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Success Mindset


It’s time to stop GLAMOURISING the effort required to get to the top, time to stop MYSTIFYING it into some magical fucking unicorn thing where you then get to pretend that the reason you’re not THERE yet is because you don’t know how, or you don’t have access to the right people, or you’re in some way not worthy or good enough or READY yet.

Everything you want so badly, and allow to hang over you day after day after ever-loving FRUSTRATION INFUSED day, is right now pretty much in the palm of your hand and yours for the taking, if only you’d wake the fuck up and take it.

You think it’s not that easy, to hit your sales goals, grow your tribe, get famous for who you are and build a POWERFUL personal brand?

Let me tell you something: it is a LOT easier than what you’re letting it be.

Look, we both know that getting to the gold is HARD FUCKING WORK, so when I say it’s easy I don’t mean you won’t TOIL. Of course you’re gonna TOIL your sweet ass off, and I’m sure that whatever your current level of effort and ‘doing the work’ entails it totally is NOWHERE near where it needs to be.

But here is what I mean by easy. If you want to make shit HAPPEN, even the biggest of big shit your one day dreams are FILLED with, this is what it comes down to:

1. Make up your fucking mind
2. Do the work
3. Repeat

It’s time to stop GLAMOURISING the effort required to get to the top, time to stop MYSTIFYING it into some magical fucking unicorn thing where you then get to pretend that the reason you’re not THERE yet is because you don’t know how, or you don’t have access to the right people, or you’re in some way not worthy or good enough or READY yet.

Yes, yes, I already said that exact paragraph at the top! But SERIOUSLY now, get with the fucking program!

If you don’t HAVE it it’s because you didn’t make up your MIND to have it.

This is true for your finances, how much available cash you have right now, what your net worth is, how much debt you’re holding on to, how fast the money is flowing day by day.

It’s true for your fame and visibility, how many people are following you, how ‘viral’ your shit is and whether or not you’re blowing up right now.

It’s true for who KNOWS you or knows about you and is also willing to give their time and energy to you, talk about you and refer you.

It’s true for what SHAPE you’re in, how you look and feel and how fast your ass springs out of bed in the morning.

It’s true for every LITTLE and every BIG thing you set your sights to and whether you HAVE it, or whether it’s just another bullshit story you tell yourself about a one day life you’re never gonna live.

Stop fucking kidding yourself.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves, grit your teeth, square your shoulders, and get to WORK.

Nothing complicated.
Nothing fancy.
No secret systems that are gonna somehow get you famous and rich without YOU GETTING YOU FAMOUS AND RICH.

Just you and some good old-fashioned GRIND, day in, day out, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

THAT is what it takes.

And if you’re trying to get there any other way you’re a moron, a particularly deluded one, and also, by the way, REALLY??!

Is that who you ARE?

Because I don’t think that’s who you are and the truth is I don’t think that’s who ANYBODY is.





Okay that last one might just be me, I do love being in the spotlight.

But honestly, baby (can I call you baby? cool, thanks!), enough is enough,

The FANTASY is that you finally wake the fuck up and realise that you had it there right in front of you all along and that all you need to DO is start putting one foot in front of the other.

Want more sales? Make more offers. Get smarter as you go, continue to learn and understand how to play the game, but you’re STILL GONNA NEED TO BE MAKING MORE OFFERS TO GET MORE SALES. Even if your goal is that ONE BIG DEAL you’re still gonna need to make more offers to get more sales!!

Want more people to know about you, fall in love with you and follow you? Give them valuable content. Daily. Distribute that shit across multiple platforms. Daily. Let them SEE you. Daily.

Want to be featured or associate with big-time players and get your brand out there faster? ASK and GIVE first and also by the way start acting like a BIG TIME PLAYER yourself in terms of how YOU show up, present, and give to the world!




Look I’m not going to sit here and list out all the fucking OBVIOUS examples of what you could be doing in the different areas of your life here. Because that’s what it is, it’s OBVIOUS.

Just like a well-written murder mystery, the OBVIOUS answer is usually the correct one.

The OBVIOUS pathway to success is definitely the correct one. It’s just that most people don’t want to believe that it can be as simple –

As ordinary –

As mundane –


As good old-fashioned grind.

Stop wasting time.

You want it?

Make up your mind, bitch, and do the fucking work.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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