We’ve been taught for so long that the way to attain all we want, the way that is right, the way that is true, all comes down to YOU –

knowing yourself

loving yourself

seeing yourself

and choosing?

ding ding, 5 stars – your self!

We’ve been told and taught earnestly, beseeched with an idea of spirituality, enthused and excited emotionally, carried away on logic that certainly seems to bear weight that in order to live the life we came for, do so with purpose, alignment, integrity, of course, and oh, what was that other thing? HAVE IT ALL THE WAY WE WANT AND NEED –

we need to follow soul.

Believe what feels right for US.

And that it’s a beautiful thing for each person to forge their own path in a way that THEY decided and dealt.

Oh what a lovely and brimming with certain soon self-fulfilment, maybe even enlightenment, path it looks to be!

We’ve been shown we should avidly share our deepest soul wants and desires with those who think like-mindedly, who themselves are on a ‘spiritual journey’, who, even if what we say is true is not their truth, will join us in the soothing masturbatory strokes of our decision, oohing and ahhing and exhaling solemnly at the breakthrough WE decided is truth, applauding as for continuing our wilful and wantful path as we also do for them.

“Yessssss sis. So good! OWN YOUR TRUTH! Such courage”.

We’ve perpetuated – whether by teaching it or whether by our simple passive acceptance – an idea that where discipline should lie? Is in listening to our own heart, our own emotions, our own desires, and – once again – being TRUE to them.



Lied to.

With every word that has been spoken and every breath drawn and expelled in the pursuit of SOUL and ‘SPIRITUALITY’ as a belief system or way of being, with every leaning in to ‘finding one’s own truth’ we have been further deceived,

and also become the deceiver.

A willing vessel,

for the purposes of a kingdom,

but which one?

The blindfold firmly in place,

the wool over our eyes nice and snug,

as we link arms one another, welcoming ever more ‘light’ and ‘truth in self’ seekers into our circle, and we gaily sing COME –

let’s go here!

Let’s do what we want, and trust our desires, and be our own god!

Let’s talk about relationship with God yet not listen to what God himself says about it, because oh – ! I don’t mean THAT God. I mean the God I invented, another salve,

another solution,

another spiritual awakening,

as I follow a path

which *I* decide.

We’ve been lied to.

We’ve been deceived.

And we have become accountable,

for the deception of others.

Because here is the truth about truth. And about being who you were always meant to be. About remembering who you WERE –

and then becoming it.

Here is the truth about following the path of alignment. Of flow, and fire, and faith, and truth.

And here is the truth about discipline,

a gateway to flow

to rest

to joy

to receiving

to a yolk in A PERSON,

which is light

and easy to bear

Your soul was never meant to be in charge.

Your heart can not be trusted until it is new.

Your eyes and ears will continue to deceive you, taking you further down the path of death but sure – let’s paint it white and call it light –

until or unless such time as God opens them

and you see truth

You see that the pursuit which would result in you having

and being

and yes even doing, oh I KNOW we only do from flow, but yes –

which flow?

begins in pursuing

the foregoing of you

They got it backward

We agreed

It sounded so good

It made so much sense

it felt so NICE

yet underneath

if you’re honest

was the continual unsettledness

the perpetual seeking

the next and and next and next thing we stroked ourselves to release with

and always

shadows lurking

Oh! The solution must then be to EMBRACE those shadows, lean in to them, ahhhhh – so wise.

And there we have it, don’t we?

The crux of it all,

if you will.

There is always a next thing to lean in to

There is always a reason this last season must have occurred as it did

There is always a VALIDATION for your pain

and inescapable lostness

until then one day

(we pray)

there is Jesus

there is God

there is the Holy Spirit in you

and you are found.

The seeking is done.

The soothing and stroking and continual breaking down and then through complete.

The horror of a God you invented admitted,

repented for,

and self?

No more.

And now in this new place

this place not possible for us to couch in terms we carried over from ‘consciousness’, from ‘spirituality’, from ‘light’, no, there is no way to simply slot the one true living God, accessible for relationship and all rights OF a child of God only through His Word, His Son,

into the way of speaking


or seeking

you’ve carried for so long.

Because how can the language of a seeker,

exist when one is found?

And how can the receiving of your being,

and ALL which was written so gloriously FOR His glory, for your contentment, your utter satisfaction and provision and the FULLNESS of joy, yet not joy which lands in or is of emotion,

occur without He who gives you life.


is given in the spirit

by the Spirit

and with that

our conversation for today

must end

the question perhaps lingering –

how can I expect to find life,

when I look where it does not come from

that which we call soul

and our selves

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


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