The more you lean into what feels right, trust yourself to know the moves to make and then make them … no matter what … the faster you will unlock money flow and ALL other good and aligned things.

This is true not only in terms of how you impact your OWN flow and expansion and receiving, but also?

How you impact the very vibration of the world.


you saying yes to what is in you and right and DESIRED for you,

results in greater expansion alignment and elevation of all fuck yes things for everyone else. PERIOD.

Your TRUE desires are not wrong, not selfish, not in opposition to God, or life, or others, or money, or your family, or anything.

Your TRUE desires can only correct the course of every thing outside of you, and, for sure, every thing inside of you too.

And what if, at this point, after all these years and all this time not being sure if you really wanna or should or can or deserve to or are ready to trust in what you feel and want and know, trust that it is right and good and aligned and coming from an ONLY fuck yes place, waiting waiting waiting to be allowed to BE –

you just did.

And you just decided

I know who I am. I know what I am planted in. I know where my vision and focus is at, even when I can’t articulate or define it. And so I’m done.

I am done with second guessing.

With making some things allowed and not others.

With segmenting my wants and desires and nudges and pulls based on what seems to be more profound, more professional, more spiritual, more proper, more ALLOWED –

and I.now.TRUST.


With immediacy.


That whatever is coming through me, whatever is the VIBE, whatever I feel like motherfucking DOING –





Would things speed up for you, do you think?

Would time speed up, in the best way?

Would all of those things you KNOW are there for you, fully believe in but yet can’t seem to access somehow, drop down from being perpetually at arms length and just fall into your now reality because you finally LET what always WAS, BE?


I think so.

I KNOW so.

Because here is the thing –

It IS already all there. It’s already all DONE. The money flow the soulmate biz flow the soulmate life and body and love and YOU flow, all of what you long for is THERE.

It exists.

It is available.

It’s REAL.

It’s just … sometimes you gotta plug the damn cord in, y’know? For the power to work.

And the cord being plugged in is, quite simply, you realising how damn able you already ARE to receive and to be.

Because you decide.

Because you choose.

Because you ask.

Because it is your BIRTHRIGHT.

And you can say yes to all of that from a place of deciding that each different area, or the whole thing as a whole, requires you to jump through certain hoops in order to validate or prove or be allowed something …

or you can realise that there are no hoops,

there never were any hoops,

and you do not need any hoops!

Which in the end, makes it this simple:

you wanna play life the hard way, the do way, the never there way, the never enough way?


You wanna play life the I follow ALWAYS and FULLY what is IN me way, because when I say yes to what’s in me in ALL areas, life says even bigger yes to ME in all areas, and the more I rise in one place the more I rise in ALL places?


It’s granted.