Money Mindset


My business was a debt-fuelled disorganised as fuck crazy-creators-brain-come-to-life chaotic mess for years.

Sometimes it still surprises me that actually, yes, I DO have systems. I have structure. I have templates, standards, ‘go-to’ ways of doing things in every single area of my back-end, front-end, and any other end you can think of. I got motherfreakin’ PROCESS, girl! When I give a directive to my team I need to only say a few words and they INSTANTLY know what to do, and there is precise, effective and brand-aligned ways for them to do it. The machine WORKS, and sometimes we barely even have to press a button for it to do so!

It’s funny to me to admit or even notice all of this, because for years I made SO much fun of systems and strategy, and look – I’ll be the first to say that that ain’t gonna stop anytime soon! There’s a very good reason I have avidly spoken up against being focused on that sort of shiz niz for years now, and will not stop doing so. Because here’s the thing –

1) For us? For the called ones who were born for more, who are natural creators, messengers, healers, leaders and who simply CAN’T with doing what the world, even the so-called rebel entrepreneur world, says? Systems just ain’t systems unless dey be soul systems.

and 2) If you think that the way to begin or even grow your business is by putting all your time, energy and effort, never mind money, into ‘what’s the right process to grow this thing?’, then you need a swift uppercut to the chin and I am more than happy to be the one to provide that for you.

What’s the right process to grow this thing? Which systems do I need in place so that I can spend my time doing what I love whilst also seeing revenue and audience growth taking place consistently? How do I set this bitch up so it prints money for me like the well-oiled cash machine I feel I deserve?

Firstly – shut the fuck up, how you gonna put a process in place to grow a thing when you haven’t even MADE A DAMN THING OR BECOME THE DAMN THING? What exactly is it you’re planning to grow anyway; your own obvious delusion and lack of consistent value unleashment?

Consider yourself virtually smacked by me, and not in the fun way.

And then secondly – okay fine, I’ll tell ya how 😉

For years, at least 7 or 8 of them, as I grew what has now become this purpose-driven and soul-led online empire, I completely ignored anything to do with keeping shit organised, keeping track of money (or really, anything), and putting anything in place for structure.

I did literally nothing that I was ‘supposed to be’ doing as far as lead gen, marketing, sales.

I didn’t advertise.

I didn’t pre-plan anything.

And I sure as shit didn’t think in any sort of strategic fashion about how I was going to go to the ‘next level’. In fact, I never even heard of the words ‘next level’. Haha. Imagine!

Things were beyond chaotic. At the crux of it I had over 10,000 pages on my WordPress site. This is the actual amount, when I eventually hired a web dev company; about 10 years in, they nearly passed out in shock and told me I had more pages than pretty much any other site on the ‘net). And all of those pages were basically just thrown there. No order. No sequence. No proper filing of anything. And how I showed up each day? Was pretty much an exact reflection of that.

I didn’t look at numbers.

I didn’t attend to analytics.

I didn’t build any funnels or automated growth or revenue processes.

I had my head COMPLETELY in the sand as far as outgoings, and also chose to just cover my eyes and ears and la-la-la ignore my mounting debt.

I basically forged a path of mess and destruction through the not-especially hallowed halls of this here online world, and pretty much told myself every day for years that today would be the day I’d finally get my shit together and get all this stuff sorted out, plus start doing the ‘should do’ internet market-y growth things!

For years that day just didn’t come, and you know what? While there is a part of me who knows it could have been different, perhaps I would have grown faster if I had have ‘properly’ focused on growth and biz systems sooner, there is another part of me which knows fuck THAT –

The reason I am here, one of the BIGGEST reasons I am here is not just because I decided to be and wanted to be, knew it was aligned and aligned myself accordingly, but it’s because the way that I GOT here was to absolutely ignore EVERYTHING –


As I kept my head down, my ass up, and did just 3 simple things each day –

1) Communication
2) Connection
3) Conversation

Which is to say that the more I wrote and spoke and listened to and truly madly deeply ENGAGED with my audience, the more shit just kind of grew of its own accord.

All I was doing was throwing my creativity and soul at the Internet, with no regard for the mess I was making or who was going to eventually pick up the pieces, and while I definitely felt guilty and a bit naughty (bad entrepreneur! bad adult! bad ‘trina! You get a smack!), I think that there was a higher self part of me which knew:

You’re focusing on what MATTERS girl, and everything else can wait.

To this day I only believe and teach that what you NEED to be doing, in order to hit your money and also soul fulfilment goals, is to FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS, and make everything else wait.

I could bemoan the fact that I didn’t organise SHIT for the better part of a decade and it truly was a yard-arms worth of tequila-requiring situation to clean up when eventually we started to do so, but because I ignored:

Selling (in the ‘proper’ way)
Fancy websites
Team or list or self management of any kind, aside from DISCIPLINE TO MY SOUL, BITCH –

Do you know what happened, do you KNOW what happened?

I woke up one day and I’d built a multi-million dollar per year consistent income which was based on me just being me, doing my soul work, ‘throwing shit at the Internet’, and dancing merrily on my way.

I KNOW that if I had have let myself get caught up in all the should and must-dos that all the experts were spouting off on, this wouldn’t have happened. Just in a practical time-sense, if my time and effort had have been going to building a business, I would not have instead built what I did build, which was absolute connectedness to soul and message, and the practiced ability to put that out into the world in the way that was right for me –

Every day –

Like this!

When I ask around, and I often do, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW AND BUY FROM ME, say it is because of my writing / speaking, because of how I reach in and grab them by the soul.

So yes. You could say I am passionate about reminding you of what matters, kicking your ass to keep your tunnel-vision focus on and JUST DO YOU BOO, while everything else implodes around you if need be! And for the love of God! Don’t go paying for websites and photoshoots shit if you haven’t built a thing and BECOME the damn thing who you need to be for people to actually give a fuck!

For me, I had nobody there who I could find who had built a thing based on soul and based on being a mad crazy creator and based on integrity to self, and so I am SO glad I didn’t give my attention to implementing shit that didn’t allow for all of that, because eventually I found a way to have it all, and I didn’t have to compromise on ANY of my truth to do that.

Which is why I am now ALSO so passionate about telling you this:

You don’t have to do it the way I did.

I waited over 8 years to even begin implementing growth structure or strategy, or process to save time and effort and make things SO easily repeatable and revenue-producing, because there were no examples which spoke to me and I instinctively knew that this was just my path. Mad manic mess first.

But if I knew then what I know now, namely that systems can (and only should!) come from soul, and in fact that they really really can support you to be more of you; in fact when you do it right even doin’ the damn process feels like soul unleashment and purpose work –

Well. Suffice to say I wouldn’t have waited so freakin’ long! I would have realised that I don’t HAVE to do everything the long and hard way. I wouldn’t say I regret that I did … it made me the woman I am today, and built some SERIOUS character … but would I do it that way again?

No fucking way.

Not with what I know now. The truth is that it was a constant drain and leaking-of-lifeforce, knowing that there was all this shit just mounting up all over the place, and suspecting that there probably WAS a way to have it all working for me to support me to do even more of what I love to do; just writing and speaking and hanging out with you!

Eventually I found and figured out that way, and let me tell you: I am SO proud of myself for staying true to soul, for not putting stuff in place in my business that didn’t feel like flow and fuck yes. And? I am also SO proud of myself to now HAVE stuff in place which feels like flow and fuck yes!

When I have an idea, we have shit set up such that I barely even need to breathe a hint of the idea to my conscious mind or my team and there is just a way we roll out a launch in a matter of hours, and then run that launch race from flow and YEP as a well-oiled machine.

And that’s pretty representative of how I do everything now. I keep my head down and my ass up as I’ve always done, with 80%+ of my time spent ONLY writing and speaking and hanging with you, but what’s different now as compared with the earlier years of doing that, is that I know EXACTLY which buttons to push or bat to swing or needle move to activate in order to ensure that ‘me being me’ is leveraged over and over and over again.

Automated income + soul tribe growth out the wazoo baby, all not only while but also BECAUSE I just keep doing my thing.

I’ve grown a business online all the way from nil income for the first few years – side note this was largely because I didn’t sell anything the first few years lol … I was just blogging, not trying to make money – to (and I’m being rough with my numbers here but approx) 8k in year 2, 25k in year 3, 50k in year 4, 150k in year 5, 400k or so in year 6, 750k+ in year 7 and year 8, well over a million in year 9, and multiple millions every year since then. It’s now year 13.

I look back now and see that at every step of the way there were things moving together which I just wouldn’t understand until later. There was a LOT of time wasted, a LOT of inefficiency. There’s no reason it had to take so long, even though it’s fine it did; it’s still pretty damn good and I am cool with all of that! But I can also look back now and clearly see the key moves I made which did allow those income leaps, those leaps in soul tribe growth, and also those leaps into me being able to drop more of myself ONLY into doing what I love.

And yeah – it was because in certain areas I finally identified ‘the way’ which worked for me. The system, the strategy, the repeatable thing which I would then start to do over and over again, and lean on; be supported by.

So I guess I just wanted to come on here today and remind you of two things –

1) It’s okay if you feel like you’re all over the shop, messy and mad as fuck and being a ‘bad entrepreneur’, and in fact if you’re not like that a good chunk of the time then you’re probably not really saying yes to soul


2) There is a way even for people like us to structure things so we can be more of ourselves and let things just grow alongside that. Keep your eyes open and start to notice what that is for you; the way will be shown as you step forth on it!

And finally, this –

Know that you’re in the right place. You’re on track even when you feel you’re not. You’ve got this. You always did. And you ARE figuring it out.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Programmed to Upgrade is happening gorgeous, and WHOOOOO MAMA is this the work that works.

25 days, you and me, 1:1, to quantum leap like you’ve NEVER leapt before.

This will be intense …

And a lil bit scary. But buckle up, because you KNOW you’re ready for it.

SO fucking ready 😉

Programmed to UPGRADE!

25 Days, 1:1, with Katrina Ruth, to SCREW the Rules, SCREW the Norm, Go So Damn Extra, So Freaking Hot, So Fully SEEN, and Snap Your Future Into the Now So Damn Fast It’d Make Your Head Spin … even as you nod in certainty that of COURSE, this is what was ALWAYS supposed to be ..

Places are already filling, and we begin next week. If you know it’s time to say yes to MAGIC, and creating your reality from the supernatural, and you’re SO ready to drop the paradigm of always having to DO (and yet still not be there!) then message me now.

I’ll get you the full overview, and talk personally with you about whether or not it’s for you.

To the supernatural baby, and beyond …



As of today, I’m opening up the doors to my Inner Circle, my private client mastermind.

This is THE most badass high level mastermind in the world for women who want it all – and are prepared to do what it takes to get it! Really what we’re talking about is being prepared to be the PERSON.

And that’s what I do. I help you remember ALL that you were, and then become it. ALL Of it.

This is my highest level private mentoring circle. The exact place where I have personally mentored dozens of this industry’s most elite female entrepreneurs to break income barriers ranging from 10k months to multiple 7 FIGURE months, and everything in between. But more importantly than that – to become who and what they always were.

But know that this is not only (obviously) not just for the masses, this is also not just for someone who can afford to invest in a high level private coach. Being willing to throw money down is something which has absolutely zero correlation to being somebody who has what it takes to TRULY go next level as a leader.

If anything, in this industry, investing in a high level coach such as myself, is a rite of passage which veers just a little too much on the side of ‘trend’. It’s become something which ‘everybody does’, almost as a way of proving they play business and life a certain way.

Maybe even of trying to prove it to themselves.

Here is the reality which those who I am truly here to personally mentor and lead KNOW, the reality which my clients and all women like me as well as of course me personally have ALWAYS known:


We are simply, smarter, faster, and have more presence. We can do more in our minds before breakfast than what most people can do in a freakin’ WEEK, a month, a year.

We are not basic ass coaches trying to heave ho our way up a few extra thou a month.

We are the ones who have ALWAYS known we are 1% within the 1% within the 1% in terms of how we think, create, operate, how and WHAT we are tapped in too.

This is not arrogance, this is fact.

And there has NEVER been any question but that we will go all the way.

My clients are high level badasses who do the work, who have a proven track record BEFORE coming to me, and a BEING-ness which unquestionably separates them from the rest. They don’t come to me to save them or lean down and hold my hand out so they can clamber up. They come because they are, quite simply, ready to go to the next level, already absolutely on their WAY there, and see in me something which they recognise because it is in them.

That ‘can’t stop won’t stop’ fire, and a level of ‘unapologeticness’ which, when truly understood and applied, can literally be the difference between 5-figure or low 6-figure and 7 or multi-7-figure entrepreneur.

So if you know who you are and it is THAT –

And you feel certain that you are ALREADY well on your way to to precisely where you’re meant to be, but that being in MY energy could help you to drop in and get there even faster, and that with a couple of simple tweaks your current revenue could be doubling, tripling, heck QUADRUPLING and beyond in months, as it has done with numerous of my clients previously, well then –

PM me here and we’ll see if it’s a fit. I’m excited to talk to you, and maybe – do biz and life with you.

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