Stop trying to clean up the bits of you that were never made to fit in a box that YOU weren’t built for.

Your hot mess ways, your rambly long-ass manner of not-quite-yet-always-EXACTLY getting to the point, the fact that if something could be written in 200 words you’ll definitely say it in 2000, the way you continually get inspired by something NEW and realise the old just has no life in it anymore …

do you realise that this stuff or whatever your version of it is is all reflective of the GIFT you came to this world to be?

Do you realise that trying to clean up areas of you that weren’t made to be cleaned is you LITERALLY trying to opt out of some of the best workings of your physical AND spiritual gifts and powers? Wow! That is a wake up call that We DEFINITELY get to be bitch-slapped back to soul on today!!

>>> The truth is that the natural way you do YOU is THE way your business is gonna flow,

your money is gonna grow,

and you are gonna GO, wherever it is God would have you to go. <<<

Anything else is you buying in to a COUNTERFEIT idea of how you need to show up in order to do it right or to earn those rewards.

But the thing with rewards, outcomes, wins on the board in business life OR eternity is that it’s not a points system, and it sure as all get out is not a join-the-dots-system in which there is a right way which applies to all humans. You know I’m not talking about disobeying Gods instructions here, don’t get sassy on me to the destruction of your own soul.

I’m talking about pathways of how you CREATE. BE. Heck. breathe! And the fact that when you do it the way it flows from YOU, it is THE way God shows up in and through you most. On a very human level it is also the place where you will most find your happiness and joy! Your creative flow, your tapped in-ed-ness, your ability to see and CALL THINGS AS THEY ARE NOW MEANT TO BE, aka your God ordained success in every area!

And the simple reality here is …

you KNOW in your spirit when something is off.

You KNOW in your spirit when you are fighting against YOU, and buying in to ideas of good girl conformity which came from PEOPLE – or elsewhere! – and certainly not from God.

You can recognise when you are judging yourself through a lens that DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU because that judgement is accompanied with shame, doubt, confusion, deflation, a spirit of not good enough. A spirit of TRY. Yes! Thank you Jesus for this message!

Do you feel me?

And now, feel this –

What would it be like today to know you are OH SO FREE AND ALWAYS WERE to show up the way God made you?

Better still –

what would it look like if you went ahead and did exactly that,



Listen –

The clock is ticking and the big hand is pointing to YOU.


You have no more time left to live the wrong life.


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