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Success Mindset


Yesterday I received an opportunity to take ownership of my life, and how I get to be supported and taken care of, in a next level way which I am certain will help me to grow and uplevel like a MOTHERFUCKER.

Of coursed on the surface of it … the things which at their CORE are most brought to serve you, can look or feel like something awful, upsetting, or scary.

A few months ago … and then a few before that … this same opportunity – or the POSSIBILITY of it – was presented to me, and I freaked the fuck out and did EVERYTHING I could do to try and force it away, to take CONTROL, to ensure that I got to keep having things the way I thought they had to be.

I didn’t want things to change! I didn’t know how I’d be able to handle that! It was DEFINITELY going to have a really negative impact on my life, and just fucking INCONVENIENT, and so I KNEW –

I had to do everything possible to resist.

Sometimes when you decide to ‘create your reality’, what you’re actually doing is allowing fear to keep its noose tightly wrapped around your neck, rather than actually acting from FLOW.

And here is the thing about flow:

It DOES in fact FEEL like flow.

It doesn’t feel like trying to keep things at bay.

It doesn’t feel like frantically pushing or pulling in order to not have to enter into discomfort.

It does NOT mean resisting growth … yes, even the PAINFUL growth!

And most of all? It doesn’t feel like having to make choices from fear, or from compromise or from some sort of idea that the only way to be HAPPY or to have things your WAY is to have certain things in place, and every person or element around you doing exactly what YOU think they need to be doing in order for you to be IN that flow.

In fact, as soon as you start attaching your own internal outcomes (flow, happiness, peace, joy, etc) to certain things that must be ‘just so’ in order for you to create them, you LOSE THE ENTIRE FUCKING GAME.


The game of flow? Yes, but ultimately also, this way, the game of life.


So as much as it’s totally GREAT to have things, practices, routines, support, stuff, etc, around you, that you desire and CHOOSE, there also gets to be an awareness that there is NOTHING you actually NEED, from the anybody else or any THING else, in order to be fully supported –

Fully taken care of –

And fully in your power and in CHOICE.

So what was it that happened, which has allowed me to tune in and receive this message, this download, this next level growth?

I found out yesterday that I get to now parent alone.

My kids Dad … who currently lives 5 minutes walk from me, and we share care back and forth day to day … gets to now make an aligned choice for him, to move back to our hometown of Melbourne, and start his new business there.

AND I get to choose GRATITUDE around what I will learn from this, how I will grow, how I

When our marriage was ending … a several year long thing, really, although officially only last year … when I was stepping more and more into admitting what was the higher purpose aligned choice for me … when things were shifting and changing and scary and perfect all at once and the day to day PRACTICALLY speaking as well as emotionally speaking was just a complete shit-show, I RAILED AGAINST THIS IDEA.

NO WAY, I said.

That won’t work! It can’t! And how could you POSSIBLY want to leave the kids anyway?!

And I did whatever I COULD to

HOW WOULD I COPE, without that support?

And I look back now, and I get to notice with interest how in FEAR I was. How I was holding on SO tightly, scared of loss or lack. What scarcity! How fascinating. And also, now –

How much I have grown.

Oh, so much older and wiser now; just a few short months later

And what I see is this –

I ALWAYS get to choose.
I ALWAYS get to choose.
I ALWAYS get to choose.

Choice and creating your reality doesn’t mean that you have to FORCE the world around you to conform though. Choice is about the INNER game … it’s about ‘what are the emotions’ I wish to embody? What do I get to choose to FEEL.

And what I choose is this:

I am supported, fully.
Life gets to be easy, and fun.
I am always taken care of.
Everything happens FOR me, not to me.
I am constantly given the chance to grow!
I get to learn all the time.
I am loved.
Everything always works out perfectly for me.
I always make the right decision.
I AM TAKEN CARE OF, and I have ALL the resources I need available to me at all times.

Don’t you think?


And so here is where you get to take what you need from this:

Where are you holding on to a construct, an idea, that things need to be a certain way in order for you to be able to have the world around you work the way you think it MUST?

Where are you trying to FORCE things because you’re scared you can’t have the outcome you want if you don’t?

Where could you just let GO, gorgeous, and let flow SHOW you the way?

And how can you NOW get to decide what you can have inside of you – peace, love, support, joy, fulfilment, more – just based on the fact that EVERYTHING you need is inside of you.


And always.

When things happen in your life that initially feel SCARY and you resist them out of fear of what it will mean or how it will rock your boat (lol!), then what is REALLY going on is a massive opportunity for growth.

You get to learn.
You get to tune in.
You get to grow.
And baby?

You ALWAYS get to fucking receive.

Remember …

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS Receive baby! Final dayyyyyyyyyy … you in?

Don’t forget to join receive gorgeous. We start Monday! 15 days of DEEP immersion with me, to get you into ease, flow, and INSTANT receiving, around your business, your money, your body, your LIFE. It’s time to let yourself receive all of it gorgeous.

Are you READY for this??! I am SO beyond ready!!

So, here’s what I’ve got for you baby!!

– We start this week (Monday June 26, US time)

– We run over 15 days of DEEP daily immersion, with a daily audio training / livestream, and / or download aka work to DO, in flow, and the NOW, to get you tuned in and ACTIVATED, on receiving

Oh, and also?

This is about INSTANT results.

That’s how we do

Here is what you GET what you GET what you GET, to RECEIVE, when you say YES, to RECEIVE, with me!!

Well, OBVIOUSLY, what you get, is the deep and lasting activation of the power which IS inside of you, to receive.

On repeat.

Every.Single.Thing you desire and KNOW is yours.

And we’re gonna look at how you can choose this, NOW, in your business.

With how you get to sell and make money.

With the ability to simply HAVE money, all around, flowing into and through you and over you.

With receiving your dream body with ease, and where it just FEELS amazing.

And with every single element of your life, your love, your flow, your YOU!

We’ll Be Talking, Learning About, Releasing, All of This, and More:

* What the emotions, energy, and energetic ALIGNMENT of receiving look and feel like, how to identify and know them, and call them in now

* The critical difference between CALLING IN and simply BEING in. We like the latter, more. But the former is part of that, and I want to show you how to NOW call in, so it’s done, and you’re IN it.

* Shit that stops you receiving. How to release it. Now. Plain and simple. No drama, no fuss, nothing to get emotional about, just – no thank you. And here is how.

* Knowing what you truly ARE called to allow, with ease, and receive. Once you activate your receiving genius, you will ALWAYS let in EVERY thing you want and crave, so the only thing we want to be cautious around is to know how to know what we actually desire and yearn for and are ALIGNED for. I’ll show you.

* Alignment, and what it actually FEELS like, how to therefore recognise it and step into it

* Doing vs being: there is NEVER anything you need to do, but there is always action to take! This is one of the critical elements of receiving, to release the ‘how’ and simply step into moment by MOMENT knowing what you need to do, how to do it, and that it’s all PERFECT. This is what has made the BIGGEST shift for me, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

* INSTANT elevation to ‘you 2.0’, that next next NEXT level version of you who simply has shit WORKING, who knows she or he is THE shit, and who doesn’t remotely even question whether or not it’s POSSIBLE, and also?

Fucking now baby.

– How to Know if You Are OH So Ready, to RECEIVE! –

Well, I think it’s probably obvious, isn’t it???

You simply know. In your heart. In your soul. In your core. That it’s time for ALL of it.

And also? You’re about fucking done with letting shit be hard when you damn straight KNOW it can be easy!!!

But let’s be clear:

You DO need to be willing to let go of the fear or scarcity based thinking which tells you that you can’t just CHOOSE.

And I know it WILL still come up, and I’ll help you, that’s what I’m here for. Quite frankly what we’re doing here is RE-WIRING YOUR BRAIN, your mind, AND your soul.

Receiving SHOULD be automated, after all!!

But yes. You do need to consciously CHOOSE to let go.

Will you?

Can you?

‘Cause if so … I can help and I am COMPLETELY ready and eager to do so!!

All you have to do?

Say yes —>

I’m so ready to see you fly gorgeous … I completely feel and know it’s time. If you’re tapped in to that, you feel my energy feeling yours and my soul SEEING yours, then let go.

You’ve got this.

And I’ve got you.

See you inside Receive. x

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