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Last night I attended a private dinner with some of the most illustrious 7-figure+ badass ladeez I know. Just quietly, and unsurprisingly, they also happen to be some of the wildest and most outrageously inappropriate ‘can not / will not follow rules’ peeps I know.

My friend Michelle put together a bit of a secret Gold Coast Illuminati* mastermind where we all get together once a month in her shockingly FABULOUS basement aka underground bar, and plot, well, things that need plotting. (*I made the Illuminati bit up. It feels appropriate though!).

We have the drinks and the amazing food and we talk a lot of shit (may have spent an hour last night traumatised AF by the so-called numerological meanings of some of our different name combinations, and wondering whether it’s too weird if we start switching last names with each OTHER), but as the evening wears on we always inevitably get down to business.

The business, quite simply, of being in a room filled with other women who GET it, who you feel no sense of weirdness at owning ALL of your big dreams and existing accomplishments around, and who all also crazy as all get out in the most perfect way.

We hold each other to a standard of CONTINUAL expansion, and that alone, never mind all the fun that goes hand in hand, makes the connection we each have with each woman in that room and with the group as a whole, valuable eyond measure.

Side note! I used to have basically no soulmate friends, like many entrepreneurs I kind of ‘lost’ my friends along the journey to becoming fully me, for the most part. A few years back I DECIDED to have a lot of soulmate friends. You can get a free mini-training from me on that in the ‘Shhh’ section of my free Katrina Ruth app, available on the app store!

So what does a roomful of women collectively worth well into the 8-figure mark talk about when they really ‘get down to business’?

Do you know what? As we sat there and dove in, I was just thinking “imagine if people could hear what we’re actually talking about?!”

Big money-makin’ plans and world domination strategies?? Well … duh! That goes without saying. But actually, yeah, um, it literally goes without saying. Women who play at this level know that it’s NEVER, in the end, about the masterplan or strategy you rolled out so fucking perfectly. While we do exchange ideas and upcoming cool shit we have going on, share referrals and things which have worked, as any group of friends do, 95%+ of our ‘business masterminding’ is about remembering who the fuck we are!

At least half the table last night, when it was their turn to individually share their big 2020 goals, spoke about needing to remember to be more of who they really ARE. About how fucking boring the whole thing feels when it gets too certain, too predictable, and – dare I say – to ‘working’. How we are not only different from the rest of the world but we are also different from the other entrepreneurs even! Our end outcome just isn’t Netflix and chill. The chill life is available at any time, self-care is a given, naps and daytime martinis always an option … but actually?? We are the ones who like the push, who need the push, who can’t freaking breathe without the balls in the air crazy mad ‘she’s doing too much’ -ness of it all! While the rest of the world goes on and on about just wanting to slow down … do ever less … automate themselves out of the business so that they always get paid for doing nothing … here is the truth about women like US:

– hell YEAH we know we get to be paid just for being us, and we DO indeed get paid for such (this is exactly what I most love teaching my clients; getting paid to be you!)

– AND –


we need the do. we need the do. we need the fucking do! we don’t WANT to opt out of crazy creator chaos and madness. So much of the entrepreneur world is trying to teach you how to do this. And, maybe it’s what your soul craves. Nothing. Just … sittin’ around, and getting paid. Sounds pretty awesome yeah? Well, I’ve done that. I built a business to millions of dollars per year of CONSISTENT income by me doing close to fuck all.

And? I nearly died of boredom. I got fat and lazy and my income started to go backwards the more I automated my business to work for me. lololol. Is this because automation is bad and you should only DO, hell no! It’s because for me, many of my friends, and maybe you, my creative side needs fucking jujing daily. I thrive on mess. I thrive on making it up as I go. I WANT to reinvent the wheel!

^^^ so last night at dinner, I was one of these people talking about needing to remember to be me, probably the one that went on and on the longest! Primarily because I know I need the damn accountability from my sisters to remember who I am! Like anyone, I can get caught up in what I think I ‘should’ be doing, and one of those ‘shoulds’, funnily enough, is to think that I ‘should’ chill more and do ever less ever less, ever slower, and that if I don’t then I’m not honouring myself or something! So crazy.

I mean, I think what’s SO cool, is that you can have the best of both worlds. A huge percentage of my now 8-figure business continues to come in without me doing much of anything, ’cause I’ve built it that way. And, I love to teach you that! But that does NOT mean that I want or ‘should’ do less. When I am not in the madness and the mayhem I feel sad and mad and flat and just NOT me.

^^ what do YOU need to feel all of you? And, are you giving it to yourself? Or have you accidentally found yourself caught up in working towards other people’s ideas for an ideal life, maybe the common ones of your industry, or of people close to you, or of the world at large?

It’s so important to have people in your life who GET your particular brand of madness, and who will remind you when you’re not living into it. For me I make even MORE money, with more of what actually feels ‘flow and ease’ to ME, when I am in the thick of it and have a LOT going on! Yeah, I also chill as much as I damn well like. But I get to be honest with myself about that, and acknowledge that a lot of the time when I think I need to slow down and breathe I actually need to wake up and live!

Girl, I want to save you from the slow and certain soul-death of the chill life. Hahahah. BUT REALLY.

And if you get what I’m saying, and something within you lit up just reading about mayhem and mess and chaos, then guess what, good news?

You just woke up.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 



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