Before you quantum leap, and move rapidly to the next level of income or business or life, the next level and iteration of YOU, be prepared for a period of, shall we say … testing.

It doesn’t have to be this way, of course not. There’s certainly no RULE that in order to level up like a mofo you need to first freeze, break down, sabotage like your life depends on it, or find yourself repeatedly feeling inexplicably sad, down, unsure, there’s no reason why CONTINUAL upgrading can’t be your normal, with ease, and we’ll certainly talk about that, it’s just that, well, the way things often are?

Is that they’re pretty reactive to a long-conditioned program which most of us DEFINITELY still carry, something along the lines of it not being SAFE, or IDEAL, or ALLOWED, for us to break free of the pack, and step into MORE.

Since we were little children, and even before that, we were taught that we need to fit in –

That we don’t want to stand out too much, or we might end up friendless and alone (or worse!) –

And that we need to be reasonable about life, and what we’re meant to do about it.

So, it’s no small wonder that when you’re gearing up to level up, a whole barrage of inner SHIT can come up to try and stop you!

I happen to be an expert at said shit, and so I thought I’d come here today and talk to you about it. I’m an expert because I have, in my 12 years of building a multi-million dollar online business, and the numerous years prior to that being a generally success and purpose-driven person, experienced MULTIPLE occasions whereby I’ve rapidly leapt to a new level of money, or business flow, or life, and witnessed pretty much the same patterns present themselves each time I do!

Which I am grateful for, as it means that now when I notice certain things I previously thought were bad or scary I can rest easy and eagerly anticipate the big leap I know I’m about to make!

I’d love to be able to tell you I’m OH so evolved, and that the below stuff isn’t part of my upleveling experience anymore, but that’s not the case. It definitely still comes up. It’s just that now, I’m able to see it for what it is, and not ‘feed it’ or give it power. Which in turn means I can shift it fast and become the new me who was waiting in the wings 🙂

Without further ado, here are some of the signs I see over and over again when somebody is about to quantum leap:

– Freezing, getting stuck, feeling as though there’s nothing you’re motivated to do, and you don’t know how to do anything anyway!

– Feeling unreasonably sad, down, flat, low on energy, without having any good reason why

– Extreme and out of character feelings of anger, frustration, annoyance

– Greater than usual delusions about why you ‘shouldn’t have to’ do the work, it doesn’t really matter anyway, it’s not necessary and what’s the point?

– Sudden urges to burn the whole thing to the ground

– A feeling of being in limbo, lost, and worried you may never come out

– A feeling of hopelessness or desperation, making it difficult to connect to flow

– Low on inspiration and creativity

– Feel like you’re going in circles

– Everything seems like quicksand, things you usually know how to do really easily, or things that are your ‘genius zone’ all of a sudden feel impossible, insanely slow moving, as though the world and everything in it including your OWN higher self is conspiring against you

– Old stuff you thought you dealt with rises to the surface, and you suddenly wonder if you’ve achieved anything at ALL in the past month / 6 months / year / ever!

– MASSIVE feelings of not being good enough, not worthy, not interesting enough rise to the surface

– Possible sudden urge to go and work in a bookstore or Lululemon store, maybe both!

– Feeling that you want to sack all your clients and never have to talk to anybody again

– Easily distracted by things that are DEFINITELY not relevant to just doing your soul work, with the idea that if you just (get better photos / build a perfect funnel / improve your About page / etc) then everything will finally work

– More likely to reach for food / drink / substances or behaviours which may help you to numb or escape

I could go on and on here, but I think you get the point 🙂

The thing is –

It’s more than possible to feel and experience any or all of the above and NOT then suddenly and rapidly improve your income, your flow, your business, your life.

Maybe you’re just spinning, stuck in a rut, maybe you really DO have issues with clarity or maybe you really ARE not good enough!

The thing is –

It doesn’t really very much matter, does it?

It’s ALL just a choice.

YOU get to decide to be good enough.

You get to DECIDE to go to the next level, in any area.

You get to DECIDE to feel like you don’t know how, you can’t possibly, you don’t have even the SMALLEST bit of motivation and yet you’re going to ANYWAY.

You get to decide that now is your time, and you’re ready for more!

And most of all –

You get to decide whether or not to listen to all the reasons why you can’t, and accept them –

Or to listen to and notice ’em all, and use them to turbocharge you forward.

Most people experience some or pretty much all of the above every day, and for their entire lives long will say that these are the reasons why they can’t, couldn’t, or never will.

WE get to experience it, and see it for what it is:

Nothing more than what we make of it.

For me, I choose that when I’m feeling flat, down, disconnected, it means I am releasing and shifting stale and stuck energy, or simply shedding the layer that is the old me and that with that comes some naturally unsettling detoxification responses.

It can feel sad, and scary, to release a part of who we had chosen to be.

The fear-self, around which we perhaps created an identity which told us:

You can go this far, but no further.
You can be successful, so long as you still fit in.
You can live your purpose, so long as you don’t rock the boat TOO much!

The process of transformation is one which will ALWAYS inherently require us to get uncomfortable with what WAS comfortable, and to be okay with leaving it behind.

That doesn’t make it wrong.

And it also doesn’t mean YOU are wrong, or not enough.

So next time you’re feeling like you can’t, you don’t know how, you’re SO uninspired and you’re truly worrying you don’t have what it takes –

You could use that as a reason to pause, retreat, flake out, play a smaller game –

Or you could decide:

This is me releasing what no longer serves me.

I now choose to leap.

I choose it now.

And that’s all there is to say about that!

In the end, you’ll always get what you expect.

Expect massive and rapid leaps in income, in flow, in life, and then show up accordingly.



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