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The dialled down approach you’re taking towards the so-called purposeful creation of your life is no longer gonna cut it gorgeous, and really never did.

Do you realise how much energy and effort you’ve already put into trying to grasp onto a LESSER THAN VERSION of your dream life, telling yourself that if you just work harder, be more convincing, do it right, then maybe, just maybe, you can grab a hold of a life you never really wanted anyway?

When are you going to be honest with yourself about the have it all life you actually want, and know you are destined for?

I’ll tell you a secret to receiving, a missing link to allowing, a piece of the dream life creatin’ puzzle that most people just never ever get –

and thus also not only never ever get their TRUE dream

(because you can’t very well get something you didn’t even dare to shoot for!)

– but also, as a result of not knowing this missing piece, they never even quite get the second tier version they didn’t even really want, but yet were desperately trying to cling to, make real!

I’m talking about the girl who is clearly a prize but yet who not only never ends up with her dream man and also doesn’t even manage to hold on to ANY man, not even one who is clearly in the ‘settling’ basket.

I’m talking about the online coach who KNOWS she is meant to teach deep soul-shifting truth, her message to transcend time and space and shake the very core of the world, but who, years later, still HASN’T … and has also not really made it very far with the business and message she settled for instead. Made some money maybe, a little bit! OH so hard fought for, and never really seeming to climb.

I know you know this girl.

We all know her. The other one too.

I’m talking about the guy who was meant to write books which would sweep the world … and instead writes articles that disappear into whichever supposedly hallowed halls of his industry … and even THEY never seem to quite ‘get’ him anything, or any place, except for a little more acclaim.

I’m talking about the you,

who repeatedly dreams of and is reminded of what she REALLY came here to do, what is really IN her, what maybe, just maybe, COULD be, but who never actually lays down the law and decides:





and so never HAS, never BECOMES, never RECEIVES, and then meanwhile works her ASS off, endlessly, relentlessly, exhaustingly, to STILL NOT QUITE GET HER HANDS ON THE SHITTY ALTERNATE LIFE SHE’S DECIDED TO AIM FOR INSTEAD!

^^ by shitty alternate life I of course mean ‘dream life’, where err’body and their nephew thinks you’ve made it, except YOU know that while it may be A dream it sure as heck is not YOUR dream.

Let me tell you something:

If right now you are hustling like a mofo towards a second tier existence and still not even managing to get a hold of THAT, you need to understand, and have it deeply sink into your every cell, that this is not a sign that aiming towards your dream life would be harder, more scary, more treacherous, even more tricky to grasp on to!

I get that logically it seems that if all your efforts thus far can’t even quite get you cruising at THIS level, then you just don’t know if you have it in you to do what is needed to go to THAT level, but here’s what they didn’t tell you in manifestation and do-the-work-bitch school:

It is harder to aim for a less than version.

It takes INFINITELY more effort and exertion to try and achieve second best.

In fact, shooting for a dialled down image of your dream life will, without exception, prove itself to be damn near impossible to achieve and also cost you every bit of your heart / soul / physical energy and general high vibiness to boot!

Here’s what is easier:

It is EASIER to go straight to the top, straight to the end goal.

It is EASIER to ask for, insist upon, and be unavailable to scale back on, your HAVE IT ALL EVERYTHING.

Things will happen FASTER –

smoother too!

– when you lay down the law and decide you are having your ULTIMATE vision, and nothing less.

It is easier to be the diva beatch who wants everything she wants, full colour, on her terms, and wrapped up in a silver bow. Thank you very much.

This is NOT, as basic success mindset principles would have you believe, because the final mile is less traveled, the upper tiers less crowded.

That is some basic shit based on a competitive approach to achieving. Rather than on the fact that we ALL get to have everything we see inside of us, our full dream is available, zero exceptions, we are not showing anything that is not ours!

The real reason it is easier is that when you say yes to your SOUL –

Life says yes to you.

To be more specific about the ‘how’:

Life will give you its full support when you say yes to what is actually yours. When you say yes to, and decide upon, and lay that line down in the sand about, your TRUE vision, you unlock the power, knowledge, magic, energy of the entire COSMOS.

You activate codes.
You drawn on collective wisdom.
You begin to ‘pull down’ what is needed, moment by moment, from above.


Literally ‘gets behind you’. And carries you along, like Cleopatra on her chariot, where all you have to do is BE the fucking Queen and of course scream YEEHAH into the wind. Like Cleopatra haha.


Whereas –

When you insist upon, because your fear mind tells you that you are still not worthy, a FEAR-SHROUDED LESSER THAN VERSION of your dream,

you turn off collective wisdom
you close the valve to the accessing of magic, and supernatural power
you say a big fat ‘no thanks’ to the support of life

Think about it:



It would not.

Not to mention, when you choose to be scaled back like this, that your general vibe is SUCKY babe. Your frequency is all sorts of messed up. You got no snap, you got no crackle, girlfriend?

You got no pop.

As you mope around try try trying to work work work your butt off to have a life that you don’t even fantasise about anyway!

No wonder you’re alternately bored / grumpy / sad / angry at the world / sinking in addiction and numbing / hating everyone!

It’s pretty fucking simple.

Your intentions and goals mean jack shit if they’re not the actual full colour full picture ones you dream of.

They also mean jack shit if you DO lay down your true desires and then repeatedly fold like a mofo everytime fear jumps up and tells you that maybe you can’t have it.

If you want it all, on your terms, you KNOW you can have it.

But you do have to be willing to do what it takes, no matter what it takes, UNTIL it takes to get it, and the biggest thing it takes is NOT the work, but the faith to turn away from and not even entertain for a second anything that is less than.

Be honest about what you really want gorgeous.


Life can’t step up to a bar you never set.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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