The idea that what got you here won’t get you there is bullshit.

It may be true for the rule-followers, the do-right-preneurs, the let-me-just-adjust-this-optin-box-colour-preneurs, the ones who think that their success is actually based on the ins and outs of their membership site, their funnel, their photos, their ability to stand out effectively from the herd by being a shinier version of the same same moo-cow who is representin’ as far as the eye can see,

but it doesn’t work for us.

What got us here is PRECISELY what is gonna get us there, it’s just that you’ve got your here’s and there’s all jumbled up.

You’re thinking about ‘there’ and imagining it to be some place where you’re more grown-up, more organised, more professh-ion-al, more proper, and where you finally did the complicated fancy person things you’d been for so long thinking you’re not good enough to do, and telling yourself that you don’t know how.

And then you’re thinking about ‘here’, and you’re judging your mess, your chaos, your throw caution to the wind randomness, your all over-the-placeness, your too MUCH-ness,

and you’re making it your PROBLEM.

You’re making it the reason you’re not further along.

You’re making it the thing you need to stamp out!

Let’s not even sidetrack ourselves just now with the motherfucking sadness of THAT little thought process!

Oh, and to top it off, you’re thinking about where you’ve PREVIOUSLY been, and you’re remembering the feeling of shame or silliness or frustration or ‘should have already’ that you’ve attached to all the things you thought you would have done sooner, or to all the times you fell on your face, accidentally played the fool, felt embarrassed or self-conscious because of how you DO, and the fact that other peoples don’t do like you.

And then you’re bringing that ALL back into the now, and you’re telling yourself:

I have to be better.

I will be!

I’m gonna be!

I shall be just like the other pretty girls, just wait and see Mama! I’ll be good!

I promise.

And the most ridiculous part of all is that all of this is true even though – and this is where you just have to laugh at yourself, otherwise you’d tear your hair out and cry –


You do NOT want that, at all, and frankly you’re outraged at me for even saying such a thing. Do I not know you at ALL?!



I KNOW you’re not like the other kids, not even like the other entrepreneurs!

I KNOW you look at the way they do and it makes you feel sick to your stomach, or want to laugh at it, or, let’s be honest, on the odd occasion get super bratty and bitchy about it.

I know that the LAST thing you’d wanna do is try and do a better job at being another shiny haired moo-cow in a field of be-like-the-other-preneurs!

But I also know that at the same time,

part of why you’re the rebel, the crazy one, the creator whose message and muse is so damn fire it threatens to take over you at times, and CONSUME you, is because you were NEVER fully ‘in’, never fully ‘one of them’, and even when you TRIED you just couldn’t get it right, and yep, there’s a part of you that still wants that.



Just kidding.

But not really.

But kinda.

But not really 😉

So anyway, yeah –

I gotchu, and I GET you, because I am exactly the SAME as you.

And now here is what I wanna tell you.

From the perspective of having done the thing of getting out of my own way to create a business which has made well in excess of 15 million $ online, in which ALL I do is wake up and be the damn diva who does and has and allows and is exactly what she is shown and PLEASES,

who dances with her art and God and soul and her life and basically refuses to do anything that she doesn’t feel like vibes in the dance just now,

who literally ACHIEVED the thing of ‘just be you’ and get paid for it, WELL,

while also having every other bit of her life follow dat path of alignment and flow!

AFTER first royally doing her own head in in every possible freakin’ way about what she thought she had to do in order to get ahead, get there, go ‘next level’, be REAL.

Here is what I wanna tell you:

What has ALWAYS got you places is EXACTLY what will get you there.

Nothing less.

Nothing more.

Nothin’ fancier.

Nothing more PROPER.



That madness, that flies outta you when it flies out. That seat of your pants craziness, which you can’t contain when it bubbles up. That ‘fuck it’, I’ll just do this, or that ‘fuck this shit’, I don’t CARE anymore, and so I’m just gonna.

That ‘I forgot to worry or think about it’ and then this happened! That ‘I was so caught UP in it, and now look’.

You know the parts I mean.

And when you look back.

On the most flow bits.

The most fun bits.

The most rewarding bits.

The most YOU bits.

It was ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS when you were IN the damn thing.

Just –

in it.

Carried away with the pulse of life itself.

Whirling and twirling and dancing with your own mayhem and fuck yes-ery!

NOT trying.

YES expecting, assuming, holding the mofo vision in SOME sort of capacity (often as a passing thought and that’s it, ’cause you were too busy being IN it),

and things just WORKED.

Let’s get real –

Deep down, you’ve always known that things.would.just.WORK for you.



So when was it exactly that you decided to get there by being some other person?

That’s all.


You’ve become so worrisome and boring I almost forgot you exist.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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