your Dad’s, or your Mum’s, or whoever else it is (I know this shit, okay?!)

– Knowing how to stand in your power and truth if people try to blame or shame or guilt you or just scorn you, for boldly owning that you get to be rich

– Rocking out the energy of wealth in your day to day life, and giving yourself permission to DO AND BE THE FANCY SHIT AND BE IN THE FANCY PLACES! (If that’s something you like!)

– Thoughts and conversation on tithing, and giving, and how this impacts receiving

– How to handle conversations if asked to give money to family members or others, or even if you feel like it’s expected whether or not it’s brought up

– Releasing your shit around ‘I can’t be rich and also hot’, ‘I can’t be rich and also loved’, ‘I can’t be rich and also safe’, etc

– Releasing your shit around ‘if I make a lot of money / people see that, it somehow means I’m not focused on what really matters’


– Changing your inner perception and expectation of normal so that it really just HAPPENS and you hardly even think about it … kinda like how I forgot to do this course because it’s so NORMAL that I just live my life and make this money!


Whew! This is going to be BEYOND … as I think you can feel!


Calling in the Green is an INNER WORK program, however I will also be sharing on:

– How I manage my money each week and grow wealth on a continual basis

– My investment strategies, and how I stepped past fear and not feeling grown up enough around that

– How I learned to save when I’m a spender by nature and could never seem to hold on to money!

– And I’ll talk about expenses and revenue in my company, how I maintain such a high profit margin whilst also ABUNDANTLY honouring my team and every expense I desire and require

– Plus any and all other money management questions of yours answered!

AND: (bonus for err’body alert!)

Each week I’ll be giving you DIRECT COPIES from my own current journaling, so you can see how I continue to call in and receive at this level, and also how my thoughts automatically work IN THE ENERGY OF RICH!

Here’s why to say yes:

Because your soul says yes.

Maybe you’re scared or not sure if it will work for you … or you’re weary … or whatever … but really, all you need to know to decide is:

‘What would faith do?

And what would fear do?’

And then you press play

Oh – !

And here’s the Top 50 bonus I mentioned, if your soul is saying yes and you don’t wanna fuck around with that (why would you?!:

Say yes FAST in answer to your soul, and be in the first 50 to sign up, and receive my personal money tracking spreadsheet which I made for myself in 2011 and use to this day to call in wealth, including blank templates for you to use, and a video overview of how it works and what I do, PLUS video overview of how I write and call in my every goal and intention!

This is the ONLY ‘tool’ I use outside of what’s inside of me to receive, and I developed it when I was in a place of hiding from my money shit. I took back my power by learning to LOOK at my money and then to WRITE IT INTO EXISTENCE. I’m so excited for you to be in the Top 50 of Calling in the Green and receive this as my extra gift to you!

What else?

Nothing gorgeous.
Is it time to say yes to wealth?


Click below to be IN Calling in the Green with me!

Go #VIPASFUCK and receive a 1:1 Wealth Recoding Phone Call with me, PLUS 7 days of unlimited messenger / audio access to go ever deeper into your wealth allowance, AND a copy of one of the most powerful online trainings I have ever created (previously only available to paid clients of the program I created it for), on BECOMING THE LEADER NOW. This was one of those trainings … one of the top 5 I have EVER unleashed … which left everyone who attended shocked, me included. This training alone, if you implement even one small part of it, will return your entire INVESTMENT to you in Calling in the Green, ONE HUNDRED FOLD AND BEYOND.

Do you believe that everything you spend can be returned to you 100-fold and beyond, and SHOULD be?

I do … we’ll talk about that as well!


We have a lot to cover!

Say yes to Calling in the Green here:


I’m so excited to do this with you gorgeous.


Photo with Inner Circle client and badass friend Lauren Roberts – who I ran into this morning before our event at the Drybar. #ofcourse

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