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I just had my first wedding dress appointment

I have (had) 5 of them lined up over the coming days, and while a part of me thinks I should follow through and go to them, after what I just experienced –


You know when you meet someone who is a true natural visionary?  And that someone also happens to be living in their genius zone and creating from that place? And you get to actually watch them not only BE in said genius zone, but also enter into it? Like … you literally watch.the.drop, and then get caught up in it too, like a whirling swirling glorious mess of what the FUCK-ery?



EXTRAORDINARY doesn’t even half cut it. Extraordinary. Incredible. Startling. Soul-shaking. Other worldly. Hilarious. Amazing. Wondrous. ART.

I live and breathe for art. For feeling it come through me, for knowing I am saying yes to it, and just as much so, for watching it come through others. That eyes wide open physical and energetic expansion which literally takes place RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. As you watch the person grow,


become MORE of them.

Become all of them.

It is EASILY just as compelling to observe in others as it is to enjoy within yourself, because you are receiving and becoming just by being in the PRESENCE of this person as they become.

You can then take that baton,

and run with it.

And you will; you can’t NOT!

This is EXACTLY. Exactly exactly exactly the reason people love to pay me, on repeat, just to be in my space. Those who are not one of us will never get this. They turn their nose up at the idea of people paying just to be in someone’s energy.

Those of us who know … well we know. And there’s nothing else to say about that.

Except for this:

we’d have to be even freaking crazier than we think (and not the good kind) if we were to ever ever EVER ever ever hire anybody who is not exactly this kind of crazy.



Slightly manic when taken over.

ALLOWS THEMSELVES TO BE TAKEN OVER, and does not create from do, or how, or ‘this is how it is’.

Because THIS is how it is, for us:


I spent 90 minutes with this woman this morning, thinking at the start I was going to talk dress design, ideas, timeframes (short!), body shape options, etc. All of which we did. NONE of which explains what actually happened.

Just like, when my clients work with me yes, we talk strategy. Sales. Plans. Ideas. Marketing flow. Possibility. Growth. Money. Whatever. NONE of which explains what actually happens, and why people ‘become’ simply from being in my space.



It’s funny … not funny … how, as I walked in to the bridal fitting this morning I felt – nothing much. I expected … nothing in particular. I looked at the dresses in display and had only vague observations.

But yet I walked out caught up in a supernatural whirring of creative genius and flow. After just a little back and forth and a few sparks of inspiration, I watched one ‘catch’ and then I WATCHED this woman, this amazing couture designer, fill up with ideas, transmissions, downloads for me right in front of me. They were coming through her so fast that not only was she getting giddy and almost unable to keep up with them as they came out of her, but I was giddy as well! Laughing at one point, in awe in the next, BLOWN AWAY the next still with what came through her. Something I have never even HEARD of in a dress! Something 100%,

and fully


“YOU are a creative genius!”, I said to her. Both of us eyes wide open and goosebumps and breathless.

“Sorry I’ve got both the fan and the aircon on”, she said (not in direct response to the previous haha), “I just get so WARM in here!”

“Yes”, I said. “Because you’re … ” and I pointed to my head. Transmitting.

Here’s the thing.

Not only am I going to have the most holy shit wedding gown that could EVER exist for me (SO EXCITED!) but I walked out of that place ACTIVATED.

Eyes wide open.

Slightly breathless.

Lit from the inside out.

And a little shook.

HER energetic transmission spilled over to me.

Am I gonna now go learn strategy and ‘how’ on becoming a wedding designer, because I was so moved by how she does her art?? Um … no. lol. What an idea!

But yet you think that because someone you want to be in the space of wakes and shakes you, you should then go learn what they do,

how they do it,

and follow it!

That makes no sense, and it’s NOT why you are drawn to that person.

You’re drawn because they operate in THEIR creative genius, and it activates YOU. You are drawn because your soul is drinking from the firehose of THEIRS, and so you remember to become,

what you always were.

I’m a switch flicker.

I activate you.


Come into my space and you will just BECOME.

The people who I most receive from?

I go into their space and then I just BECOME.

The people I lose my way with, go OFF path of my flow?

I go into their space to try and figure out how they did it, what the steps were.

^ I don’t do that anymore.

Do you?

My recommendation:


The ones who leave you giddy and giggly and wondering what TF just happened.

As you finally wake up.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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