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Once you’ve attained the lofty and holy grail-esque heights of creating a business and life, a way of gettin’ paid and perhaps also laid (couldn’t not rhyme that line!), which is all about you just being YOU,

you finally did the damn thing, you set your sights, you refused to back down, you created the ENTIRE.FUCKING.THING. just built and based around you rollin’ on up every day and letting the world see you, feel you, know you, breathe you, and gratefully receive whatever it was you always longed to and knew you should GIVE of you,

(well done!)

you MAY –

just maybe you MAY –

find yourself reaching a point which has commonly been referred to as the Fucketh This Shit point.

You know –

the point you come up towards and start to hit your head against, at first not really noticing it, next thinking that you really don’t mind the pain, it’s quite pleasant actually, bit by bit starting to notice that it’s actually damn annoying, and then eventually realising is EATING YOU ALIVE FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

The point where it seems that every damn day the world is depending on you to get up and be you, and sometimes?

You’re just damn sick of that bitch and wish she would back TF off, go away, LEAVE.

You catch glimpses of her in the mirror, and it’s disgusting to behold, and besides, who TF does she think she is anyway, walking around with two first names and just dance dance dancing all the time.

Hehe. Just my own sometimes thoughts about myself

But the Fucketh This Shit point, it’s a serious point, an important point, a point you’d do well to observe, or else!

Or else?




I mean, on the one hand, what a fabulous thing. What a glorious thing. What a WONDERFUL thing of great accomplishment and yes!

To be lauded!

To be admired!

To be LIVED INTO, also, no? Because wasn’t the whole damn point to GET TO BE FULLY YOU?



But also?

Nah. Not so much. Fucketh that NOISE!

Because here is the reality that you may well find yourself slip slip slipping into at any point soon, if you’ve not already started to do so, and so allow me to BOOTY SLAP YOU BACK TO SOUL:

As soon as you make rules.

As soon as you say ‘this is how I do’.

As soon as you make it ‘if I don’t then it doesn’t work’.

As soon as you make it ‘this is how I get my FLOW on’.

As soon as you play into ‘or else’.

As soon as you act from repetition and discipline rather than soul.


You kinda sorta forgot the point.

You made yourself into a HAVE to.

Rather than a flow to.

And you took the things which most lit you up, expanded and excited you, and you squeezed the life force right outta them like the most beady-eyed focused vigneron stamping his grapes like his life depended on the essence of his feet being absorbed into ’em OR ELSE.

So gauche.

And also?

You gotta take the pressure off baby, because that whole I have to and must and better or else vibe does NOT smell good on you.

It’s turning your soul peeps off left right and centre and even THEY can’t figure out what it is about you that’s not actually as wonderful as they first thought, but I’ll tell you right now ’cause I’ve BEEN there and DONE the damn thing of taking my magnetism, screwing it up into a tiny little ball, eating the ball, and then pooping it out all over the innernets, and that thing is this:

You made rules out of your flow.

You tried to bottle YOU.

You packaged up your soul, tied a pretty bow around it and said – THIS IS HOW IT IS, and BABY –


That’s all.

Gotta go.

V busy sitting here waiting to see what I feel like doing.




And you?

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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