Success/Success Mindset


Why would you buy into a belief system that you getting what you want could ever ever EVER require you to have to do anything that is outside of what is fully RIGHT for you?

The true success ‘system’ which pretty much nobody is talking about is simply flat out opposite to what the world would have you believe.


It’s not like there’s not proof EVERYWHERE that people chasing what they think they gotta do to ‘get there’ is flat out NOT making them happy, and that even when it does come with some sort of apparent success – money, accolades, something got GOT, whatever it was – that it either doesn’t last AND / or –

it comes at a cost.


Not a cost of you being true to YOU, I mean.

And really,

not any sort of cost.

Unless you wanna argue that you showing up each day to be exactly who you came to this earth to be, and doing your BIZ-niz, money, life, all of it, exactly the way YOU were designed to do it, is a cost.

In which case, argue all you like!

But I’m talking about paying the price of going against your values. Paying the price of doing stuff you just flat out weren’t MADE for, because somebody told you it’s what required, and you’re too asleep to question that. Or too scared. Paying the price of giving your LIFE, bit by bit and day by day til it’s all but drained away, for an idea that if you JUST

keep going for long enough more

it will be worth it.

Can I tell you what your heart flat out already KNOWS, in the place where TRUE desire and knowledge lives?


Worse still,

that is not even how it WORKS.

So a) you won’t get to ‘there’ by paying the price of your values, your daily joy, your pushing aside of what YOU were born for to check every other box,

and b) it wouldn’t be worth it if you did! Because here is the thing about getting to ‘there’. About being HER. You know –

THAT version of you.

The one you dream of.

Are shown in the DEEPEST parts of your visioning.

Can barely at times see, let alone define, probably because you refuse to look often or long enough! And you refuse to let her BECOME.

That version of you? The one who DID the damn thing, who got ‘there’, wherever ‘THERE’ is for you?

She did it by following what it was meant to be for HER.

She did it by throwing caution and SUGGESTED wisdom to the wind.

She did it by being TRUTH led on what is right for HER.

She did it by understanding that it doesn’t matter if a million before her made THEIR millions, built THEIR purpose work, created THEIR dream life and stepped in to THEIR destiny in this.exact.way,

that SHE is gonna do it the way that is right for HER.

And that yeah,

since she is you and in case you’re wondering,

you’re probably gonna have to be okay with not knowing exactly how that looks til you’re on the path! And even then, mostly only know what you see just up next in front of you.

But here is what you can be sure of:

it is not EVER. Not ever ever ever, no not NEVER,

gonna be because you convinced yourself you had to hold on to, or remain as, something or someone that you know is not a FIT for you being all of you.

This means you need to be willing to disappoint people.

You need to be willing to confront your SELF.

You need to be willing to be strong enough to turn away from stuff that has you bound or addicted, which you just know doesn’t fit where you’re going.

And you need to be willing to get up every single fresh beautiful God-given day, and just ask –

What would it look like today,

if I ASSUMED who I am,

and that where I’m going is a done deal?

And if you STILL don’t know where it is you even wanna be going,

stop allowing confusion to be your friend.

CLAIM the clarity that is available to you now.

DECIDE certainty is your vibe.

CHOOSE you will unapologetically show up for your LIFE.

And make today the day?



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