Get a grip


You can start to just be her, and you can start today.

Those excuses, ahem, sorry, reasons, no matter how valid and true they are?

Can be set aside whilst you do the thing ANYWAY.

“Yes I’m too busy, and I started anyway.”

“I didn’t know how, but I set time aside and sat my butt in the chair and refused to move til something came through ANYWAY.”

“I’m scared and it feels like everybody else knows something I don’t, but I set forward ANYWAY.”

“I didn’t know when I could possibly get myself finally into action let alone momentum, or how on earth I could EVER really be her, and THEN I JUST DID”.

Ya know?

Don’t tell me ya don’t know 😉

The reality is that women like us, there’s always going to be a next or new level for us to reach for.

We’re never going to get to a point of wanting to sit down on our ever-expanding butts and just watch the world go by because now we’re done.

It’s NOT about the destination, and ‘now I’ve become the person who is FINISHED’.

We want to finish well because we are STILL RUNNING THE RACE.

Resting rightly,
I hope,
in God!

And part of that means acknowledging that there IS always a dream beyond the dream.

This is not meant to be exhausting, or turn your life into a checklist life! Stop thinking that your quest is to GET there! So much of your loss of energy and momentum would just GO if you let go of the idea of ‘there is somewhere else I am meant to be / something else I am meant to have done, and therefore something is wrong with me because I am running a STORY that I have to BE someone who I am not’.

Do you see what you’re doing? Do you see what lies you’re buying in to?

You are her NOW.
Be her NOW.
Being her does not mean you did everything and are done! This lie is killing our souls, because we KNOW we can’t actually do it all, because we KNOW there is always a next or new thing!

The solution is … stop seeing ANY of it as stuff to DO / nail / figure out / get on top of.

And instead just take a deep breath and admit:

I am her now.
So I’m gonna go ahead and just be her now.
And being her now means that RIGHT now,

I say yes to this.
I step forward with that.
I action this.
I write | create | sell this.

The trick?
Just let the ‘this’ bit be the bit you’ve been telling yourself you don’t know how to do, or are not ready for.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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