It’s all.flowing.FROM.you (so why not just choose?)

What would you be doing if you had enough time to pause? Stop? And KNOW the money is coming in? Know the OUTCOMES you’re working for, working so hard towards, are actually DONE?



Who would you be and what would it instantaneously be about for you, if the scrabbling frantic vigilant vibes were just – poof.


As thought they never were …

And all of a sudden you’d just come to a stop in this place, THIS place, of incredible peace,



and flow?

Imagine …

You’re here. Now. In a world, a place, a space, where the OVERFLOW of money is so ‘of course’ that it’s weird to even be having a conversation about it. Why would we speak of something so obvious, so automatic, so natural of an outcome of you just BEING?

Think of the number, if you’d like. Hold it in your mind.



It’s literally not something you need to think about, concern yourself with, and certainly not something you need to hold ON to, in case, if you don’t personally physically hold the ENTIRE freakin’ world up relevant to this, it will ALL FALL ON YOUR HEAD AND THEN YOU’LL DIE AND ON TOP OF IT NAKED PHOTOS OF YOU WILL BE DISTRIBUTED ALL OVER THE PLACE AND EVERYONE WILL KNOW EVERYTHING.


(I know some of you would be fine with that last bit haha).


What else?

You’re in this place of ABSOLUTE trust, flow, receiving, yes, and?

It is also a place where you JUST woke up and realised that huh! There’s ACTUALLY nothing I gotta do here! I am just … on top of things. AMAZING.

What an exhale! What an inhale! What an inhale exhale on REPEAT!

You have … space. SpaciousNESS.


GAPS of time. Big ‘uns.

And now … WOW. You can see. All around. The richness and fullness and full colour FUCK yes of this world you live in, and how it’s all just there –

like a glorious buffet of WONDERFUl options –

for you to choose from!

No rush. No push. No need. Just –


So … what do you feel like? What do you wanna do now? Is there something softly brewing within you to create, to make, to let through, to let bubble up? I thought there might be!

Hm, maybe you start doing that. Maybe not. Maybe there’s a nap to be had first. A glorious conversation. Some ideas to ponder. Some dreaming to be had! Or a long margarita-fuelled lunch.

It doesn’t matter … you have ALL the time … you ARE the time. YOU choose the beat of this thing. It all.flows.from.you.

And babe –

if you snap now back to wherever you were BEFORE reading this for a moment, open your eyes, look at me straight, can’t you see?

It was ALL.FLOWING.FROM.YOU. anyway!

YOU have created this flow. This urgency. This never QUITE being there. This fear of not being enough, or doing enough. This lack of time. This head not FULLY above water thang. YOU created this flow!

YOU have carried the story that increasing your income, your impact, your joy, your spaciousness, requires you to work more! Or do more! Or be more clever, or wily! Or figure some magic motherfucking thing out! YOU did this.

So …

what if you now just DIDN’T do this anymore, this way?

What if you stopped? Snapped your eyes OH so wide open?

And decided:


And now?

I motherfucking CHOOSE my outcomes. Money. Ideal clients. FULL creative outpouring. Directing said creative flow in to the projects I actually WANT to bring to life, and previously dreamt of ONE day being good enough for. TIME. Spaciousness. Relaxedness. NOW.

And then?

What if you just did.