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I’ve been sick in Bali the last few days, nothing dramatic, probably just ate a salad I shouldn’t have. I’ve still been able to get out and about albeit a little less energetically … we are at ‘that’ point of the Bali trip now where it’s feeling like a lot of effort to go to yet another massage appointment … if you know Bali you know that is a thing! If you don’t, feel free to roll your eyes at me.

I love it here.
I’ve always loved it here.
This must be about my 50th trip to this island, and I spent most of 2015 living here as well, yet I am always taken aback afresh at how this beautiful place filled with beautiful people has the effect of STRIPPING me.

Stripping me of a weight I don’t realise I’m carrying.
Stripping me of rough edges and a GO mentality.
Stripping me of giving thought or focus or energy to many of the things which usually seem absolutely paramount –

or, if I drop in on that right now, more so just – automatically TAKE thought or focus or energy, you know?

Which is to say I allow it. It’s a pattern. A natural follow-on to ‘normal’ everyday life.

Something to think about, don’t you think? I wonder where right now in your regular day to day you are simply submitting to what requires pieces of you when in actual fact maybe,

it does not.

But what falls from me most of all when I am here, or any place which softens me and in which I enjoy a slower pace, is the thinking about how to do or move forward on or create or progress with a thing. And it’s not as though I would typically say I DO get myself caught up in the how. Heck, I’ve been teaching for nigh decades on the fact that there is no how!

And yet I still think.
Go back and forth oft more than is needed.
And all in all, direct a noticeable amount of ME into whether or how to do the thing, instead of simply –

doing the thing.

The truth about business about life about messaging about a walk of purpose about directing your energy, time, YOU into a thing is sometimes it really is just as simple as –

Just do the thing.

Write what comes out the way it comes out.
Say what needs saying the way you just say it.
Tell people about the thing.
Create the thing.
Move forward with the thing.
Looking always, of course, through a lens of what God is guiding you on as to the thing! But even with that – nope. Don’t gotta analyse it all day.

Maybe this was todays blog of profundity and insight, well considered to inspire or shift you.

Or maybe it was as simple as – I just did the thing.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Gorgeous one –

it’s the final day to join Warfare Prayer. Are you coming?

Day 1 was simply … incredible. I just showed up. God did the WHOLE thing.

The remainder of this (all new + live with Facebook group!) course will be exactly the same.

Day 2 is about to drop, so it’s a great time to join.

Your place here,

or get it included in my membership The Secret Garden,
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The place He made me for you.


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I love you and I’m praying for you!


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