Why what you’re selling shouldn’t make sense

The more time passes, the more I drop in and vision and journal about the ‘here is what I really want’ business … you know … when you REIMAGINE, strip it all back, see what sticks sort of a thang …

the more I realise that for years and years now I’ve already been doing ‘IT’. That every time I give myself permission to dream an even BIGGER dream it always just comes back as this one. I don’t mean new things don’t get to come through. I mean –

all I ever really wanted to do was create. Help people. Shine a light on the threads which need to be pulled on, the stank which needs to be stripped back, the unapologetic truth which needs to be said yes to.

I can’t imagine doing this any other way except continually creating whatever new or NOW course, workshop, moment, is coming through me. And sharing it with everyone.

I’ve tried the ‘restrict and make yourself inaccessible’ thing that many times over the years, convincing myself for a heartbeat I SHOULD be less, well … something. And eventually I realised I was trying perpetually to convince myself to be less, well … me.

Because the truth is that with a billion dollars in the bank you KNOW I’d still have a new thing which JUST popped through and I gotta tell you about it. EVERY.DARN.DAY.

Here’s where it’s easy to get it tangled. If you are highly created and gifted nay anointed to POUR FORTH.

> do not concern yourself with whether what you are selling, or the price point you are selling it at, will meet your business / money needs. Concern yourself SOLELY with ‘am I saying what I am meant to share today, selling what I am meant to sell, in the WAY I am led to’.

“All very well for you Kat, your biz makes millions; you can afford to just throw stuff out there and not have it ‘have’ to make any certain amount of money”.

That’s how I got here.
I stopped trying to make it make sense. And I began to follow what I SENSED, what I KNEW, in my spirit.
Believe me –
when God says HE provides He does not mean so long as you shake that be-hind in just the right way to make it make sense in your world.

Just a reminder 😉

Speaking of reminders –

Here’s what’s happening! ❤️‍

Firstly, flat out:

EVERYBODY in my community needs to do my new live money course, Elevated Expectation. Do it now or grab it later but it’s only live once and?
It will strip off everything which needs stripping whilst unlocking EXACTLY what needs unlocking.

>> link in comments

Secondly. The Secret Garden. IT’S TIME WE TALKED ABOUT THIS.

Put simply,
if you are a woman of faith and /or you know issabouttime to actually BE one,
(but all the way)
you are one million percent meant to be in this space God gave me you,
and THE place where all that is FOR you
will come through.

This is FAITH. Business. Identity. Money. Purpose. And you. And quite frankly?
It is not even possible for me to express the shocking and CONTINUALLY revelatory way God works in there through how He leads ME,
but also even without me.

I want to do something special for you when you join us this week.
The visioning session we did live yesterday was – as is the standard – shocking. Profound. WHOLLY Holy Spirit led. And just –
something I know you need for your year.
But I want to add something extra right now.
A bonus,
a gift.
Lord show me,
what is it?

I want to pray with you personally when you join. And specifically around what needs & gets to be broken off you this year. What veil or deception needs lifting. And what God wants to PROPEL you into right now. SHOT FORTH LIKE A MISSILE TO DO THE WORK YOU’RE HERE TO DO.

That’s it.

Come see what He had make make you,
and let’s make this the year your business but also your life,
is truly through Kingdom eyes.

Oh, and one more thing –
Yesterday God told me “do a new 10 day course called WARFARE PRAYER.” This will be daily prayer & learning & Holy Spirit led teaching. I am scared to do it. That really has nothing to do with whether or not I am doing it. It will be $99. It will be free for those in The Secret Garden!

Join The Secret Garden via >>> link also in comments!

Your place is waiting.


There is one other thing.

1st Quarter Supernatural Increase is open. {5 places remaining}

For the woman who is playing a big game already, and who knows it is time to simply FLOW, but when I say flow? To HEIGHTS AND PLACES BEYOND IMAGINED.

3 months private with me.
We start this month.
Places STRICTLY limited.
Includes a bonus mastermind with my other private clients.
And a COMPLETE stripping back & renewal of ALL that is going on right now and SHOULD be
in your business
your money
and life

Is it time to rip the freaking bandaid, but fully? And simply GO there?
1st Quarter Supernatural Increase gorgeous. I’M CALLING YOU IN.

Dm to talk x


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