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The reason you feel so lost and unmotivated lately, like you can’t connect or focus if your life depends upon it, never mind make a damn sale, is that you’re suffering from a highly unattractive and potentially fatal case of ‘I forgot who I damn well am’.

Day after day goes by, and you go to bed at night feeling like SHIT and promising yourself that tomorrow will be the day you do the damn thing, no really – !

And then the next day dawns and you somehow DON’T.

It’s disgusting, it’s outrageous, it’s appalling, is what it is and more so even than all of that, it’s quite TERRIFYING, isn’t it?

You’re staring down the barrel of what lies ahead of you, of the pathway YOU are creating through your daily choices and lack thereof, and it’s beginning to look a lot like, well –

(said with a whisper and a quick furtive look around to ensure nobody hears) –



Day by day, despite your very best intentions, wishes, bullshit freakin’ downloads of what could or should be (when you don’t act on ’em they’re BULLSHIT darling, no point pretending otherwise), and day by day you are SINKING.



And becoming the thing you fear and despise most.

One of THEM.

The ones who said they would but don’t.

The ones who knew they could yet DON’T.

The ones who were born with the calling, the must, the SOUL-led should and still?


The worst part of all of this?

You know it.

You step repeatedly outside of yourself, and you observe yourself with horrified fascination.

This woman, called.

This leader, born for it.

This healer, who the world waits upon.

the damn WORK.

Sucked in by a feeling of pointlessness, of mild or sometimes more despair, of QUESTIONING herself instead of acting (vile!), of I know I just need to get TF on with it and yet I just DON’T.

Lies, perpetuated over and over again, have now become truth.

The lie that you don’t really know what to do …

What to sell or how to sell it …

If you’re even sure of your true message …

Or who you even ARE!

The lie that you are STUCK, unsure, disconnected, and that it’s all just ‘not working’.

BLEUGHHHHHHHHHHH. We need to stop talking about it before it becomes even more contagious than what it already is, before it imprints itself even more than what you’ve already allowed it to into your damn CELLS, your soul, your DNA< and before you BECOME –

Everything you’ve fought so hard never to.

And here is what you do, here is where it starts, and ends, and always was, and IS:


You remind yourself that you fucking BELIEVE in yourself, and that no, ACTUALLY bitch, that’s not a FEELING it’s a damn choice.

You pull out your pen.

And your paper.

And you dash FURIOUS lines through your bullshit. You decide you are NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR THE FEAR VOICE WHICH LURKS INSIDE OF YOU, and which you’ve allowed to fester.

You won’t listen to it, you won’t stand for it, you won’t attend to it, and that starts NOW.

You decide to do.the like a woman who has not actually given herself a choice, whose DESTINY is not built on fluff and the fuckery of the ‘I don’t know how’ mind.

You stand up like the damn warrior who you CHOSE to be.

You square your shoulders and you grit your teeth and you ROAR into the wind and then you CHARGE FULL SPEED AND HELL BENT BACK INTO THE FRAY.

YOU didn’t come here to accept complacency, or uncertainty, or fear.

YOU didn’t come here to find a way to get shit done so you could then clock off for the rest of your life.

YOU didn’t come here to build a business and then sit on the damn sand.

You came here to EXPLODE an empire, but ultimately? To build a life.

And for you.

That life.

Is always and always was and always WILL be, regardless of what is supposedly required for OUTCOME, one in which you SHOW THE FUCK UP.

FIGHTING the good fight, out of ONLY expansion and joy and the damn love of the GAME.




For YOU my darling, my love, my SOUL –

It was always ALWAYS about the mad exhilaration of doing the work all in for the sake of the work ITSELF.

Somewhere, you lost that, and you started to think once more of what you needed to do in order to get places, and THIS of course was the begin of the unraveling.

Where you lost your way.

And yes,

Became one of THEM.

(ugh, shake it off, quick, before it STICKS)

But the good news? You can change this shit back to what it should be in a heartbeat. Flip it on a dime. Blink your eyes and tap your ruby red fucking heels together and then EYES WIDE OPEN YOU FIRE YOUR BEAUTIFUL ROUND ASS BACK INTO THE HEAVENS WHERE IT SHOULD BE.

The woman who does the damn work.

The woman who is free ONLY when she is doing the damn work.

The woman who lives and breathes and IS the damn work.




Hot as FUCK through the energy of who she CHOOSES to be.





Exactly like that.

Oh just like that.

Yes –

Like that.

Remembering, always –


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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