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As a creator, your job as much as possible is to slip away from the physical, and into the other plane and place.

Your job is to enter into the crazy, the mad, the invisible, and to let whatever needs to, come back THROUGH you, from that place.

This is why, if you are also an entrepreneur (but, let’s be clear, NOT THAT FIRST and if so then I think you’ll find you are in the wrong place, being here), it is largely pointless to try and ‘do work’ for your success in the physical and it is also why it’s ineffective, and stupid, to do ART without first fully dropping in.

Art doesn’t come from thinking, in fact it doesn’t come at all until the thinking has stopped and the transmitting begun, the dance with higher self, soul, and the other-worldly the only thing you know now.

If you attempt to write,

Or speak,

Or in any way create a thing,

A thing which you hope will not only result in the rewards of these times, immediate engagement and love and follows and sales of your products, but also in fulfilment and satisfaction for YOU,

And you do so without first being FULLY dropped in,

Perhaps because you’re busy, or you’re distracted, or you feel an urgency or anxiety to get to ‘doing work’ and that it’s wasted time to daydream, to ponder, to wait, for the drop –

Or just because you don’t understand where the magic comes from and the ONLY way for you to create work which does what you know it can, and allows you to be who you know you must –

Then really, all you’re doing is churning out words on a page.

Or into the air.

You’re taking up space.

With your NON-art.

And it

It’s not satisfying.
It’s not rewarding.
It will NOT leave them breathless.
It will not leave them ANYTHING, because what the world does not need and indeed will do its best not to notice, and certainly not to engage with or ENCOURAGE, is more FILLER.

The problem is you’ve listened to the gurus who tell you to ‘create content!’, and ‘go live!’, and ‘show up all day every day!’, and ‘let your message be heard and seen!’, but you didn’t listen to what’s BENEATH that and HAS to come with it, in order for it to work.

Motherfucking SOUL, baby, it’s the only bit that matters.

Without it you can post post post all day all week all month all year, you can do the MOSTEST and you will, but worse –

You will still be EMPTY.


Angry, at yourself, because you know there is SO much more in there.

And sad.

Don’t you get it?

Your job, before you can POSSIBLY unleash, or teach, or create, is to be filled UP.

You have to go away.

To the place where you play.

With the things you can’t see.

And know nothing of.

And you have to be.filled.up.

Then? Do you come back and deliberately unleash, release, let it out of you? No! You FILL YOURSELF UP TO THE POINT WHERE IT HAS TO COME OUT, IT JUST STARTS BUBBLING OVER.

All YOU have to do, in the physical, for that to happen, is to make fucking space. And wait in that space. And STOP THE GOD DAMN THINKING.

“What should I write, or speak, or create, or sell, to hit my numbers, get a response, build my following, join it all together, and have it work?!”

Shut the fuck up!

You should have an INTENTION and a DECISION and a TRUST and a KNOWING that it will work. That these and all great and soul aligned and divined results will flow to you. That you are ABUNDANTLY taken care of, that money flows to you ALWAYS in a surplus, that the right people find and follow you, and so on.

But then you RELEASE that shit, right away, if not sooner.

You hand it over.

You SURRENDER it as ‘this or something better’.


The daily work.

Of not-thinking.

Of not-trying.

Of not-doing.

Of taking as much time and space as is needed, whilst ignoring your business, the people, the world, to slip slip slip away until you feel the switch, and then to STAY there –

Letting whatever must, pour forth FROM there –

Until it is done.

And until you come back.

Once back, by all means, you can busy yourself for a minute or two ‘doing the things’ of business.

You’ll find that the more you stay away, and let what must come through, the less things and eventually none there really are to DO which require thinking, planning, deliberate scheming.

You’ll find that they somehow just … did themselves. The world just … arranged itself. Things you thought were complex, and you had no idea how you could possibly figure them out … are just solved.

And the art?

Is the marketing is the branding is the selling is all of it, and it’s just done, FOR you.

And by you,

That other you.

In that other place.

Meanwhile, the work you CREATE there is so powerful, so mystical, so breathtaking, so TRUE, that for those who are meant to hear and see it, it is EVERYTHING.

They are shocked stilled stunned and so so SO very grateful.

Their numbers may be few,

But they are all who matter.

And all that is NEEDED, for you to achieve and call in and allow through everything YOU want in the physical, beyond the only thing you ACTUALLY care about, which is that you get to GO AWAY AND DO YOUR DAMN SOUL WORK, is for you to be willing to NOT-think, and to ONLY trust, and to BE DAILY IN THAT SPACE.


For the most part,

You continue to refuse to do this.

You worry about your marketing. Your lead gen. Your funnels. Your business systems, and what this or that or the other person is doing which YOU should be doing if you ever want to make it.

And you fail to make space for the magic.

You ‘get’ the surface concept of content, and so you diligently churn out some words.

Press ‘go live’.

‘Show up’.

You’re committed.

You’re consistent.

You’re DOING WHAT THEY SAID, so why isn’t it WORKING?!

And if you’re not careful, you will spend your days doing this. Being the person who did the most. And who everybody who mattered, your SOUL peeps, cared about the least.


You can continue to ‘do’ and to ‘work’ and to ‘build build build a business’ like all the other good little entrepreneurs.


Just like all the other good little entrepreneurs.


You can LEAVE the physical.


And you can stay the fuck away until it is time to come back.

Your choice.

And who dares, wins.




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