Success Mindset


For years, when I was not yet where I knew I ‘should’ be financially (and I say ‘should’ because obviously I was always EXACTLY where I was ACTUALLY meant to be!), I would bring myself back to this one simple question:

“If I had a million dollars in the bank,

and an automated income of 200k per month that was just going to keep coming in for EVER (I added this in to cover off any ideas in my head that the million would run out),

then what would I be doing today, what would I be creating, selling if anything, LIVING?”

It’s another way, a smarty-pants way which effectively moves fear of DYING DUE TO DROWNING IN YOUR DEBT AND RELATED UNWORTHINESS out of the room, of asking “what would trust do right now?”,

or “what would full alignment look like right now?”.

I would ask this exact same question over and over again, every single day for years I asked it in fact, as a way of setting my internal compass on my truest self before I’d get on with creating my day, my business, my life.

At first it was a way of helping me to take action when financially I did feel ‘head just above water’, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being responsive to THAT in what I was creating. I knew that that would not serve me long term. I knew that the business and life I saw inside of me had to come from a different place, a soul place, a place which it did not always feel so straightforward or easy to access.

Later, it was a way of continuing to remind me of what it was all actually about.

An ‘eyes on God’ sort of a thing.

A way of ensuring that my every move was STILL gonna be leading me forward in that path of God and soul and ME certainty, rather than allowing myself to be side-tracked or waylaid by ANY other SUPPOSEDLY desired outcome, unhelpful ego trip (as opposed to a helpful one!), or idea of being accepted or allowed into whatever cool club on the internet that I was feeling triggered about that day.

If you already had everything you wanted, desired, and needed, not just the physical or tangibles of the matter but also the beliefs, energies, emotions, the inner game YOU you’ve been striving towards for all these years, if everything, but EVERYTHING you’ve longer for, set yourself unconsciously apart from, placed upon a pedestal and made the stuff of ‘one day’,

were just there for you,


atop a silver platter, given and granted and DONE –

who would you then be and what would you want and how would you pass your time?

Even before I understood fully how to teach on it, I intrinsically knew that EVERYTHING always needed to come from that true place within me, and I was able to find questions and journal prompts within me to help me to do that.

I’m SO fucking grateful for those practices, as, when I look at the incredible soul-led empire I’ve now built, I KNOW that it would have been so easy,

and in some ways almost felt so NATURAL,

to create a whole ‘nother thing.

A ‘for recognition or fame or enoughness or money’ thing.

And even though I HAVE all that stuff, plentifully?

It’s not because I put it first.

Or even second.

Here’s the thing:

It never stops being relevant to ask ourselves those sorts of questions.

This morning I journaled, and found myself writing about saying yes to a deeper me, a more relaxed me.

“What does THAT mean?” (I wondered of myself)

“Well. What would you choose, and how, if you already had ALL your desires and needs? How would you spending your time? What would you do? How would LIFE be?”

Yes, even for me, and I have an entire business and life built around being fully me, doing only what I want and know I am meant to, creating ONLY from ‘that place’, it is still an ongoing PRACTICE to check in with myself to go deeper on all this.

On the one hand, I have years ago ‘coded’ my self to operate this way.

To me logic means:

follow soul



what FEELS right


whether or not it appears to make sense or be relevant!

I recently had someone reference struggling to use intuition because their mind works based on logic, and I truly found this so hard to even wrap my head around.

Intuition is the HIGHEST form of logic!

I’m so glad I’ve cultivated my mind, my heart, my soul, to operate this way.

I’m so glad I CHOSE, so long ago, that trust IS just a choice, and not something I had to work towards or earn.

I unsubscribed from the ‘need proof or so-called logic’ world, I unsubscribed from the 1+1 always = 2 world, I unsubscribed from ANYTHING except the follow.what.I.know.I.MUST world!



and I know, I know, how SHOCKING –

I’m still human.

I still get side-tracked.


Worry on occasion about what people think.

Or get myself all in a tizzy about ‘needing’ to be some other place other than here.

And so I come back to these questions.

If I already had EVERYTHING I dream of and desire, inner and outer, and it were all DONE, finitely,

then what would I do,

who would I be,

and how,


Surprise surprise, every time I clear the shit again, even the merest surface layer, it just brings me back to write and speak and unleash and sell what’s in me in THAT moment,

with no regard to where it supposedly should or has to lead,

and trust that my outcomes show up because I chose them,

and then returned to the now, and aligned my action to the VIBE of the now, the GUIDANCE of the now, even if it is as uncomfortable or scary or ‘all over the place’ or diva-esque as FARK right now.

but no, they NEVER showed up because I tried to work towards them.

That’s not how it works.

That’s not how it’s ever worked.

In the end, you’ll get what you’re meant for because you be who you’re meant to.

But if you refuse to do that, you can’t very well complain about life not showing up for you now, can you?

Stop making it so complicated.

Your job is to be you.

All of you.

Even the most inappropriate bits of you.

Nothin’ more.

But also nothin’ less.

Today, I urge you:

Relax, and come back to that place.


Or, y’know –

whatever you being you looks like


Life is Now. Press Play.



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