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I was talking just now with my personal assistant + nanny, who has just joined my Becoming Fully You Academy to pursue her creative entrepreneur dreams (yay!), and she was telling me what FREEDOM it’s been giving to her to even just begin to listen to my trainings.

How her mind can barely keep up with all the incredible ideas and thoughts being activated … and the continual desire to journal, go deeper, dream … but most of all?

How she can’t believe she’s never heard anyone just teach on permission in the way I do.

And what that is activating in her after having been stuck in the continual social media ‘should’ world before coming in to MY world.

Where everything is 12 steps to this, and if you don’t do the damn steps right, and exactly in the right order, you’re never gonna get ANYWHERE.

The thing is, when you’re a ‘born to lead and run the damn thing on your terms’ sort of creator like I am, like my clients are, like Juliana is … it’s not just that implementing all those ‘shoulds’ won’t work. Meaning, even if you followed every last step the result would be mediocre and watery at best … (I’ve seen it LITERALLY thousands of times) … it’s also that, well, how should I put this?


You won’t follow through.
You’ll beat your head against the wall trying to do so if you DO try.
And if you’re particularly good at numbing out and checking out you MIGHT get some sort of way with it, but let’s not pretend we weren’t ALWAYS THAT BITCH WHO JUST COULDN’T SEEM TO FOLLOW THE RULES even when we really did try.

If you’re like Juliana, and also like ME back in my earlier years (and to this day on occasion!), and also like MOST of my clients out there, you probably at times tell yourself you’re undisciplined. Disorganised. Never follow through. Can’t seem to knuckle down. Ugh!

Guess what?

FREAKING GOOD. Because what we’re talking about is the fact that you seem to fail to knuckle down at ignoring your own soul.

As I’ve said for years … the thing that I follow through on CONTINUALLY, albeit with a little back and forth-ing at times, is following soul.

Now to be clear – God first. Soul planted in Him. 😉

And let’s just get real here –

you create any thing and EVERY thing you DECIDE to create, don’t you? In fact you are quite a GENIUS at follow through, discipline, and outcome-gettin’ if you think about the overall flow of your life.

But you may well suck at fitting into a pretty little box with a pretty little website and pretty much no freaking clue about what will move ANYONE, because you have a pretty freaking BORING message and brand going on.

So …. maybe decide to be okay with that?!

I don’t know how it is I activate such deep PERMISSION in people to be who they always came here to be. Because really that is obvious, and we all know it. But something about the gift of being which God gave ME just has the effect on people that strongholds are released. Chains are broken. And your spirit leaps to the place of FREEDOM in how you do biz (+ life!) that it always shoulda got to be.

Plus I teach that really good stuff from soul on how to be a mad crazy creator who makes all the monies, has the hottest biz body and life in doing so, and basically just has a damn good time being who they are!

Look –

you can keep trying to fit yourself into a way of showing up that ‘they’ say you have to, if you like.

Or you can do the thing TODAY that we both know you’re gonna do anyway in the end –


And run harder deeper relentlessly ALL the way into her.



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