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Success Mindset


Snap out of it.

The leaders who you are meant to work with, the badass revolutionaries who are at the top of their game, who are THE elite mofos doing the damn thing that YOU know you can help ‘em go even deeper | harder | faster | more YES into?

They need you.

They are SEARCHING for you.

They are LONGING for someone like you, someone who can actually hold space for a person who thinks and operates and plays life at the level that they do, someone who can SEE them.

And you?

You’re over there feeling sorry for yourself because you think you don’t have enough followers yet …

And that your shit isn’t getting the engagement you want …

And that there’s still SO much you’ve gotta do in the behind the scenes of the thing to really be on top of it, have a ‘proper’ business, have systems with your SYSTEMS

Because you made a thing and it didn’t sell the way you hoped it would …

A couple more and you’re still not quite where you wanna be …

Heck, the reality is you’re crushing way beyond where most people would even dream of, but you SHOULD be so much further along by now.


– Because you haven’t planted yourself there

– Because you haven’t decided to be done with your bullshit

– Because you’re still in all SORTS of attachment, separation, ideas that the next level money | clients | everything is something outside of you that you need to work towards, figure out, prove yourself, achieve by PROCESS

– Because you’re so freaking focused on the smaller and in the end largely IRRELEVANT BS that really has nothing to do with why high level people would hire you

High level people?

The exact ones you dream of ‘one day’ being good enough to mentor, except for that you happen to know deep down that right now you are already WAY more than capable of doing so, and that the only thing stopping you is you.

Wanna know how I started to call in such a consistent ‘who’s who’ of private clients, as well as elite level badasses, leaders, game-changers, those who think and create in a way that defies the typically understood laws of LIFE?

I decided to.

I decided to.

I decided to.

I planted my flag accordingly, aka I started to show up and speak to those people as though there were already MEGA tons of ‘em in front of me, just waiting to hear what I had to say, and from a place of being the ‘me’ who I had up until then been WAITING to be good enough to be.

My human self still did not feel good enough.

My human self felt in many ways immature, messy, not ‘proper’ or ‘done right’ as a woman.

My human self was scared of people judging her, thinking she is silly, not liking her, or even laughing at her for thinking she could play business and life like that.

My human self got to take a back fucking seat when I told her to!

My human self STILL thinks all of these things.

I STILL look in wonder at the people who come to ME because they know I, in a way nobody else can do or ever has done, REPEATEDLY help them to flick the switch and just BE what they’ve been waiting so long to be, and I STILL feel amazed, in awe, a level of disbelief.

And I still show up and do my damn job anyway. I let the work come through me. I allow myself to be taken over by what needs to be said to each person. I LET IT BE NOT ABOUT ME.

You know you can do the same, right?

At any point you can realise that it is SO NOT ABOUT YOU.

Really … you selfish selfish bitch, that you think you should wait til ‘one day’, ‘when you’re ready’, when they need you know and when YOU are already capable now.

It’s a decision and a choice that you can make at ANY moment to just be the person you’ve been waiting to be.

To eliminate any and all ideas of separation, of that a single bit of it is something you have to ‘work towards’, ‘prove’, etc, and to just GO there.

I did it.

TONS of my clients have done it.

EVERY single truly spirit-sent messenger whose work shifts people, whose energy ALONE is the damn gift, who has what people need has done it at some point along the way.

YOU need to do it too.

You wanna know why high level badasses who are used to having NOBODY be able to out-think or out-see them hire people?

Lemme tell you (shocker) – it is not because you’ve got all your ducks in a row with how your social media rolls, with the BTS of your biz shiz, with being a proper polished pretty-preneur. The people who strive for that are people who were born to stay in a box, and so the highest height they can aim for is having the best and prettiest and most socially acceptable box.




Snap out of it.

The sort of people who you KNOW you’re here to help hire on energy. On certainty. On some sort of holy shit heaven sent something something they can’t quite put their finger on. On something about, simply – who you ARE, and what shines out of you. It’s the magnetism of you being all of you baby, and showing up with fire and brimstone and passion and fury or WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU UNLEASHING WHAT’S IN YOU WOULD ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE.

And they could not care LESS what you’ve got in place, not got in place, how you stack up in the online space. In fact, the more you look like ‘one of them’, the more unattractive to your soul peeps you become!

And if you’re honest – the more unattractive to YOU you’re being as well.

Wanna turn on the hearts | minds | souls and wallets of the people who your deepest self is LONGING to serve and kick the ass of?


Get lit up on YOU.

Get into the raw juicy flowing explosive orgasmic what the fuck even IS that energy of you.

And do not give a single tiny little anything about whether or not you have SHIT in place,



In the end it’s very black and white, and VERY very simple:

You’re either doing the damn thing you came here to do, for the people you came here to do it with

Or you’re continuing to live a life of bullshit doing who the fuck knows what, chasing milestones you couldn’t GIVE a rats arse about.

Wake up.


Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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