Live Your Passion


You are exactly where you are meant to be, and?

It’s time to get TF over yourself and start to do the work now.

If you wanna keep playing the waiting game –

Waiting to be good enough

Waiting to be ready

Waiting to get on top of things

Waiting to finish off that ONE thing you really ‘should’ have done by now

Waiting to somehow evolve enough to ‘obviously’ be that kind of person

Waiting to press play

– then that, quite simply, the game you ARE going to play and most likely?

For life.

What, you think you’re gonna wake up one day and snap out of it?

Unlikely. Who you’re being now is who you will continue to be. MOST likely.

So what if who you were being now, and on repeat, were –

A person who continually shifts, evolves, uplevels

A person who AUTOMATICALLY says yes to that crazy ass dream she half visions, and says that yes right away

A person who puts her SELF in the space of ‘obviously being that kind of person’ … and who does so now

What if THAT were now your thing?

It’s all just patterns, really.

How you see yourself.

What you believe, or see as or expect as being normal.

What feels like an ‘of course’ to you.

Your willingness to put aside your bullshit and do the damn thing anyway, or, y’know –


And so what if today it just stopped being –


And you remembered –

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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