I remember when the idea of having breathing room with money – let alone EXTRA – would have seemed outrageous. In fact, it wouldn’t even have been outrageous, because it never got a chance to be, well, considered. As anything! So far-fetched was the idea.

Why would you think about a thing that was not even within the REALMS of possibility?

Or was it? Because whilst I spent my whole childhood, youth, and a decent chunk of my adulthood never even considering the idea of EXTRA, and instead gettin’ better and better at being creative with what I DID have, at the same time?

I always knew that more was available. And that it was just a decision away.

I grew up in a pretty typical middle class Australian family. There were times when money was definitely less available, ends were being stretched more. And times it flowed more abundantly. Regular Pizza Hut or Sizzler ‘all you can eat’ lunches church being the ultimate expression of this! All-you-can-eat cheese toast and dessert buffet? Now THAT was real wealth!

Buffets or no, I had an amazing childhood. I was blessed with all the riches that money can’t buy, and as far as riches that money COULD buy, I had everything I needed and then some. Probably my only ‘bug bear’ from childhood was that my mother hand-sewed every trendy clothing item I wanted. We’re talking BRANDED items, like the ‘right’ brand of surfwear pants or happy pants. Sewn. It was playground squirmy embarrassment at the extreme! But still, I was equal parts happy, grateful and impressed with my Mums skills as what I was self-conscious about my homemade ‘in’ clothes.

Truth be told I didn’t think too much about ideas of getting the real deal, because in general, money and the having of more of it was not something I LOOKED for. I was aware it wasn’t there in massive amounts. But I did not feel loss or lack from this.

Yet through this acceptance … there was this – undercurrent.

An undercurrent telling me that actually? I could have anything I wanted, and ACTUALLY?

It could be anytime I chose!

The thing is –

This wasn’t just an idea. It was something I proved to be true, time and time again.

Sometimes this was because my creative or leader spirit took over, and then the money just followed. Take – setting up clubs from the age of 8 years old, and charging membership fees to join. It seemed right and true that in order to join the club you should prove your work ethic! It wasn’t about me making money.

My friends had to come up with the $5 entry fee by earning it. You were allowed only one task which you earned a whole dollar for, and the rest had to be made up of 10c and 20c tasks. This is over 3 decades ago, so those are good numbers!! I found this FUN, and also proper. I was happy my friends were learning to create money flow! And WE used those ‘fees’ to fund bake sales which we ran as a club. The funds from that funding – sleepover parties!

It was the perfect win win environment, and I’d no idea it was the basis of big fancy (although not that fancy at all!) revenue streams years down the track in my coaching business.

A bit later on, I did actively pursue money for sure. Becoming an Avon lady at 11, and earning at times up to $1000 a week, fell into this category. I was consistent in doing my rounds, follow ups, even up-selling! But even then .. what was really driving me? Well, the money was just a choice really! One I knew I could make. But what I really remember with fondness and pride? Is how it FELT. Being purposefully out there, and bringing things to life.

Kinda like what drives me now!

But here’s the bit I did not nail all those years ago. In my growing up and also early adult entrepreneur years. I never seemed to surpass ‘fine’.

I always had enough. I always came up with MORE, if I wanted or needed it.

But excess? Surplus? Money already there and waiting?


It felt like something I didn’t really need to choose, because I just WOULD if I had to or if I chose to, but eventually I realised I was also playing out a story. A story in which I made it ‘not part of me being me’ to be able to be already taken care of in ADVANCE with the expression of money riches physically already present.

Once I realised this, I had a choice.

Did I keep living from a place of ‘I’m fine always being fine, if I want more money I can just ‘require’ it’, and, well, I WILL be fine’ … ? A system I had used by this point to produce millions of dollars in monies received personally, and also tangible financial assets, by the way!

Or did I want to opt-out of this notion, and decide it could just be – WOULD just be – my normal to of COURSE have money excess, always, now? Kind of like … I always have oxygen excess! It’s there ALREADY. And in this case, not just in an energetic ‘you can call it in’ sense, but in a money in the bank sense! Or wherever else 🙂

The thing for me was, and why I did NOT at first choose the latter, I had used my NEED to create money, for years by this point, to spark my creativity.

Who would I be without that need? Would I still create? Would I be able to FLOW?! Ugh! It was too risky. Better to prop my accessing of the emotions and energies of being ALL of me up on a need such as MONEY. Just in case!

Except –

Hm. Maybe not.

In the end, it was simple as this:

I created true breathing room with money – and plenty of it – when I decided to.

The years I spent making it more complex than that were nothing more and nothing less then a story I just wanted to keep on telling,

and keep on hearing,

until one day?

I didn’t.

And what if –

you could just let it be this simple?