Purpose, Resting in God


It’s time to make decisions and be who God has led you to be.
(Holy Spirit lead and guide this journaling | praying | writing | OBEDIENCE time with you).
It’s time to refuse to agree with lies the enemy has perpetuated to tell you that you are tired, not able, or not sure.
Your flesh is lying to you.
The enemy is lying to you.
Your desires outside of God is lying to you!
And if you’re not careful, the destiny you forge will be one which is BUILT on those lies.
You might say ‘I had no choice’, ‘that’s just how it was’, ‘I thought it was right’, but in a different part of you, the part the Holy Spirit speaks to and corrects you in, you will know that those things you say are nothing but a story to cover the fact that there was a DIFFERENT story for your life and you simply failed to say yes.
Not just one time, either,
But again and again and again.
In those often little moments where surely this ONE moment, hour, day, choice doesn’t matter so much! I really COULDN’T, I really WASN’T sure, and it was only that one thing.
But those little moments,
create your life.
And the enemy is fine, more than fine, with you believing your right destiny in God WILL surely come to pass because … that’s just what happens, right? It’s what is meant to be, and besides – God has SHOWN me things! So OBVIOUSLY it will happen, because, well – it’s me!
Yet your continual dominant moves being deliberately in the direction of NOT that.
Until one day,
one day,
you in shock realise that the summation of your LIFE
is NOT that.

It’s a lie, don’t you see?

That you can’t yet.
That you’re not able.
That you’re not sure.
That you need more clarity.
Or footing.

The time for what God has called you to now is NOW.
When else would it be?
Who else will do it?
What else COULD it possibly be, except that you say yes to the thing or things He has put in front of you NOW?

And whatever it is which is causing you to in some part of you ‘believe’ something different … which I place in quote marks because you and I both know that that belief is NO kind of belief …

just ask yourself:

Who benefits if I believe right now that I can’t?
Who benefits if I put down this thing God has given me?
Who benefits if I claim hardship on following through on the work He has trusted me with?

If you are saying things like “I guess God wants me to slow down right now” when in fact He has given you a hunger, a desire, an excitement around doing or creating or pouring out a thing, and yet all of a sudden you don’t seem to be able to …

just ask yourself:

is he?

Or would that just be a really convenient story that the devil made up, and which – whoops,

I believed.

The truth is you do have a discernment to know what is of God and what is not. If you have the Holy Spirit in you that is not a MAYBE. If you don’t … rewind.

But if you have the Holy Spirit in you.
You ARE led by God.
You DO know His voice.
And so simply ask:


Now look down the path ahead of you.
Tune in to the Spirit IN you.
And be honest:

Which is the ‘whoops, I accidentally listened to lies and there went my life’ path,

and which is the one where you stand up with a ROAR,
and become who God is calling you to be.

Let’s not complicate what God has already written inside of you,
and made clear.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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