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Success Mindset


The reason your shit ain’t working the way you want is simple:

You hate so much about the way everybody does it, and yet you continue to try and be like them, keep up with them, catch them if you can, and make like you’re all pretty and shit.

You’re not pretty and shit.

I mean, sure … you’re pretty AF! Cute as a button! A delight to the eyes.

But a pretty polished little preppy ‘preneur, like all these girls you simultaneously wanna barf at and yet somehow worry about being liked by, accepted by, good enough to play at the top with?

I don’t think so.

You’re not like the other entrepreneurs, and never have been.

And the fact that you continue to try and stand out amongst a sea of whatnot that, if you’re honest about it, actually stinks like shit to you, is laughable, horrible, shocking, really, and just downright sad.

When are you going to quit trying to fight your way to the top of a heap you’ve been longing to escape from ever since you somehow accidentally first found your way into it?!

A heap which is SUFFOCATING you.

Robbing you, day by day, of what actually makes you you and always did.

And allowing you to buy into the same old same old bullshit that everybody else out there is perpetuating.

That there is a way to win at this game that in ANY WAY REMOTELY INVOLVES DOING IT LIKE THEM.

When are you going to rip the bandaid and simply position as YOU?

No, not the ‘this’ you, the ‘that’ you, the ‘whatever’ you.



The End.

No mofo description needed.


‘You Mofo You’ may still DO this or that
COACH this or that
CREATE this or that
UNLEASH this or that
Be KNOWN for this or that
and so on,

But it’s an energy shift a labeling tear down a wake up call back to soul, a swift exit stage right away from trying to be seen more by dancing better or faster or twirlier than the other girls and most of all?



I mean,

think about it – !

What else would you even wanna do except for punch people in the face with being you?



There is nothing else you would ever wanna do, because that is the reality of what you CAME here to do, however things play out and look and feel and flow FROM that place,

but no girl, no –


And that’s the problem, isn’t it?

You STILL don’t get that you’re never gonna get to ‘THERE’ while you continue to try to work your way there, all the while accidentally (INSIDIOUSLY!) being influenced by everything you’re surrounding yourself with to


You sing a pretty song about being different, but at the end of the day you’re just another wantreprelookatmepreneur who is turning tricks the way the industry (whatever that means to you!) demands it.

The rules have been laid down.

And you are dancing to ’em like your life depends on it!

It’s sickening.

Nauseating in the extreme.


Too much for you, don’t like it, think I’m being mean? Come back tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll be telling you that you’re already there, you’re a STAR baby, let the world see you, and I’ll do it in a pat-ya-on-the-head sort of way.

But today the vibe is this. Take it or leave it!

And if you’re taking it, it’s because you know that what I am SAYING here is:

You’re a star baby.
Let the world see you.

And I want you to wake up back to YOU, and back to who and what you’d be being right now,

if you’d never been swept up in … all of this.

(Pat pat)

All of WHAT?

All of whatever is coming to mind for you as you read 😉

Because here is what it comes down to, yeah?

And the way it was always meant to be for you.

Your energy ALONE shifts people, wakes them TF up, brings them back to God and soul and more!

And the way YOU JUST DO YOU, it’s a feast for the senses, a delight to behold, low-key shocking at times, completely defies ALL expectations and rules, and is a by-product of you twirling at the speed of light in the DANCE OF BEING YOU in such a way that they can’t keep up and wouldn’t even dare to TRY.

Catch me if you can! They think you’re over here, doing like this, and next minute you changed the game entirely, AGAIN.

Because it makes you a badass, cool, unique? No!

Because it’s just what happens when you do all of you, the actual you, no agenda, no striving, no push TOWARDS, no try.

But right now, you’re a pale ass version of that, and maybe not EVEN that.

You’ve become predictable.


And tame.

Sure, your stuff is good. Nice. Soothing, even, to the soul.

But you’ve done such a damn good job at trying to get to the top that you didn’t even notice the stink you picked up along the way.

Nor the fact that in your quest to be the best, stand out from the crowd, and dominate your niche, you completely fucking abdicated the throne you were already appointed to. Since always.



They’re waiting for your punch.


And neither,

can you.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


I’m excited to announce my Flow-Led Millionaire Private Client Mastermind Days are back, happening this August (PM me for full deets!) 

Warning! This Mastermind will require you to get TF over your hang-ups around:

* Automated income

* Being seen more, and more boldly

* Adding layers upon layers upon layers of more SELLING

* Ruthless repurposing and re-selling

* Structure, systems, process

* Building a cash machine which pays you on repeat regardless of whether YOU are grinding your fingers to the bone to get it working!


You have an existing business which makes money, delivers a fabulous product or service (or multiple of!) which helps people, you know who you are and who you’re here to serve (while always welcoming deeper clarity!), and you have a proven track record for getting results to those people … even if it’s on a scale, so far, which, frankly, you consider outrageous. Since you know you’re here to do insanely big work in the world!

Oh, speaking of which – you know you’re here to do insanely big work in the world! And you’re ready to put the wheels on that NOW, and see your revenue – your growth of soulmate audience – your soul-led result-gettin’ systems – and all in all your own badassery – explode, stat!

You’re not afraid of doing the damn work (duh),

but you also know that there’s a simpler way, a more flow way, a more YOU way.

And you’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty of that now, and then roll it out like the take no prisoners mofo you are.

All with me – secret counsel to the worlds most elite game-changers, leaders, and revolutionaries – supporting you to know exactly what to do,

and exactly how to do it,

so you make MORE money,

reach MORE (of the right people),

the YOU way,

having more fun and flow than you ever dreamed possible,

and finally knowing you’re all in on you,


What you get out of this time together is simple:

* Identified opportunities for money-makin’ – minimum 3, up to 10+ (this is normal in these conversations with me)

* Specific to you simple soulmate audience growth strategy, which you can roll out right away, and will often involve only ‘tweaks’ rather than having to DO anything dramatically extra

* Confidence and inner tools as well as practical steps for improving / adding to / setting up (depending where you’re at) your automated income / funnels 

* Personalised (to your personality / style / lifestyle / skillset) action plan for implementing

* Tweaks you can add in right away to increase sales on existing processes

* Daily / weekly ‘hustle flow plan’ individualised to you

All in all here’s what it comes down to:

>>> You will walk out with a complete action plan tailored to your business, very detailed and also very SIMPLE, with also a complete understanding of what you need to do and HOW to do it, to take you to the next major income level, and beyond.

This will include your next three offers (MINIMUM), up-sells, or funnel ad-ins, FULLY CREATED IN THE TIME TOGETHER!


1:1 follow on support to help you implement and follow through.

I love doing this INTENSIVE deep dive work where we pull everything apart all at once, and then nail down the EXACT action steps for each person to take to get more paying customers and clients, who are soul-aligned, coming in NOW, who are also buying more things, because you’ve got all your damn shit in place!

This immersive day together is limited to 5-7 people per event. 

If this is speaking to you PM me here to apply / for more info!