I always knew I’d be rich, successful, live a life that is DIFFERENT, and that I was born to do extraordinary work in the world, make millions of dollars (of course!) but also IMPACT millions of people with what I had to say to them.

From the moment I first picked up a Tony Robbins book, followed quickly by Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar, Harry Beckwith, etc, from my Dad’s bookshelf when I was about 11, something within me just said YES.

Yes, this is what I’m going to do. Something like this.

Motivate and educate and inspire and empower people to live according to their values, and create the life of their dreams!

It wasn’t ‘yes, this seems cool or admirable’, it was more like ‘yes, of COURSE. I’m part of this same world. This is what I’m meant for. It’s a done deal!’

At 11 years old I didn’t think too much about the specifics or ‘how’ of this, and I certainly wasn’t consulting with my teachers or even parents about it, in fact in the physical realm the conversation for my future was always around being a lawyer.

That was the life plan! And indeed my whole schooling was geared towards it, everybody knew that that’s what I would do. I’d have occasional flights of fancy about being a writer instead (I said journalist, at the time that seemed the height of writing accomplishment, and indeed I am still a sucker for the smell of a good old-fashioned broadsheet …), but really, no.


It’s funny looking back – I have no memory of telling anybody that ACTUALLY what I was going to do was be famous and make millions of dollars helping people to live a better life, but I think the reason I have no memory of this is I also didn’t tell mySELF.

I really was on board with the lawyer thing, that was what I wanted and it felt real.

I think it was more on a soul level that I knew it was the other thing … this thing I now do, live for, am!

And I think that on that same soul level I also just assumed that because it was meant to be – destiny! – that it would just sort itself out.

I continued on living life, gaining acclaim and awards as a top student along the way, deviating pretty rapidly off the lawyer path before I barely began it as it suddenly didn’t feel aligned, and moving through my early and mid-twenties successful at, well, anything I did.

In the back of my mind there was this constant thrum though, this calling, this knowing, this ITCH I couldn’t seem to scratch.

I daydreamed and journaled about being a famous author … speaking on stages to huge groups of people … doing something DIFFERENT, something amazing!

I knew it was coming, I had ALWAYS known. Even before that first Tony Robbins book.

I ALWAYS knew.

You know?

Yeah … I know that you know. We’re the same, you and I, and just so YOU know, what you feel? It really is real. It also really is unique. No, most people (99.99%+ of ’em!) do NOT walk around knowing they’re gonna be rich, famous, leaving a massive legacy, changing the world in some way!

Most people do not walk around with this constant –

Relentless –


A hole which can’t be filled with anything other than the SAYING YES TO SOUL, but fully.

We are the 1% within the 1% within the 1% and ultimately we DO all find each other, we call each other magnetically in, and we ultimately also find our WAY.


And this is something that breaks my heart more than just about anything.

Some of us?


Few are called.

Fewer still will even allow themselves to hear that call.

Fewer again will also HEED, aka ACTION the call, and step into the destiny they were born for.

Just because you HAVE a destiny –

Does not mean you’ll ever live it.

This to me is truly the saddest thing of all, the idea of somebody as born for it as you or I or any of the greats who have inspired and shifted us, just never DOING the damn thing until eventually, one day –

They’re gone.

Dead, with their light still inside of them.

I get chills, and tears spring to my eyes, even from writing that.

It truly is the most terrible thing of all, but yet it is how most of the called ones end up. That’s just cold hard reality, and as for WHY?


Let’s talk about why.

Maybe it’s a permission thing, and realising that if you feel this stuff inside of you it also AUTOMATICALLY means you have permission.

Maybe it’s a fear thing, and they just never get to the point of acknowledging you have to say yes to faith in SPITE of fear, and that fear is a choice … as is faith.

Or maybe,


It’s just that they never begin, never say yes to doing what it takes, never go all in or even anything close to it because NOBODY TOLD THEM THAT BEING BORN FOR IT IS NOT ENOUGH.

Allow me to be the one to tell you:


I KNEW I was going to be rich.
I KNEW my message would impact millions.
I ALWAYS knew I was different.


I ALWAYS knew it was a done deal, and that’s why I didn’t plan for it … set my sights on it on a conscious level … or worry about it!

I knew it would take care of itself, because it had to. Right?

Well, maybe that IS true. After all, I’m here now, and while I often feel I barely got warmed up, I AM doing the damn thing. I have made millions of dollars and I do impact millions of people.

So maybe it was just always gonna happen …

But I’ll tell ya,

And this is for you especially if right now you’re starting to have that same lurking suspicion that I once did, that IT MIGHT NOT HAPPEN AFTER ALL IF YOU DON’T DO THE DAMN WORK,

I’ll tell ya, at some point you have to consciously say YES. I commit. I will. I AM. I will now bring what’s inside of me to life.

I got to about 26 or 27 years old and basically, I woke up. I don’t mean ‘got woke’  … that was happening slowly but surely long before that … I mean I woke up about the reality of what it means to be born for it.

I remember going cold in shock as it suddenly hit me –

All of this that I was born for, meant for, KNEW was ‘done’, was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN IF I DIDN’T DO IT.

I think that somewhere in the back of my mind I had such deep certainty about being called that I kinda just thought it would be delivered to me personally by God.

Knock knock!

Who’s there?

Oh, just me God, with a silver platter, delivering you the life you were born for Katrina!

Here you go, here’s an audience of millions and a stage to unleash your truth to them from, and your books in print all around the world, and a nice fat bank account, and oh, that black Mercedes Cabriolet you always wanted.


But really –


When we’re shown our destiny, we are being shown ONE AVAILABLE FUTURE of many.

We still have to choose into it.

And not just in a conceptual way, but also by following through with aligned action.

Really, the best and the easiest way to think about it is – just because the person now, who you believe you’re meant to be!

THAT is how you ensure it’s ‘done’.

But just knowing it’s MEANT to be done?

Yeah … nah. Not gonna cut it girl. As you may have already experienced 

For me, I always knew I was born for it.

I knew I was meant to be rich. And impact millions.

Only thing is –

Time kept passing, and I still wasn’t.

And then you know what happened?

Some more time passed, and I WAS.

Wanna know what I did in that in-between bit?

I motherfucking decided, that’s what.

And then I did the damn work.

Which work?

ALLLLLLLL the work, the work of becoming ME, as I was meant to be.

The work I will do for life, outcomes one way or the other be damned, and really – just a bonus.

And if you’re not willing to DO the work for life, and to give your life for it, then please –

Stop walking around talking about being born for it.

At some point you’re going to have to wake up to the reality that who you’re being today?

Is what tomorrow is made of.

Destiny is always waiting.

But it will never push you.

And it will never do it for you.

In the end, it’s very very simple –

You either did, or you didn’t.

That’s it.

And also?!



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