Resting in God


This might hurt.

You’ll like it though 😉

It’s okay to be in the void and it’s possible that it’s exactly where God is calling you to be.

The fact that you know you have a big call on your life does not discount the fact that there are seasons where it is RIGHT for you to be doing less, doing small, doing the simple obvious yet seemingly not glamorous or ‘gettin’ you some place’ things.

The fact that you know you have a big call on your life yet are slightly scared, if you’re honest, that maybe you made it up and therefore you need proof NOW and will push to make it happen NOW in order to get that proof, is perhaps precisely WHY you need to breathe through the discomfort of the void and SETTLE IN AND GET COSY.

Not in a sense of just riding it out, but in a sense of looking around and enjoying the view from where you’re at.

Of finding the joy and the beauty in ways which perhaps don’t meet the mark you thought you should be making, or which –

(ding ding ding!)

you’ve hitched your worth to and then hung on for dear life for as long as you can remember.

And it’s so contrary, isn’t it?

To all that we’ve been used to and really truly believed it had to be about.

“If my income isn’t consistently going up, my content isn’t causing more peeps to yelp YAS QUEEN at my every move, I’m not hitting the big-time publications and being invited into the coolest rooms with the coolest peeps CLEARLY I SUCK AND SHOULD LEAVE BEFORE ANYBODY NOTICES”.

I mean … sure. If your measurement is that you successfully pursued and KEPT pursuing what the world values until you finally got there. Except, oh, wait a minute, what’s that thing? Oh yeah – you never get there. There’s always another layer, level, depth, way to demonstrate or believe you’ve now mastered believing in and backing yourself even further.

The truth is the pursuit of self-improvement will DESTROY your soul, and possibly your eternity.

We didn’t come here to ‘personally develop’.

We came here to be led by the Lord, to give our pursuit and worship to HIM, and to be about His business as we further the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth using the gifts, skills, supernatural wonders He has given us.

This doesn’t mean we don’t or won’t improve.

It means we no longer back, build, or believe in our SELVES as the foundation and be all end all.

It also means we no longer seek to exalt ourselves. Nor are remotely interested in doing so, in fact the idea becomes distasteful in the extreme and we can’t even understand how on earth we used to think that was cool.

And it means we stop freaking throwing around the word God because it feels nice and we’ve taken some perverted idea of faith and then applied it to a lens of ME ME ME ME ME and all that I want and believe I should be.

For those of us who are teachers … hi, it’s ALL of us here … this is even MORE critical than for the regular person. I say this because SCRIPTURE makes it clear that those who teach will be held to a higher standard of accountability when coming before the throne of Jesus. Yes you WILL be held accountable for the lost lives of those you influenced with your twisted idea of godliness and truth.

Yes that SHOULD scare you. It SHOULD give you pause. It SHOULD cause you to snap your eyes open in horror as you realise that all the money, all the fabulous toys and trinkets, all the esteem, all the THANKS from those who are thanking you for guiding them deeper into SELF and deeper into seeking solace in the spirit realm without it being from the HOLY Spirit (yep I’m saying you’re teaching them to embrace the demonic, whilst doing it yourself but adding in the word God) … was all.a.lie.

And you, you were seduced by the idea that you could still claim you’re God led whilst doing ENTIRELY what He says not to do, and the real thing you’re worshiping here? Is you.

Come little lost sheep, over the cliff we go, that’s right, a little further. It’ll be fun! Let’s sing, and dance, and laugh laugh laugh as we waste waste waste our LIVES,

and secure ETERNITY,
just as we insisted upon and God LET us,
separated from Him.

Because because because … we wanted things our way. With an idea which suited us of Him. And God being a God who allows us to have what we choose,
He gave it to us.


You will be accountable for those lives you led astray.

And I hope it DOES scare you as it scared ME as I continued to la-la-la cover my eyes and ears and keep my heart just hard enough to not REALLY believe it was true,

even though I knew with CERTAINTY in my spirit,

it was.

Can I tell you something you perhaps still won’t hear? Yet those of you with ears to hear and whose eyes God has opened in THIS moment long for?

The peace you will have IMMEDIATELY when you come before God, repent, and give it ALL to Him, YES even if this means you lose ‘EVERYTHING’ and you BETTER be willing to do so and then lean all the way in as He shows you how He IS provision and NOW WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, THAT peace?

Is worth a million to infinity Chanel bags and beyond.

Or whatever all it is you can’t let go of.

And through it all and perhaps where I could have just started and ended all this is,




Walk away from ALL of it. Take your hands off ALL of it. Give over ALL of it. And finally surrender to the fact that baby girl?


And no matter how wondrous that even now still seems to be …

there is a reason there’s a piece missing within you.

That reason is not another million.

Another home.

Another award or accolade or jewel in your crown.

And you can’t drown out the noise of what is beating inside of you.

It’s time.

It’s time.

It’s time.




and see what happens when the Creator of the Universe,

sets to work IN you,

and you let Him.

Just something to think about,

but no rush of course,

it’s not as though we just have one life to live,

it’s this one right here,

and the big hand is pointing to now,

as you remember,

Life IS Now. Press Play.



Gorgeous one –

I want to invite you into the space God gave me for you, and my low-cost membership, The Secret Garden.

This is the place where we walk forward in all God has for us in business. In money. In identity. In faith. In LIFE.

And not necessarily in that order 😉

Can I tell you something it’s time for you to truly hear?

There is a different Kingdom.

And a different way.

YES God has a call for your life, and boy oh boy it is a BIG one.


The fact that that is true is unquestionable. It is WRITTEN. And it is so.

But yes.

Walking into His new thing for you, empowered by HIS Spirit, led by the literal supernatural power and wisdom of the Lord of Lords, and living a life on ACTUAL rest and surrender, where your every move is in His grace and what EVER He sets out to do through you occurs …

Requires you to let go of the thing you built.

If you, like many of my clients and friends, who have laid it all down to LET GO AND LET GOD (actual version not online coachy-Queen version ;)), have built a most impressive thing or are on your way to doing so …



But actually, also –


Because what’s harder? Continuing to go to bed each night knowing that you are clutching onto earthly riches whilst soothing yourself with a death-filled lullaby that it’s all gonna be okay and also KNOWING deep down there is so SO much gloriously more for you in TRUE destiny,

or quitting the counterfeit now, come what may, and WATCHING WHAT HE DOES FOR YOU.

you may have trust issues,
it may be scary,
there may be OH so much which causes OH so much confrontation and certainly,
the crumbling of the idol that was YOU and all you worshipped ahead of God, but also?

He will be with you every step of the way.

And He will NEVER leave or forsake you.

In The Secret Garden we do the REAL work of daily laying it all before God, and pursuing ONLY His will and way in every part of our lives.

DAILY we are blown away by how He moves.
DAILY we see the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in this group.
DAILY we move deeper into the awe of God as we weep and laugh and celebrate and are at times momentarily horrified again at all that we THOUGHT was real and important and what it now looks like to be and also do life ALIVE.

This is a place of deep deep gratitude. Of sisterhood. Of certainty and confidence and peace which only God can bring. And of the joy of the Lord which is our strength as we find our way forward in Him.

Can I tell you something your spirit already knows?

Eternity is real.

Heaven is real.

Hell is real.

Your soul IS gonna end up some place.

And heaven IS meant to be enacted here on earth in THIS time, through you.

You can keep doing it your own way if you like.

And God will let you.

Or you can breathe that big exhale you’ve been holding on to.

And come see what He has for you,

in The Secret Garden of your life.

If you’d like to do that alongside close to 100 other women of God – at all different stages and in some cases just peeking through the door of what that even means; in other cases actively in ministry and their Father’s work in all senses; in ALL cases recognising how broken they are without God and just seeking MORE of Him –

and with me as your guide,

then come join The Secret Garden,


Your place is waiting.

WE are waiting.

And it’s time.

There’s a different Kingdom.

And a different way.


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