The Most Powerful Business Advice I’ve Ever Been Given

The most powerful business advice

There is a reason that your sales and marketing sucks, doesn’t work, and that getting people to buy your stuff is like pulling teeth. Dinosaur teeth.

The good news, you’ll be relieved and possibly mollified to hear, is not that YOU are crap.

It is, however, that what you are DOING is crap.

Okay so it’s not COMPLETE bullshit, but still. You gotta admit –

It really isn’t so awesome either, is it?

And if you’re being REALLY freaking honest you’ll admit that you ALREADY KNOW THIS. Every day, you go through the process of WORKING, maybe even CREATING, trying hard to HELP people and of course busting your BUTT to get the money coming in. You push, and you pull, and you learn, and you APPLY yourself, and you take NOTE of all of the ins and outs of running an online business, you pay ATTENTION for God’s sakes and nobody could say you’re not making the effort!

Only thing is –

How is that working out for you? I’m not just talking about the money, and whether you’re making any, although goodness knows that’s certainly relevant as well. But I’m talking about the deeper stuff. The SOUL stuff. And again I’ll ask you – on a soul level, and from the point of view of doing the work that you are MEANT to do in the world – how is what you’re doing right now working out for you?

It’s okay to be honest and say that, you know what? It’s not going so well, actually.

I thought it would be better than this …

I thought that I was better than this …

I know I have a mission, a purpose, a CALLING, and right now? I know I’m not living it.

And to be really REALLY honest? I freaking hate it and I’m ANGRY about it, and I am SCARED because I seriously thought that by now I would have this shit figured OUT and that I’d be SO damn in ALIGNMENT, and doing what I am MEANT to be doing but also yeah – I thought I’d have the money stuff sorted, the “adult” life stuff, feel on TOP of things and feel SAFE and SECURE and HAPPY and ALIVE goddamnit!

But instead what I feel is scared, and resentful, and I wonder, I really do wonder, if there even IS anything more than all of this, if I CAN make it or if this is just how it’s going to be … for EVER.

Never QUITE comfortable in my own skin …

Never QUITE financially where I want to be, always seeming to struggle no matter how much I pull ahead …

Never QUITE being the ME I know I was meant to be in business, as a leader, in the world …


CHANGING things …

Being the REAL FREAKING ME, whatever the hell THAT is!

Sound at all familiar?

Tell me honestly –

Why did you get into this game? This idea of living a life on your terms, having your own business, making money AND a difference?

Serious question now, and I want you to stop and think about it. What WAS it all about, in the beginning? It’s okay to admit that maybe at first it really was just about wanting to escape the life you WERE living. The corporate job that never quite fulfilled you, or the stay at home Mum thing that was never quite ENOUGH, or just the same old same old can’t seem to get off the wheel ENDLESS BORINGNESS of living the ordinary life.

And at some point, you decided –

I want more. I believe I can have more. And I’m going to go out and TAKE more.

So you did, you made some plans, you took some leaps of faith, and you set off. To create the money, the freedom, the choice. But the truth is, and perhaps you’ve never thought about this as deeply as you COULD, that you always knew there was more to it than that, didn’t you? What drew you to this life was NOT just the fact that you didn’t want to live the “normal” life, the 9-5, or perhaps that you wanted to be able to stay at home with the kids, travel, do whatever you feel like doing each day and NOT do whatever you DON’T feel like doing, but beyond all of that there was something EVEN greater –

You always had this sense, this belief, this KNOWLEDGE, that you actually ARE here for something big. That your life has meaning. That you have a PURPOSE, a CALLING, a thing you are SUPPOSED TO DO and that you must DO it.

And the truth is that you don’t even know EXACTLY what it is, it’s a feeling, a sense, an idea, you believe it, it’s real, you can SENSE it but you find it hard to explain it. Nothing you can come up with sounds good enough, and when you do have those moments of truth and absolute clarity where you think “that’s it, THAT is what I’m supposed to do!”, it goes away really very quickly. Because before you can really get it out into the WORLD that goddamn voice pops up, taps you on the shoulder, and asks –

“Really? Do you REALLY think you can do that? Do YOU really think you can do that? I don’t think so”

And you shrivel a little, or maybe you get frustrated or even angry, but ultimately the outcome is the same.

You don’t do what you are REALLY meant to be doing.

You come close, for sure.

You do what you are GOOD at. Your clients love you. You ENJOY most of your work, most of the time, and you know it is IMPORTANT work, but the thing is, and God is it annoying, but even when it’s “working” from a client point of view, a money point of view, heck even a lifestyle and timing point of view it’s still never … quite … really … ACTUALLY … working.

And here is what it comes down to. What it’s always come down to, and what you already do KNOW deep within yourself. Plain and simple –

There IS more.

You ARE meant for something better.

YOU are better.

And until you really embrace that truth, own it, and then also start LIVING by it, all the money and great feedback and accoutrements of a successful life in the WORLD and even being in great shape, physically, emotionally, spiritually ON will always seem like a photocopy version of the life you know you are MEANT to be living.

Don’t you see?

Living this way will NEVER be enough. It will never. be. enough.

So here it is, the very best and most POWERFUL piece of advice about business AND life that I’ve ever received and that I now wish to pass on to you –

You have to do what YOU do best.

You have to be YOU, fully.

And your BUSINESS, and also your LIFE, has to be based on doing what you do BEST.

Best does not mean what you do well.

It does not mean what you are GOOD at.

It does not mean what feels safe.

It does not mean what people are ASKING you for.

It does not mean what you think – or even think you know – will make you your riches.

And very very likely, it does not mean what you are currently doing.

The thing is, about doing what you do BEST, is that you become UNSTOPPABLE. You have NO fear. Not about selling, or getting clients, or about what people say or think, or about ANYTHING. Nobody can judge you being you. There is nothing that anybody can say that MEANS anything if it’s based on telling you you’re not doing a good job at being you, because how would they KNOW? YOU are the only one who can do you. Nobody can do exactly the thing that YOU do best, which also means that when you’re doing you? There is no competition. There is no “what will people think”, because when you DO embrace being you and doing so FULLY, you simply stop caring.

[pq] You know some people won’t like, or get you, and that’s okay.[/pq]

You know that the RIGHT people will find you, because YOU feel your truth and you simply KNOW that they will feel it also. And your fears about making money from it, or being ALLOWED to do it, just go away. That’s the power of living in complete authenticity.

You feel FULLY alive …

Time simply passes by, the struggle fades away …

You are in FLOW

You feel lit up and happy and energised from within. You can’t stop smiling. You want to tell people, help people, shake them and show them that they too can live this way!

And you KNOW, with ZERO qualms, that you are doing your VERY best and most MEANINGFUL work. You have transcended the so-called (and actually not at all) “safe zone” to step into the GENIUS zone of doing the deeper work, of living your CALLING. This is absolutely the stuff that most people will NEVER EVER DO. Because they are scared. Or they think they need more clarity before they begin, or to be told HOW before they begin. Or just because, quite simply, they keep telling themselves that they WILL do it, but they just –


And they believe, they really do believe, that it’s going to happen. That they WILL. That YES they WILL.

They believe it.

They SWEAR by it.


The “one day” never happens.

The dream is never fulfilled.

The legacy is never left.

The difference is never QUITE made.

The light never FULLY shone.

And eventually, there is no more time. No more next day that they plan to make one day.

It never happened.

And it all … just … ends.

This is the cold harsh REALITY of the way that the VERY vast majority of people live their lives. And it makes me want to cry, right here in the cafe where I am working, it makes me want to tear my HAIR out in fact and just get up from my seat and start SHAKING people, but I know that even if I were to do that, to shout in their face, to physically manhandle them and then refuse to leave their side until they admitted what they really want and then started also DOING it?

It still wouldn’t be enough.

Because ultimately, if YOU are to do this, then that power, that fire, that MUST to do it has to come from within you, and only you.

There’s a woman I’ve been in contact with over the past month or so. Probably 30 messages back and forth on Facebook. She wants to work with me, go DEEP into creating her dream business and she KNOWS she has what it takes. She believes in herself, in her right to do business on her terms, in her right to do it now.

Or does she?

Because despite my going out of my way to help her take that action, she’s done precisely nothing.

There’s been no time …

No money …

Which, honestly, you can spin however you like but what it really means is this:

“I don’t really believe this is possible for me”

Because if she DID, if she TRULY knew and knew and KNEW that she COULD create business, financial, lifestyle, wealth success in the EXACT way she longs to which is to say by being ONE HUNDRED PERCENT HER?

She’d be doing it.


And nothing and NOBODY would stand in her way, not least her own self doubts and uncertainties.

YOU have to decide that you can “make it” by being you. The REAL you not some photocopy scaredy-cat version of you. You have to decide that you will CHOOSE to make it as you, even if you don’t fully BELIEVE it yet the great thing about beliefs is that you GET TO CHOOSE THEM. In fact you HAVE to choose them and you already HAVE CHOSEN. And right now, whatever you are doing or – more tellingly perhaps – whatever you are NOT doing? Is showing up your beliefs LOUD and clear sister.

So don’t TELL me you can’t afford to press play on your dream life!

Don’t TELL me you can’t do that thing you REALLY want to do yet!

Do NOT tell me that you’re just too busy right NOW, that once you get over this NEXT thing you’ll be able to move forward!

I am so damn SICK of hearing this bullshit. Just be goddamn HONEST with yourself for once.

Do you want it?

YES OR NO, not YES, but!

Do you WANT IT?


If you’re saying yes but you’re not in fact out there making it happen NOW?

Then you can shove your yes where the sun don’t shine because I DON’T BELIEVE YOU but more importantly –

Neither do you.

And you know what? That opportunity, idea, burst of confidence you think will still be there tomorrow, next week, when you’re “ready”?

It doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes you get lucky, if by lucky you mean you wasted another day, week, month, LIFETIME and now you’re just KICKING yourself for not having taken that leap sooner. I’m not so sure I’d call that lucky, but whatever – each to their own.

But a lot of the time? Luck does not wait around for you to decide that you ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT LIVING THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE.

If it was EASY everybody would be living the dream.

Doing their VERY best work.


Showing UP all out.

But look around –

It’s not that easy.

Most people don’t DO what it takes.

They simply choose, day after day after day after day, that “not yet” is the best answer they can give.

Eventually, there’s no more days left. And life has made the final choice for them.

You, you’re different right? That’s what you say, that’s the TRUTH.

Or is it.

Because right now, I don’t see that difference when you’re telling me you can’t, not yet, no time, no money, what if, you’ve been burnt before, it might not work out, that’s not what people want to know, you’re scared, you don’t even really KNOW yourself!

It doesn’t matter.

It’s all so IRRELEVANT.

You can give me ALL your excuses and I’ll lob them right back at you with one simple question –


It’s yes or no honey.

Yes, I want to be the very BEST I can be and do ONLY me in my business, do my “one day dream” NOW.

Yes, I’m going to start doing it NOW regardless of all the but but buts and not yets.

Yes, I’m going to make that shit HAPPEN.

There is a reason your sales and marketing doesn’t work, your client base won’t really grow, your BUSINESS just doesn’t work and accordingly your LIFE is not quite working.

It’s not because YOU are crap, and not destined for success.

It’s because what you are DOING is crap.

You’re hiding.

Running scared.

And pretending that you still have time.

Well guess what sister? You have no more time left to keep living the wrong life.

And I can tell you something else –

That “yes” that you say is a yes?

It’s not enough to be saying it.

It’s not enough to SAY you’re an action taker.

It’s not enough to say you BELIEVE.

And it’s sure as shit not enough to say you WILL.

The ONLY thing that matters right now, if you truly want to “do you” and make it big in ALL ways and FULLY on your terms?

When you say yes?

You gotta be doing it.

You try and live in the land between yes and no, you try and sit on the fence? You’re going to get shot down off that fence. Time will run out, opportunities will end, ideas will go missing in action, and eventually, possibly, when you say that you’re ready? It will be too late. And even you won’t be able to back yourself anymore.

You have no more time left to live the wrong life.

And one last thing –

This business, this difference you’re meant to make, this CALLING you’re supposed to be living? This PURPOSE?

You have no goddamn right to be running from it when you KNOW that’s what you’re doing.

This is it lovely.

THIS it the moment.

THIS is your TIME.

You GET to choose and also you HAVE to choose. And yes but, yes and, yes when? That’s just a fancy way of saying no.

No thanks, I don’t want the life I was born for.

No thanks, I don’t want true wealth.

No thanks, I don’t want to live my freaking MISSION.

To me this seems fucking ridiculous, but you know what?

It’s not my life.


One response to “The Most Powerful Business Advice I’ve Ever Been Given”

  1. Jane says:

    Wowza! that was a verbal kick in the ass but I think totally what I needed to hear (or read) at this moment. I know I’ve been running from my real idea, trying to make it safe and palatable for my friends and family and current customers. Time to kick my own ass and realize I haven’t pushed play on my current business idea because I know it isn’t right, it isn’t me, it isn’t real. Now… to find those big girl pants to put on. Thanks!