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I just saw a post that asked if I want an 8-figure business, or 8 hours sleep. “Choose, because you can’t have both!”, it said.

Well, I don’t have an 8-figure business yet. I’m nearly halfway there in annual revenue. I WILL have an 8-figure biz, and then 9. There is no doubt about that, never has been, just like I knew I’d get to a million a year … then multi … etc.

So, theoretically I’m not qualified to talk about whether or not it’s possible to have an 8-figure business and 8 hours sleep. But there is something I’m VERY qualified to talk about, and that is the power of motherfucking BELIEF.

Back when I was a lowly multi-6-figure entrepreneur (joke!), a position I’d reached just by figuring shit out myself, ‘making shit up and throwing it at the internet’, was I believe my official explanation … back before I ever heard words like ‘launch’ or ‘funnel’ and I didn’t even know what an Internet Marketer was even though apparently I was doing it … back when I couldn’t find an online biz mentor even when I looked EVERYWHERE for one …. back before I ever considered not backing myself, ’cause nobody else was there to tell me what to do, being as how it was the ground floor of this industry, and so I just DID … WAY back, I remember saying to myself, making a COMMITMENT to myself, actually –

“No matter what, I will just keep going. And if I refuse to quit, I believe I WILL build an online empire making millions of dollars a year and doing what I know I was born for!”

It was a very real thing I said to myself. I committed to consistency, and I meant it, and I committed also to BELIEF, and I meant that too. I then followed the fuck THROUGH, on both counts.

So, when I did get to that multi 6-figure level and went looking for mentors to help me go even further, even found some at this point, but then had them tell me things like –

“It doesn’t work that way – “

“You HAVE to do sales calls if you want to hit a million” (for eg)

“You NEED to have (blah blah blah fancy launch-y internet markety thing) in place, it’s ‘cute’ you got to here without all of that, but you do need it – “

“No, you can’t just sell alignment, living your dream life, purpose!”

– well.

Well! It’d be nice if I could tell you that I backed myself like the badass mofo I am now and told them were to go, then continued on my merry intuitive-led way! But in actual fact, I listened. I was willing to listen to people who I thought knew more than me, were definitely ahead of me with money and audience size etc, people who I had a level of belief in I suppose which SEEMED to surpass my own.

So, I did the damn thing.

ALL the damn things!

To scale … to be better … to be more professional. I hustled like a mofo and I SOLD like nobody’s business on sales calls all day err day.

I’ve always been great at sales (well, at anything!) when I decide to be.

And? It worked. I went from 35k months (which I’d got to, consistently, selling ONLY $99 and under info products, all just ‘making shit up and throwing it at the internet’, I’d never even heard of strategy for this stuff) … to having my first 50k month, then 72k, and so on.


Except –

Soul dying.
And crying.

It just felt … wrong. Against my values or something, you know? But more than that, it felt like bullshit! I remember thinking – ‘I just don’t think it has to be like this! I don’t believe I HAVE to do it this way / put this amount of time in to the selling bit / sell shit that is not my TRUE soul work’.

But everyone ahead of me – lots of people I looked up to – those who were ‘qualified’ to know what it takes to make 7 or multiple 7-figures since they were in fact making it, told me I was wrong.

What’s a purpose-driven rebelpreneur to do?! Well, you know how it turns out, don’t you? Even though I was wracked with insecurities which led me to drag the whole thing out more than I otherwise would have, eventually I WOKE THE FUCK UP.

My whole entire LIFE, anytime I had really DECIDED I would achieve or have or become something, it had happened.

MANY times said accomplishment had been something I’d been told was impossible, unheard of, not how it works, just not ‘done’.

MANY times I had listened listened listened and then eventually, every time, DONE WHAT I WANTED ANYWAY. Done what I was being led to, from soul, really!

So, I did the same thing here.

I said a big THANK YOU BUT NO THANKYOU (aka fuck this shit!) to ALL of the stuff in online biz which was not lighting me up.

I walked away away from a ‘certain’ million dollar biz, which I’d pretty much hit by that time, to … nothing.

The great unknown.

Laying myself on the line with the apparently deluded belief that I could make MY millions just by writing and speaking and unleashing my crazy on the internet and then selling whatever the fuck I wanted off the back of that.

They told me it wouldn’t work.

Every ‘guru’ said you can’t REALLY make money following purpose and passion.

My SOUL said –

They’re wrong.
If you back yourself you KNOW you’ll do it.
And you’re literally the most bloody-minded person in the world once you make up your mind on something, so really – you either ARE gonna do it, or you’ll die trying!

I decided I was willing to die trying.

I decided I was willing to give my life for doing what I believed I was born for.

And I decided that fuck EVERYONE, I was also gonna make millions and impact millions doing it, even though it was ‘impossible, unheard of, whatever’.

Oh, and I ALSO decided that how this whole shindig was gonna work was it was going to be on MY terms. I was not going to compromise my health, my fitness, my social time, my play time, I wasn’t going to compromise ANYTHING I didn’t wanna compromise!

It’s funny, ’cause I DID compromise sleep – a lot! But that didn’t bother me, I enjoyed the late night hustle, I thrived on it, and I never once felt I was giving up something I didn’t want to give up.


I NEVER gave up anything I didn’t want to give up to get to where I am. In fact, just so we’re clear that no, you don’t need to compromise sleep (as a specific example) to make a lot of money, when I DID compromise sleep was when I was in the not-soul-aligned bit, trying to do what the gurus told me to do!

Fast forward not EVEN a year after I said ‘fuck this shit’ and walked away from all of it and into the great unknown, I was making more money than I ever had and sleeping a definite 8 hours a night, plus daily naps! So there! Haha.

I’d gone from leaving it ALL behind, not knowing how I was even going to survive, but FULLY committing to showing up for my true writing, speaking, art, to receiving FLOW like nobody’s business. It’s what happens when you go all in on you – AND do the work to match that.

I’d bounced back up to a 50k month within 6 months of burning the whole thing to the ground, 8 months after I was at 80k, and 10 months after was my first 100k month. November 2014 I believe, or maybe December. Since then I’ve continued to climb, and I’ve also continued to sleep, but more relevantly … I’ve continued to DO WHAT MY SOUL SAYS TO DO, and refused to compromise my integrity or values.

Here’s the thing –

I got mildly triggered just now (and am happy about that, not least ’cause it led to this lil outpour!) on Instagram by a post saying I have to choose between 8-figures and 8 hours sleep.

I felt – “fuck you! I do not!”. It felt like when people said I’ll never get my body back after a baby … or, when I then DID (duh) they said ‘well wait till you have a second!’ … #facepalm, have you even met me bitch? I ALWAYS get what I decide.

AND it felt like when the gurus told me I can’t hit a million, let alone multi-7-figs by just being me, doing what I love, following purpose. Well, THAT ship has sailed and kept on sailing nicely thank you very much! I’ve been doing that for years now, only getting better and more flow and ease each year as well! Also selling even up to 100k price point with no sales calls I might add; I haven’t done one in years!

But I also felt like – eek! What if it’s true? What if I DO have to return to the crazy hustle hours to hit 8-figures?!

And then, instantly, of COURSE, ‘eek’ was replaced with BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH CAN YOU EVEN HEAR YOURSELF KAT?!


As IF I will EVER have to compromise anything to get to where I want to go. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll ‘go without’ MANY things, and I’ll also show up, do the work, do what others won’t in so many different ways it’d make your head spin. DAILY.

I am NOT suggesting you can ‘have it all’ by sitting on your ass and doing fuck all.

I definitely did, do, will always do, the damn work. I LOVE the work, I’d do it for the rest of my days for free if I couldn’t monetize it!

What I AM suggesting is – firstly, quantum reality is real. Infinite possibility ALREADY exists in the now. So, if you see or even feel the VIBE of a different way … even one that’s apparently impossible … that means it’s real, available, available for you, and indeed it is a DIRECT SOUL COMMAND.

Helllllooooooo – everything never done before had to be done a first time by SOMEONE!

Secondly what I’m suggesting is – if nobody was there to tell you how or what you can or can’t do something, WHAT WOULD YOU JUST SET YOUR SIGHTS ON AND BELIEVE?

Thirdly – d’ya or don’tcha believe in magic, ’cause life is hella easier and more fun when you just decide to manifest time and shit.

Fourth – what you expect will be true, period, the end. You expect to sacrifice sleep, or family time, or fitness time, or play time, to get to where you wanna go, you will. So, be my guest, it’s your choice.

I choose not to sacrifice things I desire or value. I opted out of that a long while back. I’ve found it to be a useful life strategy …

Finally, as to how I built this damn empire, went against ALL the rules and shoulds, did the ‘impossible’, and also SURPASSED most of the people telling me I couldn’t in terms of income and audience size etc … not that that really matters, but STILL πŸ˜‰ …


I PRODUCED CONTENT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER. (’cause that’s what my soul wanted to do!!)


I DROPPED THE IDEA (well, never had it in the first place, somebody gave it to me midway so I handballed it back) THAT LAUNCHING SELLING MARKETING HAD TO BE SCARY, TIME-CONSUMING, A DRAIN.

I REMOVED ALL OBSTACLES TO SUCCESS, AND I CONTINUE TO DO SO. A big one is the voices of people who say shit your soul does not care to want to believe! But also, I just stopped doing pretty much any SO-called biz building activities and JUST did content.





Oh, and I kept on sleeping basically whenever I felt like it πŸ™‚

In fact a huge ‘secret’ to my success across so many areas of my life is – I just DO WHAT I FEEL LIKE, always, in all areas. But the ‘catch’ is – from higher self, not reactive ‘in the moment’ resistance-filled self.


There ya go.

Just a few words which came to mind after I jumped on Instagram before opening up my writing app today!!

But here is what I DID actually come on here to write about today, and of course it’s so deeply aligned to this message which has just come through –

I’ve had a new download.

It came to me yesterday, right after (of course!) my team and I finished putting together a new sales page for an offer I THOUGHT I’d let you at today! My brother, Katrina Ruth Show COO Ash, just needed me to get back to him on one or two things and then we were ready!

Well –

I journaled a couple interesting little points in the afternoon yesterday … kept trying to pull away from it, for some reason! Prob ’cause I knew we HAD a damn offer! But, it just kept coming out –

“Affirmation: I create to create. I create what I must, and what is coming out of me

ooohhhh … a course on this … people need a course on this!

Million Dollar Creator

Million Dollar Content Machine

The Multi 7-Figure Content Machine Formula

The Multi 7-Figure Content Creator

Million Dollar Content Machine

Million Dollar Content Creator


I let it go.

Responsibly ignored my brother’s messages all night.

Watched LaLaLand with our sis Jessa (The Katrina Ruth Show Growth Ninja!).

Ate many peanut M&Ms. (poor life choice, intolerant to peanuts!)

It did not go away.

Don’t you love when an idea just DEMANDS it be brought to life?!

I guess what I’m trying to say is –

MILLION DOLLAR CONTENT CREATOR is officially open for registration!

This is the first time I have ever gone deep into the inner game as well as the day to day process around being a CONTENT MACHINE WHO SHOWS UP FROM PURPOSE AND MAKES MILLIONS, DOING WHAT THE LOVE AND ON THEIR TERMS!

Tagline? Could be that –


Bit long πŸ™‚ we’ll let that one simmer for a bit!

I’ll write up more about this later today or tomorrow, but you know … it’s not as though you’ll likely read it all anyway!

What I DO know already is this –

* This course is demanding to come out. It’s TIME. It’s also quite bizarre I’ve never ever thought to do this before, considering it’s literally how I’ve built this whole damn emprie!

* I will teach you how to create, launch and sell (ONLY from flow) low-ticket right through to high-ticket, all simply based on your message, soul truth, crazy being unleashed

* I’ll also teach time manifestation / expansion, exactly what you need to DO each day as far as both the content but also how best to leverage that shit … and exactly how to DO it (aka access the true soul message which people RESPOND to)

* I’ll show you how I ‘do it all’ and still have so much free time and space. What to ignore / pay no mind to. What to delegate, also how to find soulmate peeps to support you and delegate TO. I will save you SO much time by showing you all the shit (and there’s a lot!) which you REALLY don’t need to do to make it in this industry.

* I’ll teach you my BEST mindset tricks on staying laser focused to YOUR truth, having your blinders on, accessing higher self, spirit, source, the BLUEPRINT, and then rolling that shit out like a pro

* Branding, the Kat way. Meaning – lighting a fire in the asses of your soul peeps where they then can’t say no to you and wouldn’t WANNA, all the while conveniently pissing everyone else off … okay, nicely moving them along πŸ˜‰

* How to automate the shiz-niz out of all of this AS YOU GO – reverse engineering of funnels, automated income streams, marketing that works FOR you … while you sleeping πŸ™‚ … I’ve always done all this stuff backwards to everyone, and that’s why it is so quick and easy for me, and it’s also why I built the biz to millions FIRST. Cause I did what really moved the needle first.

* Calling in your soulmate peeps – from followers to low-ticket spenders to your inner circle badasses!

* Creating ‘hell yes no brainer offers which make them scream yes!’

* My launch ‘formula’, exactly how I roll shit out, including my sales page formula, sales email and social media process, etc

* ‘Swipes’ of some of my highest converting from flow sales emails, pages, launches, so you can literally absorb that shit and spit it out from YOUR soul!

>> BONUS <<<

Because I don’t have a fancy pants sales page yet AND I expect I’ll prob add some more deets over the next day, I want to give you a ‘hell yes no brainer offer to make you scream yes’ NOW, which is that if you sign up now I’ll not only get you into the FB group and available for bonus asskickery right away, but I’m also going to run a bonus ‘MULTI-7-FIGURE SALES SECRETS’ training THIS WEEKEND.

In this bonus training I will share:

– The different approaches I’ve found to work for different offers (i.e. low vs high-ticket / live vs online etc)
– How to always price right
– Launch duration
– Sales hacks which I actually use (a few specific things which I suppose are salesy … but come from absolute flow and ALWAYS guarantee extra sales!)
– How we started consistently increasing conversions by approx. 30%, sometimes up to 80%, on ALL launches!
– ALL your questions answered!

I’M FEELING IT! Are you?! Haha, I love when I say I have no details yet then it all just pops out!

Start date of Million Dollar Content Creator: NEW YEARS EVE BABY. Why TF not? December 31, US time. Don’t worry, we keep it low-key for Day 1 and 2 and then we gonna go NUTS.

How it will work:

Weekly DEEP dive on one of the areas listed above (or whatever else needs to come through). Day to day additional all new trainings, audios, worksheets, BONUS resources and tools from my previous best-selling programs also!

Weekly Q&A with me as well! And of course the FB group for the daily asskickery and alignment.

How long it goes for:

Till we is done. My feel is 3-4 weeks, plus several additional weeks in the group for implementation. And additional asskicking / feedback.

SAY HELL YES Regular, here (payment plan avail!):

GO VIP AS A MOFO, here (payment plan also avail!):

VIP is only double the investment but it is 10x the value and beyond! Depending on how much you value me READING YOUR DAMN SOUL – well, getting YOU to read it clearly and access truth is a big part of THAT! – and kicking yo butt on exactly what your soul blueprint IS!

In other words, you get a 1:1 with meeeee!

Oh, and just casually, as a VIP you will ALSO receive an entire $999 program which SO damn perfectly supplements this, my 30-Day Home Study Multi-7-Figure Mindset Formula. SO DAMN GOOD this is!

How to THINK your way rich, hot, ALL the way to the top, and PRECISELY on your terms, by doing the work you were born to do, which only you can do, and completely the way you WANT to do it.

AND you’ll receive 7 days of unlimited messenger follow up. I love to go super VIP with my VIPs!


There you go.

Sleep as much as you want, do what you want, honour your fucking soul, and be a content creator who makes millions on your terms CAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU WERE BORN FOR BABY.

And that’s all there is to say about that!

See you IN –


You know it’s who you are. πŸ™‚



PS Making your million(s) already but want that SUPERflow and purpose and ease? You KNOW this is where it goes next level!

PPS Haven’t even started or barely begun and wonder if it’s for you? Fuck yes, are you crazy! This is where you cut out the first 4-5 years of worrying what you should do or wasting time and money and just get to the bit that WORKS!

PPPS Deeply suspect there is a way which gets to be ONLY from soul and intuition and just for YOU, but still haven’t found it?? YOUR MILLION DOLLAR IDEA IS YOU. Let’s get goin’ with that.



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