The reality is I don’t give AF about women being successful in business, women being independent, women making money, whatever. (Or men, for that matter).

It’s all a farrrrrrr second to what I’m actually here for, what I actually try to get across to you each day, what the actual mission is for my business, and my life.

And that is this:

Are you doing what you’re meant to do in the world?

Are you BEING who you’re meant to be?

Are you giving your life,

for what it was given to you for?

And are you doing so in such a way that you’re living in accordance with your values, putting first the things that your soul knows MUST be first, creating your life, your memories, your legacy, your impact, and yes, with it your freedom and joy, based on what you see inside of you and know you shouldn’t NOT be saying yes to?

Where are you saying NO right now,

to things you know your life is meant to be about right now?

Where are you casting your values aside, to try and get to an outcome?

Where are you telling yourself a nonsense story that if you just suck it up and do something that goes against your DEEPEST truth, that it’ll be worth it or that you have to?

It’s never worth it.

And you never have to.

My mission here at The Katrina Ruth Show is simple:

Help you to remember who you always were,

and then become it.

In ALL areas, based on YOUR truth, YOUR values, YOUR terms, and by being fully you.

People come into my space often mistakingly thinking I am a business coach. They want to know what to do, and how to do it, to make money online, build their business, get highly paid, attract in more soulmate clients, and yes, do it all by being fully them.

I GIVE them – I give you – those desired systems, structures, ‘what to do and how to do it’ bits and bobs to do with every element you could imagine of online monetization. I’ll ALWAYS give you all my structures and systems, not just on business and money, but in any area of life where I’ve created exceptional outcomes, consistently over years.

Which is basically all of ’em at this point 😉

But I give that stuff so you can relax and know you’ve got it, and sure – follow it if you like. Mostly though what you’ll find is – you don’t need to, you forget to, you keep thinking you should, and then bit by bit by being in my space you realise none of it mattered.

Because I’m taking you on the journey that DOES. The journey of soul remembrance, of truth, and of being disciplined and strong enough on the inside to forego ANYTHING that does not match that.

People STAY in my space because they realise I’m not a business coach at all. I’m a return you to motherfreakin’ soul coach. I’m a kick your butt into alignment and truth coach. I’m a bring you back to the blueprint you were born with coach. I’m the mentor who will turn your paradigm of success on its head and back to WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ALWAYS KNEW IT WAS.

If I had to label it I guess I’d say alignment mentor. But that sounds so flat line, so I guess I’ll say … I’m Katrina Ruth. And when you hang with me you’ll become exactly who YOU are.

That’s just straight up facts.

And it tends to happen whether or not you even especially DO anything. You just absorb what you need. And you find you can no longer stomach your own BS, no longer can you even MANAGE to do things that go against soul.

Which is why, even though most people come to me because they want to make more money online, by being fully them, they end up sorting out health and body stuff … relationships … lifestyle … how they’re doing life with their kids … everything about what it’s actually meant to BE about for them.

And my clients who also build 6, multiple 6, 7, mulitple 7, and even 8-figure and beyond businesses, of which their are LOADS in most of those categories, and more than you’d think in the higher two …

they make that crazy next level money and impact NOT because they got a method from me that helped them to do it.

But because they got a bulletproof caffeine-shot up the heiny from me about not letting another moment of their life pass by in which they were living the wrong life,

or being anything other than all that they actually are,

and REQUIRING life to step up to where the actual damn line is.

You wanna make more money, have a fancy car, impact millions, or just finally get your art out there?

Start at the only place it can ever end:

Giving your life for what you’re here for.

If I can do THAT for you, help you to see that …

the rest is all just a fallout.

It’s whatever.

Choose it, don’t choose it, it’s not hard to just decide to be independent, free, rich, successful, etcetera.

But do I CARE whether you achieve these things? Meh. I hope you do, because they’re pretty gee darn cool and fun, and also help you to help more people!

But no. If it came down to the wire, and I had to choose, I couldn’t give a rats shiny behind about that.

I just want to see you being you, and living as you know you must.

What’s funny is … do that, and watch the portals open, the heavens rain down upon you, the cosmos itself pick you up and carry you along in a chariot of diamonds and fire.

Which is kinda badass.

So yeah –

that’s about it.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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