If you don’t allow yourself to do your art the way it wants to be done and MUST be, you will kill your vibe, the your soul, your spirit will pack up and go hide in a corner like a spider that’s been shrunk down to a tiny dot point of a ball because you sprayed it with an entire can of Mortein, and basically?

You’ll become the saddest and maddest little person on the block.

You may also – depending upon your will and ‘go-getter’ attitude – be the hardest WORKING person on the block, showing up, from what you can figure, more than even the most amazing and inspiring and successful peeps out there, and essentially mind-fucking yourself on the daily because it MAKES NO FREAKING SENSE how you can be so consistently doing the damn thing and it’s almost like the more focused and concerted your effort is, the more results run from you.

So, what do you do?

If you’re an A-type higher achievin’ sort of a badass like most of the peeps I encounter on my wanderings, you probably:

– get your journaling on but PROPERLY

– ask all the right questions and dig in for the answers

– sit up straight and buckle in and make sure you are listening and LEARNING from those who mentor or guide you

– be even more consistent and dedicated to the doing of the aligned do, seeing as how you’re obviously smart enough to know by now that the action taking side of things gets to be ALIGNED, RIGHT, and yes. You know already about not doing for the sake of doing!

– and to top it all off and wrap it up with a pretty big bow, I bet you also tune in to surrender, faith, trust, handing it over, and just ‘choosing to believe’.

Oh yeah. I GOT your number baby.

I wonder if you do this though?


And before you let that head of yours start nodding furiously because you are an EXPERT at doing nothing, going in to stillness, pause, time out, self care, the works, you’re Platinum Diamond Status for fucks sakes – !

Nah. That’s not what I mean.

I mean –






Wandering around through space and time, or the mall, or the beach, or the mountains, or your own hall cupboard, it doesn’t really matter where, but just –

drifting, and doing so with ZERO deadline or intent around the idea that you’re doing so because you’re waiting on the muse.

I mean – of course what I’m talking about is waiting on the muse! Waiting until you’re taken over. Waiting til you drop in. Waiting til you fall away from THIS world, and all the way,

down down DOWN Alice!

through the looking glass and to the other side.

I read an email this morning, maybe the best damn email I’ve ever read, and it was all about IT. About how the gifted amongst us, the artists, the messengers, the magic-makers, and presumably – you, and I know for sure ME, we all have this ‘IT’. IT is what makes the offer OMG yes. The day lit with supernatural flow bubbles and shit. Your energy dropped in to the OTHER place. And everything you’re creating coming from it.

The email was also about how so many magic-makers lose IT. And that even though their music, or writing, or whatever it may be is still ‘good’, even GREAT – it’s just not it. I read every bit of it screaming YES.

I’ve taught on this stuff a million times. It’s one of my FAVOURITE things to come back to, again and again. Probably because I myself need to hear it again and again!! The UNAVOIDABLE need for people like us to HAVE to push the world away until what is in us has come out to play. To understand that the more we push the world away, the more it will take care of itself anyway! And indeed, it will shape shift for you. Things will just get DONE. Time will collapse. Expand. And dance in circle all around you!

I emailed my brother, and said – “this is what I’m talking about all the time”. lol. I explain my thoughts and artist needs to him endlessly, I’m sure this wasn’t new information for him. One of the biggest ‘difficulties’ for our business has been figuring out how to let the business BE a next level business that serves people with a clear and structured pathway and curriculum and growth, and things I DO IN FACT WANT, under the umbrella of a Coaching Academy of sorts,

whilst still allowing ME to fully be the chaotic all over the place artist. Actually this was not difficult at ALL to figure out. It’s just that it took me a while to see the obviousness of the solution. JUST DO IT. Just do both. Be the artist until you are COMPLETE for the day with that, and whatever comes out comes out! It’s got nothing to do with anything whether it helps the business, makes money, whatever. And then go build business-y growth things. ALWAYS from flow and FED by the art. But with clear structured outcomes that you desire in mind.

I said to Ash – “This is why it kills my results when I don’t have enough space, because it forces me in to doing things by will / effort etc. When the thing that works for me is always a product of having enough space to let ‘it’ take over.”

Because here is why you end up sad and mad and everything just feels BAD. And why you can work so damn hard, and it is GOOD, but yet it doesn’t work –

you took your magic and made it dance like a pretty little puppet, didn’t you?

You crazy beautiful badass wonder woman you!

That is some stupid shit. But yet we all do it. If you’re anything like me – on repeat! SO FUN LEARNING THE LESSONS AGAIN AND AGAIN WHICH I ALREADY LEARNED 10,000 TIMES THANK YOU JESUS AMEN.

Maybe I can be done with ’em now? Haha! Probably not! You GET to keep learning.

There was one thing I didn’t agree with though, in that email. It said it’s very rare that an artist gets IT back once they lose it.

I’ll tell ya – I’VE LOST IT TOO MANY TIMES TO REMEMBER. If it were a pet I’d have had it taken off me by now for gross negligence. And it is true that the more you don’t USE what’s in you, and let it take over … it comes out less often. But baby –

you can flick that switch anytime.

It’s ALWAYS there for you. It’s YOURS. Where else would it be?!

It’s a demanding and needy bitch though sometimes. But really not. Because what could be more fulfilling for YOU than saying no to every other gee darn thing in your day or life except for the one thing that pulls you.

And then giving it all that it wants from you,

until it is sated,


That’s really all I came on to say.

For probably about the twenty dozen-teenth time I’ve written pretty much this same blog over the years.


Life is Now. Press Play.



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