Resting in God


God showed up with a miracle in my life this weekend.

I don’t mean the small kind.

I am all for the small kind; I’m all for the any kind when it comes to miracles! But this was one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ type occurrences you pray for, potentially, for decades. Or for as long as it takes.

One of the REALLY REALLY BIG things. And what He did? Was a REALLY REALLY BIG THING. An undeniably GOD thing. A ‘no question / nope, not one part of you can try and twist that into being something of the natural’ kind of a thing.

Wanna know what was weird?

I kind of felt nothing about it at first. I don’t know if I was numb? Not quite comprehending that it had actually happened, this thing I have prayed and wept over and believed for and petitioned God continually for GREATER belief for. Or whether it was because, well – OF COURSE IT FREAKING HAPPENED, GOD GAVE ME PROMISES ON THIS AND SO IT WAS ALWAYS GONNA HAPPEN.

I don’t know if maybe my emotions are going to get with the program and start shrieking and freaking today, or if I’m just going to stay in this fairly calm ‘oh, cool. That’s awesome’ state about one of the most major things you could ever pray for in your life actually occurring.

It doesn’t really matter I guess, but here is what does. And why I’m writing to you about this today.


Now we always KNOW that. We definitely already KNEW that. We know we serve a God who still performs miracles! We KNOW HE IS FAITHFUL AND THAT HE PERFORMS WHAT HE PROMISES.

But you know how you have ‘the’ things which you pray for day in and day out, always believing that one day will be ‘the’ day and yet repeatedly it’s not? If you’re like me you probably have a few of ’em! And if not … get to believing bigger!

Well the thing with one of THOSE things actually occurring is …

ONE DAY JUST HAPPENED in that area. And it happened outta NOWHERE. At least in a physical sense that is true, ’cause it definitely came from SOMEWHERE thank you Lord. But what I mean is –

it was just another Sunday, and a miracle occurred.

It was just a day in which I overslept, didn’t feel great, was late to church and then ready to sleep all day after church, and then a miracle occurred.

It was just a day in which I meant to do things I didn’t get to. In which I walked and prayed and sighed as I wondered how long certain things would talk to change.

In which I made food and the bed. Was a Mum. Thought about business and life. Chatted to friends. AND A MIRACLE OCCURRED.

Which means that if that can happen once, and there was no warning, no special sparkle in the air to prepare me …

it can happen any time.

Any day right now could be the day the thing you have been praying and weeping over shows up. Is taken care of. Healed. Delivered. Resolved.

Any day could be the day the person you’ve been praying for for years finds God.

Any day could be the day God supernaturally just deals with something YOU have been battling for years.

Any day could be the day THE promise is fulfilled.


And it will be just another day which ends in ‘y’. You didn’t do anything special or different that day. And maybe overall you feel like there’s so much more you should have been doing in your walk with God!

But here is what WILL have happened, before that day. For this to occur. Unless or except it divinely simply DID, and you didn’t even believe or ask, by God’s grace and / or somebody else’s prayers for you!

Usually though, at some point before the BIG miracle occurs, here’s what else occurred:

You decided to trust God for this thing.
You decided to admit it’s beyond you.
You decided to hand over being the one in charge of it.
You decided to believe.

And, if you’re anything like me, maybe at first your belief was so fragile it was almost snuffed out before it barely took flight.

Maybe it was purely a head choice. “I WILL believe”. Your emotions not at all on board, your heart scared or hurting, your spirit simply … quiet.

Maybe it was a plea – “God please HELP me to believe in this area. Please help me to have faith!”

Do you realise that all of these moments move you in the direction of HAVING faith?

Do you realise that anytime we ask God for greater wisdom He says He will generously give it to us?

Do you realise you can then ask “Lord, give me greater wisdom to surrender my own mind and will and way and to see through your Spirit and simply HAVE faith, and also (while we’re at it!) to discern what YOU would have me know or pray on this thing!”?

Do you realise that faith ITSELF is one of the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit can give you, and you can ask for it?

Do you realise that if you really want something which God has made available to you then asking followed by flippin’ straight back into your own mind and way is probably NOT the vibe and instead you need to press IN for it, refuse to NOT receive it, know that it IS done in Him and YOU don’t need to know how?

Do you realise that every single day ending in ‘y’ gets to be a day you come before God and CHOOSE the Spirit not the flesh and CHOOSE faith not fear and CHOOSE the mind of Christ not your own and CHOOSE to say I believe God, and I trust you! I trust you! I trust you so much I will THANK you that this thing is now done because it is RIGHT according to your Word that it WILL be done and also you said I can ask ANYTHING I desire in your Name and it will be given to me and on top of it I asked you to rearrange my desires and make ’em yours so I KNOW it’s a right desire and so God I THANK YOU FOR THAT MIRACLE TODAY!

And do you realise that you can do all of that,
or whatever He leads you on,
EVERY day,
and circumstances, if you looked at them, may cause you to feel disheartened,
even bereft,
yet meanwhile GOD IS WORKING –

and so do you REALISE that you must choose relentlessly to believe THAT,
but that YOU don’t even need the strength to do so because it is Christ whose strength we run from, and we are POWERED BY GRACE by His Spirit, and so do you REALISE –

that as you simply repeat
after day
after day

that one day
it will be just another day
just another every-kinda-day day
in which you didn’t even do barely everything you thought you would or should

and then God just did a thing you wondered in your mind if you’d EVER see,
yet believed for anyway

and do you realise
that today
really could be that day

when bam –
just like that
He changed everything

Now here is how to live your life:

Assume that every day could be that day.
And operate from faith accordingly.

Just don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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