30-Minute KILLER Legs Session

Health and Fitness >> December 22, 2015

{Daily Workout Asskickery, December 22, 2015} I have a love HATE relationship with training my legs. I LOVE the feeling of truly smashing them … I love how lean and HOT my legs look … I love feeling the BURN and knowing I’m pushing myself in a way most just won’t, lifting super heavy and... Read More >>

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Beach Monkey Bar Circuit!

Health and Fitness >> December 18, 2015

{Daily Workout Asskickery, December 18, 2015} I freaking LOVE working out outdoors. If you’re an Arnie fan from way back like me you’ll be thinking the same thing … Venice Beach, right?! So aspirational 🙂 And actually I HAVE worked out there AND it was awesome. Albeit very hot. Same as today’s workout was VERY... Read More >>

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Mini Killer Leg Circuit!

Health and Fitness >> December 17, 2015

{Daily Workout Asskickery, December 17,2015} There is nothing I LOVE-HATE more than a great legs sessions. I DREAD IT AND I WANT IT. I know how GREAT I will feel about myself after but I’m always a little scared to go there, because I know that once I start I’m going to need to go... Read More >>

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22-minute Gym Fat Loss & Strength Circuit

Health and Fitness >> December 16, 2015

{Daily Workout Asskickery, December 16,2015} Here is your #dailyworkoutasskickery! Group 1 (repeat x 4 rounds, no rest between exercises, 30-60 seconds after 4th exercise) Lat pulldown x 8 Standing straight arm lat pulldowns (bring bar from shoulder height to hips) x 8 Seated row x 8 Tricep incline push-ups; hands on sides of lat pulldown... Read More >>

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