It’s not actually your job to worry whether or not people can afford you.

It’s not really any of your business to decide if they can.

Who exactly appointed you as God of somebody else’s abilities, desires, needs right now?

And are you actually suggesting that, when life becomes less stable or certain than normal, the way you should respond is to ALSO get more unstable, and less certain?

How do you think that will help anybody?

Answer –

it won’t.

Not one little bit.

Nope, not at all.

“But Kat! Don’t you think now is a time to be sensitive to people’s needs, make some adjustments to help them out, perhaps put together some special cheapie stuff, drop down higher ticket offers and so on … you know … be KIND?”

Here’s the thing:

This is not about not being kind.
It’s also not about not having empathy.
It is absolutely not about ignoring the landscape of life right now!

You wanna put something cheap out? Make a bundle for free or to sell? Whip up some cool new on the house trainings for peeps? Put together something you’ve ‘never before done or offered’ for your high end peeps?

Cool … DO it!

Do it because it’s what flows out of you.
Do it because you can’t not.
Do it because it feels good, and exciting, and fun, and also, yes – NICE, to know you’re creating something badass that’s gonna help!

But isn’t that all the same reasons you take action ANYWAY?

Isn’t that what marketing is already about?!

What it’s not about, and what I absolutely do not recommend you NOW start to slippery-slide down down down into letting it BE about, is ADJUSTING BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU NEED TO ADJUST.

adjusting because of fear
– adjusting because of ‘what if’
– adjusting because you’re worried that people are not buying right now, or not buying high-ticket right now, or not buying in the same way as usual right now

The truth is – they may or may not be! But it is not YOUR job to decide that FOR them.


What about the people who actively still desire and also yep indeedy do have the money TO invest in you?

Right now, your next high ticket client who NEEDS YOU TO BE YOU may be watching you, ready and DESIRING to leap into their next step, and looking at that badass leader who they know is the person to hold them to their next level, and then …

That badass leader (you!) suddenly starts flip flopping all over the damn place like a fish that just went belly up on the sand!

Caving here and there and everywhere and doing random shit which clearly does NOT come from core, from backing themselves, or from being the leader who people actually need them to be!

The thing is –


They can TELL.

It is very very clear where you are coming from.

So yes –

Do the low cost or free offers if you’re actually called to!

But also YES –


at your usual price.

Just, whatever you do –

Get connected to YOU first.

Build your business and life on a foundation of TRUTH.

Take the time to plug in to certainty before you act!

And let’s be honest –

There’s nothing new about that 

So really??

Biz and life as usual.


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