Clawing Your Way to the Top? What to Do When Your Income Disappears, Your Leads are Cold, Your Clients Suck Balls and No Matter How Hard You Try, You Just Can’t Breakthrough!

Did you know that every single successful woman out there, before she REALLY hit the “big-time” (and you know I mean the REAL big-time, where it actually also FEELS good), went through a period of complete and utter CRAP in her business if not also her life?

I promise you for a CERT, that the women you look to as so damn successful, having it all together, couldn’t POSSIBLY understand what you’re going through and who you also long to in some way BE like, have all gone through this rite of passage.

In fact, a simple rule of thumb is that the MORE you relate to someone who you look up to, and see something of yourself in them, the more likely that the shit you’re going through right now? They’ve been there, done that, and did NOT get the t-shirt.

After all, who’d want a reminder of a time when you seriously thought you had broken your entire business, when money that had STARTED to flow so damn well suddenly dried up, when leads got colder than ice and even your CURRENT clients suddenly started morphing into evil harridens sent to earth to make your life hell.

Yep, I’ve been there too and I’ve returned from the brink in a blaze of glory (EVENTUALLY!) but I’ve also returned with a message –

You are NOT alone.

And this is abso-freaking-lutely NOT your fault.

But I don’t just have a message of reassurance, and some nice words to comfort you, I have a message of TRUTH for you right now, and that is this:

What you’re going through? It’s actually ESSENTIAL to you reaching your TRUE success, and what’s more it’s a sign that you are JUST ABOUT TO PREVAIL.

Let me take a guess, or three.

This time 3 months ago, 6 months ago, maybe even as far back as a year ago although probably less than that, you were flying!

You’d finally figured out the road to riches, and money that had been so hard to come by for so long had started to seriously FLOW!

You had seen the future and it was GREEN and GOLD and filled with first class travel, a first class life, living the dream in fact!

Your stuff was selling, you had the Midas touch, you were so damn in the zone that it was pretty much assured you’d never get out of the zone!

You were learning from GREAT coaches and leaders, people who were helping you to grow, to finally GET online sales and marketing, to help you be more like them and rule the WORLD!

You were, quite simply, a winner, a success, DOMINATING, and downright UNSTOPPABLE!

And you were about to be stopped.

In fact if your story is similar to mine in any way, or to the many THOUSANDS of driven kickass now TRULY “killing it” women entrepreneurs out there who have gone through what you’re going through, then you were about to be stopped with a VERY bumpy landing.

Tell me if any of the following relates at ALL –

It crept up on you at first, you didn’t really notice, but then all of a sudden, like a slap in the face you suddenly realised in horror and genuine heart-gripping fear –

It’s stopped working.

The money that had been coming in so NATURALLY has just started to dry up. More. And more. And more.

The endless stream of qualified leads has trickled away to a mere drizzle and they seem to be largely whinging moany people who no way would you WANT to work with even if they WERE prepared to invest in themselves.

Worse still, you know that if by some miracle they DID decide to do the work you were in no position to say no!

Where only what seemed like weeks earlier you were waking up raring to go, excited about everything you were doing, feeling like the Queen of the world, and just so damn motivated, now EVERYTHING seems like horrible horrible torture and you just can’t figure out why it was SO damn hard.

Your current clients are doing your head in, you seem to be spending ALL your time on trying to hustle and sell, you’ve COMPLETELY forgotten that you got into this whole game to HELP people, to CREATE, and to SERVE, you can’t remember the last time you had sex or saw a movie or just SAT, random annoying shit or worse still BAD shit just keeps happening in your personal life, bills seem to be breeding sneakily amongst themselves and coming out of nowhere, your coach just doesn’t GET you and you’re wondering why you EVER looked at their lifestyle with a desire to emulate it, you’re snapping at your kids, your partner, blaming the world and HATING the world but most of all blaming YOURSELF because deep deep down where right now you don’t even know HOW to look you know that you got yourself into this mess and that you CAN get yourself out of it but for some reason you just CAN’T!

And the truth is, if you’re really honest with yourself, you’re so damn OVER it, over ALL of it.

This isn’t what you really wanted to do anyway, not this way!

You don’t LIKE hustling all the time.

You don’t like constantly focusing on SALES, and MONEY, and how many god damn LEADS you have.

You don’t LIKE that it’s all about how to charge more, to more people, faster.

And you sure as shit don’t like who you’ve become and how it’s showing up in your relationships, your downtime, your simple right to enjoy your life and be YOU.

And you’re starting to wonder –

“If THIS is the path to a million dollar business, then maybe it’s NOT for me”

And you’re asking yourself –

“Is ANY of this letting me really be ME?”

And you’re asking so DESPERATELY –

“When am I going to get to do what I REALLY want to do?”

And deep deep within, there’s a little voice that started out softly at first, but yet firmly, then a little louder, and now it is SCREAMING at you and telling you –

This is NOT how it’s supposed to be!

You DON’T have to sell your soul for wealth!

You don’t have to become a bloody SALES QUEEN when you were born to be a creator, a leader, to change the WORLD.

You don’t change the world while clinging desperately to the phone and repeatedly refreshing your emails to see if any new Strategy Sess applications have come in lovely.

Just a tip.

And now there is this –

It’s smackdown time.


You KNOW in your heart of hearts what you were born for, why you are here and how it is REALLY SUPPOSED TO LOOK.

You know that you got CAUGHT UP in success on OTHER PEOPLE’S TERMS (people who probably are ALSO just caught up by the way!) and you can’t blame yourself for going along with it because it really DID look like the dream, but if you KEEP going along with it now that you know?

You’re downright stupid.

And you know that too.

So wake up sister!


You are here to kick BUTT in your business and life.

You believe in living on YOUR terms, and you teach your clients and readers about it so why in God’s good name are you not doing it in your right NOW life?

What do you REALLY want to do?

Who for?

And (magic question!) HOW?

Seriously, what is the ACTUAL FREAKING DREAM HERE?

Yeah yeah, million dollar business, that’s cool. There’s a gajillion ways to a million and don’t try to tell me for a second you don’t know that TOO, but tell me this –

What is the actual everyday life you want to be living?

And just how far from it have you drifted?

Do you seriously see yourself as someone who wants to live even one more SECOND working with clients she doesn’t LOVE, selling programs that aren’t COMPLETELY aligned, following a sales and marketing STRATEGY that doesn’t actually feel natural, good, and easy?

Do you seriously believe you CAN’T do it that way?

You can!

So here’s the thing.

The awful but also really quite wonderful thing about the shit storm that is your life right now.

Firstly. Yes. You did get yourself into this mess, which is cool really, because it means you can get yourself out of it.

Secondly. And I say this from personal experience but also from seeing it in the lives of SO many of my kickass entrepreneur friends and clients. Where you are now? Is where you had to end up if you were ever going to start fighting for what you really want.

Because let’s be honest now –

It was never really aligned anyway, was it?

Even when it was working, it wasn’t REALLY working, not in the sense of how you truly want to live, who you want to be, and who you already ARE.

You were kidding yourself, swept up on a wave of money and adulation, believing the whispered lies that told you that this is what success looks like, when deep down you ALWAYS knew that no.

It can be more.

And better.

It can, quite simply, be RIGHT.

But imagine –

Imagine if the money just kept flowing, climbing, growing.

If the leads kept coming in.

If it all just kept WORKING?

Would you have had the guts to walk away from all of that, to turn your back and say NO just because it doesn’t FEEL right?

You don’t have to answer that, but I will ask you to answer that –

You can see, can’t you, how reaching a point of DESPERATION and near total BREAKDOWN is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEEDED and also something you will FOREVER be grateful to have gone through.

Can you see that?

You can admit it grudgingly if you like, because if you ARE still in the thick of it then I know it doesn’t feel that way.

And if you ARE still caught up, so damn trapped, and only just manage to even FEEL the idea of seeing that glimpse of light you so desperately need to see right now, LET ME BE YOUR LIGHT.

Because I am here to tell you –

I’ve walked in your shoes.

I know how awful it is, how awful you FEEL.

I know how damn HARD it is to get up every day and keep taking action because deep down you DO believe in having it all, on your terms, but right now you just really freaking need a break, and you’re starting to wonder –

When is it coming?

And your mind is screaming –


I NEED that breakthrough!

I’m DOING the work!

I’m FACING my demons!

I am freaking well READY so please, PLEASE, end this now because I just don’t know how much longer I can take it.

And as your light, I have to tell you –

Harden the f^&k up Warrior Princess.

You CAN damn well take it.

What’s more, you WILL take it.

You will grit your teeth and square your shoulders and look the beast that is what you’ve made of your business and yourself in the eye and you will move INTO the fire not away from it, because the FIRE, the TORMENT, the FIGHT is the WAY.

It’s the way.

You CAN’T go over it.

You can’t go AROUND it.

You can’t go UNDER it.

And you sure as shit can’t HIDE from it.


And you CAN.

And you KNOW THAT.

So the only question that remains, really, is –

Is it going to be NOW, or are you going to keep on fighting desperately to bring back to life a monster that ensnared you, trapped you, stopped you from BEING you?



Having it ALL is about the ALIGNMENT and the GETTING TO BE YOU and the GETTING TO DO IT YOUR WAY NO MATTER HOW ANYONE ELSE IS DOING IT and it’s about working with who you ADORE, and having FUN, and being damn HONEST not just with yourself but with the world, about what you THINK, and what you STAND for, and what you INSIST UPON and MOST of all of course it is about actually then going out and LIVING ALL OF THAT.


Because seriously? Do you really WANT things to go back to when they were “working”, THAT way?

Or are you ready for a NEW kind of success?

Are you ready to actually become the ONE DAY YOU NOW?

[pq]Are you ready to MAKE the rules and to actually FEEL your way into wealth, glory, the business, the life, the lifestyle and the YOU that you damn well KNOW you can have? [/pq]


Are you?

You need to stop focusing so much on what’s going wrong, what went wrong.

Forget it all, wipe your hands of it, just let it go.

IT NEVER REALLY MATTERED ANYWAY, but here’s what does:

START focusing on going right.

Start going to bed each day PROUD of the work you did, the day you lived.

Get back to CREATING.

Get back to SERVICE.


Just wake up every day, do you, and do it damn well.

And I PROMISE YOU, that a month from now, 6 months from now, a year from now, you’ll experience this incredible RUSH of absolute awe and thankfulness that you went through that shit.

And you’ll want to cry as you realise that now – NOW – you are living the dream that is YOUR dream.

That when it FELT too good to be true it was because it simply wasn’t good ENOUGH to be true, and that now that you’re REALLY there?

How on EARTH did you think you were flying, winning, on path even for a MOMENT before.

There’s something so damn true that nobody really tells you about success –

Whatever your dream, your true success and what you were born for is, somewhere out there in the world is a photocopy version of it. It’s similar. It feels very close. It LOOKS the same. And it is so SO much easier to come by when following the path to success, because all it really depends upon is doing the OUTER work.

And many MANY ‘successful’ people get there, and it feels –

Not bad.

And okay.

And you can make a lot of money that way.

And you can live well.

And it will be easy to justify why you didn’t do the things you really wanted to do, because you got this and hey! You can’t complain.

But somewhere out there, is the REAL dream.

The one where you get to do things EXACTLY your way.

One HUNDRED percent on your terms.

And you get to be YOU.

And yes the MONEY flows but also so does the joy, and the ALIGNMENT, and the deep deep truth that this, THIS IS HOW IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.

Most people will stop with the first version of success, because it’s close enough to confuse them or because they’re not STRONG ENOUGH to walk away from it or because nothing MADE THEM.

So be grateful.

Be so damn grateful that you’re being given a chance to escape.

You only get one life.

It’s happening right NOW, all around you.

And you’re either living the LIFE YOU WERE BORN FOR or you’re chasing shadows and mirrors.

And whichever it is, you already know it AND you know what you have to do.

So walk away.

Or walk forward.

Go THROUGH the fire.

Do what it TAKES.

BELIEVE you can have it all and then get the F^&K off your ass and go on out there and GET it all.

Your way beautiful. Only, always, YOUR way.


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  1. Gina Palha says:

    OMG, this is so spot on, so real. These are the real words + the real life + what’s really going on in our life and our mind. Honestly I do believe that you read minds.
    Again, it’s always inspiring to read what you right!

  2. Gina Palha says:

    I meant write 😉 Typing with a baby on your lap is hard 🙂