Success/Success Mindset


{8 Things You Gotta Understand if You Want to Build an Empire, and Have It All}

You’d save yourself a helluva lot of time and effort, and get to where you want to go FASTER, if you’d just gtf over your how do I, how long do I for, am I ready to bullshit and just got down to the business of BEING successful.

What do I mean by this?

Success is a way of life, not something you do until you get a result or temporarily get out of the pain you’re in and feel you can ‘relax’.

You wanna be successful, have it all, make a tonne of money and a BIG impact by sharing your true message with the world?

You wanna do it while also being in shit hot shape, feeling amazing, rocking an energy that shines out of you so strong it’s clear nothing and nobody will get in your way?

You wanna also live a LIFE you love, where you get to do cool shit, have fun adventures, do it all with people who make you happy?

Then it’s easy:

Just give it everything.

For ever.

Until you’re dead.

If that sounds EXTREME, that’s cool. Go find the life you’re happy to give your all to, because you can only ever ACHIEVE from what you choose to be.

So you can take your 6-week bootcamps, your quick fix hustle plans, the fact that sure, you can make shit happen when the chips are down and you’re forced to grind but as soon as the noose is loose you kick back, put your feet up, and get back to the business of being a wimp not willing to do the work, and you can shove it where the sun don’t shine because all this approach will ever GET you is a short-term reprieve from the actually pretty UNSUCCESSFUL life you’re creating for yourself.

I GUESS it’s better than nothing … maybe … I can’t judge because it’s never occurred to me to treat success as anything less than WHO I NEED TO BE.

Does this mean I don’t screw up, let resistance or fear take over, avoid at times doing the work? Of course not! I’m a success driven multi-passionate SUPERWOMAN not a robot πŸ™‚

But here is the reality:

When I find myself feeling frustrated, on occasion, that every freaking day you need to wake up and keep going …

When it feels for a moment unfair that I can’t just ‘stop’ or even rest once I reached my body goals, my money goals, my growth goals …

When I wish for a second that once you’d achieved something you then GOT TO HAVE IT FOREVER …

I’ve learned to tell that whiny little immature child in my head to STF up and get back to work.

Because I’m a hardass and I don’t care about her feelings and whether she wants to just be able to kick back and take it EASY for a while?


Because I’m a hardass who knows that in order to have it all I need to be willing to give it all.

Every day.


Until I die.

Here are 8 things you need to understand about success, if you want to have it all, build an empire, and live your dream.

1. Success is Easy, It Just Takes Everything

It’s not what you DO, that you do for a period of time or even a long time, that will make you successful, it’s who you ARE.

If you look at the concept of ‘it just takes everything’ as being extreme or disheartening, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s EASY because you just become someone who lives breathes IS success, rather than someone who has to push, bribe, cajole themselves to do the work until they inevitably GO BACK TO BEING WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

Want it all, want it now: Change who you are not what you do.

2. Screw the How

The STUPIDEST thing you can do to get massive results or make huge jumps in business or life is worry about how.

What the hell has HOW got to do with it, you want the OUTCOME you want right? So, focus on that. Commit to it. Intend that you WILL see it happen and make up your mind that ‘that’s just how it is’, and then get into the here and now of acting from a mental place of ALREADY BEING THERE.

The how will show itself and it will also be a lot simpler than you think, once you make up your mind that the outcome is a must and you choose to NOW be the person who would have that outcome.

3. Do the Work. Do the Work. Do the Work.

It sounds contrary to what I just wrote, but it’s not.

Every day you need to do the work AS THOUGH YOU WERE ALREADY THERE. Anything you need to figure out HOW to do you can figure out as you go, you don’t figure things out and you don’t ACHIEVE anything by sitting back trying to plan it or know it in advance.

No excuses: if you’re not working your ASS off today, and every day, because it’s who you are, success will continue to flee from you.

4. Start Now. You’re Ready. You Have Permission.

Enough stuffing round. Enough asking if it’s okay, if you’re allowed, etc etc etc and SO much blah. You don’t need to research. You don’t need to check out what the competition is doing. You don’t need to hunt down the rules. You need to jump off the cliff and start TODAY being that person.

5. You Can Have it All. But Only if You Do This.

You can create and achieve EVERYTHING you want, completely on your terms, and exactly as you dream of, but if you want it you need to be willing to do what it takes, no matter what it takes, until it takes and THEN KEEP GOING (which is everything we outlined above). You also need to KNOW WHAT IT IS that you want.

This is ridiculously simple but astonishingly 99% of people I speak to don’t consistently do this. I’m talking about getting crystal clear on what ‘it’ is that you actually want.

You should know PRECISELY what you want.
In all areas.
With an EXACT deadline.
And specifications so clear that a deaf and blind monkey would know what you’re asking for.

Guess what? If you’re avoiding clearly stating what you want you’re VERY unlikely to get it!

6. Never Stop.

Somebody asked me today if I’m taking the day off, because it’s a public holiday here (Australia Day!). I couldn’t even be bothered answering such a stupid question. Firstly: I have pretty deliberately created a business and life I love that I don’t DESIRE a break from, and secondly – it’s not actually possible to take a day off from who you are.

And who I am? Is someone who does the work, who lives her life a certain way, who lives and breathes and IS everything she works for and creates.

Day off? Why don’t you just take your whole life off and go find one you don’t need to press pause on.

7. Schedule Fun

Never stopping doesn’t mean you ‘only’ work. It means you never stop at ALL the things that matter to you. I work my ass out every day because it is a MUST part of my daily schedule, and I also know in advance each day at what time I’ll do so.

I play with my kids each day because it is a MUST to me, and I know in advance at what time the computer will be shut down, the phone put aside, and I’ll be dancing around the lounge room like a crazy person.

I go on date nights each week because I book a babysitter in and I decide where I want to go out.

I travel the world first class to all sorts of amazing and exotic places, for conferences or for fun and adventure, because I book it in advance and make it happen.

None of this stops me doing the work, all day, every day. This IS part of the work. And as with anything that I commit to MAKING happen, I need to make space for it and book it in, or let’s not kid ourselves: my default would be to never stop typing. Which might (although not really) elevate my writing / book business faster but it wouldn’t be me BEING the successful person I choose to be in terms of having it all.

8. When it Doesn’t Work

The beauty of giving your ALL and every part of who you ARE to creating success in all areas is that it doesn’t matter when it doesn’t work. It’s irrelevant, water off a ducks back. After all, you’re not sitting here with a stupid NOT GONNA HAPPEN plan to build a million dollar biz in 90 days, to get in hot shape in 6 weeks, to do anything in ‘x’ period of time so that then you can go back to … what?

Not doing the work?

Yeah … that’s not who you are, right? Or if it is or has been, and you’re willing to take ownership of that now, cool – it is what it is and now you can move on and be someone who LIVES SUCCESS. Which means that the results you do or do not get on a given day are really neither here nor there, because regardless YOU are going to keep showing up, and keep doing the work.

You wanna have it all, you want it now, you want it COMPLETELY on your terms and exactly as you always dreamed of?

No problem baby.

Just give your life for it.

Also, side note:

Whatever you have now, whoever you ARE now, that’s what you’re giving your life for now. Either way: you’re going to die for something.

It might as well be for everything you ever dreamed of.

And I can promise you this:

There is zero chance you’re going to look back a week, a month, a year from now and think “thank God I’m still waiting to go all in”.

Stop trying to figure out how. Stop trying to be ready. Stop trying to find a way to escape giving it EVERYTHING. And become, today, the person who has it all because she gives it all.