And then there is this.

You do already know.

You do already know what you should be doing. You do already know how you should be doing it. You do already know what your true gift is. And you do already know the magic you’re meant to feel letting it out.

You KNOW when it’s a yes. And it’s just not going away.
And you know when it’s a no. Yet you’re doing everything you can think of to persuade yourself to stay.

It’s boring you, exhausting you, taking pieces of you right out of your body it feels, it is DRAINING, it is horrible, it is just.not.fun.

“I should do it BETTER then! Improve it! Keep going! It will pay off!”

But gorgeous –

what if there was never any need to do it for an idea of an eventual payoff?

What if the rule was ‘it’s either paying off NOW already, or I just don’t go there’?

What if there was no so THAT.

“I better keep going so THAT – (insert outcomes you think you’ll somehow get to as a result of repeatedly saying yes to a life you don’t want)”

You don’t get to fuck yes by continuing to say yes to “fuck, maybe”.

That’s just not how it works.

Equally, what are you avoiding?

What is the fuck yes in your soul, the thing or things which, when you just do them because you’re meant to fucking DO them, you just become MORE of you? You expand. Open. Feel elevated. And free.

“Oh, but I shouldn’t have to do that in order to get X!”

But maybe you just wanna do it because you just are meant to do it? And you’ve somehow got it all tangled up with an idea of doing it for OUTCOMES. Which has now tainted the idea of doing it at all!

And you get to remind yourself:

If doing X leads to outcomes, cool. But I don’t do it FOR that.

“Oh, I just don’t have time to do X, and it’s not that important anyway! I have too many other things I HAVE to do to grow this thing!”

Do you though?

Is that true?

Or are you in a habit of saying repeatedly yes to should,

rather than soul?

And what if today –

you just decided that that’s no longer the play.

“I say yes, but TRULY, to soul,
and life says yes to me.

I do what I am meant to do because it’s what I am meant to do.

I know my fucking gifts.

I know where I’m meant to be.

I know what it would like if I just let myself,

be free.

And so whether it makes sense,
or whether it seems crazy, pointless, not proper, or as though I should be more … WHATEVER … by now.

I continue to give my life for what it was given to me for.

I’ve tried it other ways.
And I’m done.

And maybe it’s as simple as this:

You just let it be as simple as that.

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