There is a tremendous difference between doing the work you know you’re meant to do for the day from a place of ‘let’s get shit done’ or ‘gotta make sure I stay on top, get ahead, huzzah, now hurry, we’re already behind!’ and –

Today is a day to get important shit done. So therefore let me just stop for a moment, pause, tune in, connect to my core, and ask –

“What is today meant to be about?”

When I write something which sparks HUGE energy – be it sales, a big response, a lot of feedback, or a deep soul certainty within me that this was one of THOSE pieces of writing that it’s really all about, and that I live for – it is ALWAYS because it came from a place of truth, and connectedness.

Doesn’t mean I had to go meditate on a mountain top in order to get the drop. It coulda been the blink of an eye, a sudden idea or charge, a passing idea I just – JUMPED at. Or, it could have been a longer back and forth, bit by bit dropping deeper into me and into that place where I go beyond caring about what I have to DO, because I am so fully in my unattached-to-outcomes BE.

In business, across multiple business, and for multiple decades, without exception, the biggest money results I’ve enjoyed –

and also the biggest results and wins in areas less directly about revenue –

and DEFINITELY the biggest wins for personal satisfaction –

have been when the thing I did was done intentionally.

Intentionally, meaning – there was something behind it other than an idea that I needed to HURRY, and DO. ‘There’s 1000 things to do before breakfast, now RUN AND DON’T THINK AND JUST.KEEP.RUNNING!’

Well, I don’t often eat breakfast before 12 noon (fasting life!), but even STILL that is never an ideal vibe to jump into. Not because I can’t tick a lot off … I’m a whirling dervish of action-taking when I decide to be! But more so because it is almost a CERT, on a day like that, that what does not get done is the one –

or two or perhaps three –

thing or things which, in restrospect, would have been the things that MOST moved the needle, and even? Changed the motherfreakin’ game.

The ONE swing of the saw that felled the tree.

In business, and if you, like me, and most of my clients, have more than one business venture going on, maybe a bunch of investment learnings and makings alongside, and probably a little thing called, what is it again, oh yeah, a life, there should be an EFFECTIVE swing of the saw to fell a tree happening every day.

Maybe more than once. But if you’re trying to convince yourself it’s 5, 6, 10 or more times in a day … you sir, are deluded. AF. And not in the good way.

You may well end up getting more than 10 things DONE in a day, but THE thing? Well, it wouldn’t very well be ‘the’ thing if it had a bunch of homies alongside it saying they were as well.

Felling the tree each day doesn’t have to mean a huge deal won, a big contract assured, a massive amount of cash in the door, a star signed, etcetera. It means – whatever you KNOW it means, for you. And the gettin’ of those HUGE wins? Is generally going to be on the other side of the fact that the days before it were ones where you consistently felled the tree that needed to be felled.

If you don’t choose to understand this, and to discipline yourself to embody it; to be strong enough to RESIST the urge to just try and go and do everything –

Don’t be surprised if you get to the end of the decade and all you’ve got is a bunch of scratches all over every tree in the vicinity. Like there’s been some kind of feral cat problem in your forest. But not a single tree actually felled. PURPOSE – just waiting eternally on you.

Oh, and when I said decade? I meant your life.

Make no mistake: your intentionality matters. And it is available to you choose NOW.


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