I just got off a call with one of the most stone-cold badasses of the ‘net that I know, my Inner Circle client Jeanna Gabellini.

This woman is the Queen of just DECIDING shit gets to be easier, and then wham bam thank you Ma’am, it’s done, it shows up, next level is normalised, repeat! As it should be, and always gets to be! All YOU gotta do is just notice what you ‘wish’ were different, and then choose it now gets to be so.

One of the things I love about her, and about our calls, is that most of the time when she jumps on to speak with me she has no set agenda besides “just wanting some more magic”. Wanting? KNOWING it’s available, and deciding to put herself in the damn vibe of the thing! Yes yes, no need to say it, obviously speaking with me is part of being in the damn vibe of the thing. As she said herself at the start of the call – “I just wanna put myself in the KAT ENERGY!”

Haha. IT IS WHAT IT IS, my energy shifts people, I know some of you coachy peeps aren’t there can’t even with that concept, but deal with it!

I got those permission codes baybeeee. To quote another client of mine.

Anyway –

I was very happy that Jeanna asked for a spontaneous call, as I felt like I had nothing to blog about at all today and it seemed as though one of my clients should probably reach out to me for something so I could then be sparked to let the muse through which would then give me a blog idea.

Which is exactly what happened.

(She thought the call was her idea, obviously it was the idea of my muse).

And what our conversation boiled down to was this –

Life will ALWAYS accept the terms you offer.

Whatever it is you think you have to do in exchange for making money, signing up soulmate clients, receiving in a next level way, opening up access to creativity and magic and ease and flow, whatever, is exactly what you WILL end up doing.

Only thing is –

If you’re operating AWAY from soul, yes even if that means you’re putting in lots of effort and really that should GET you something, well –

You’re very unlikely to get the exact outcomes you want,

and maybe not at all.

So, if, as is the case for so many entrepreneurs and creators, you find that everything you want is always still somehow at arms length, you can’t seem to quite reach it or get there, or you manage to JUST but yet it comes at a cost, then chew on this:

The reason it’s not flowing easier is that YOU are not actually laying down the aligned terms of your soul in regards to what you’re prepared to provide or offer or give, and so therefore you are TRYING TO CALL THROUGH AN ALIGNED OUTCOME FROM A PLACE OF OPERATING OUT OF ALIGNMENT AND TRUST!


That is some serious shit you need to understand, don’t you think?!

In the end, you can ONLY actually access full receiving when what you ‘do’ or ‘give’ or ‘provide’ in exchange for it, is fully aligned!

And guess what it is you have to ‘do’?

Uhhhhh – nothing! Nothing nothing nothing, not for anything, not ever! Didn’t you read your damn quantum receiving notes? No? You didn’t get my course yet? Okay, listen up!

Receiving doesn’t depend on DOING. There IS no exchange that can be said to be required, approved as ‘enough’, and so on. I mean … who would even be in charge of deciding that shit, you know?! Who gets to decide?!

Well – YOU do.

And the way you decide is simple – what would you actually be doing if you were operating from full trust, full alignment, full pursuit of your own soul?

Then, when you link it back to the outcome you want, the question is simply – what would you ‘provide’ or ‘do’ in this area, if you were truly only doing what YOU WANT TO DO aka what your soul called you to do?

Apply this to how you do your high ticket mentoring (ever bit from the marketing to the selling to the delivery).

To how you create your lower cost offers and sell ’em.

To how you get the body results you want.

Have the relationship you want.

Have the life you want!


And now, know this –

ONLY when you commit to ONLY doing / offering / providing / giving what is actually aligned for you will you allow the heavens to open and the road to receiving to be revealed to you.

Do or give anything more BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD TO DO GET THAT RESULT, and you literally dial back receiving.

Crazy, huh?

So how do you know what is actually aligned?

– Because you thought of it
– Because it came to you in a vision or a dream or a whisper of something something through your mind
– Because it popped into your head while you were doing a poo, I don’t care!


Nothin’ else you need to know.


And life will say?


Yes, girl, YES, because life will ALWAYS agree on your terms.

That’s how the whole entire thing works.

Now here is what else. And something Jeanna and I spoke about today, and have a few times of late.

The ‘other side of the receiving coin’.

>> Whenever you say yes to soul, life says yes to you. <<

In a very real sense, this means you HELL yes should be digging in to discover what it is you actually WANT,

long for,

feel like ‘would just be kinda cool’, even though you ‘probably don’t need it’, and ‘maybe it would be extravagant or silly’,

and basically just everything you are shown,


Maybe a cool new property …

Maybe even just for fun … !

A new toy for the water or land …

Mentoring with ‘that’ person …

GIVING a fuckload of moolah wherever you were shown …

Doubling your tithe for the fun of it …

A diamond necklace!

A mattress filled with custard!

Investments into something crazy!

I dunno.

But your soul does.

And oh, no, it obviously doesn’t have to be about money, either. But it definitely doesn’t NOT have to be about money, y’know? YOU know.

Look, a lot of people will just never get what I just said, don’t want to, will be outraged by it, think it is reckless or wild or selfish advice, whatever.

Good luck to them.

They don’t understand about receiving.

And are not willing to open up to the REALITY that whatever you see inside of you is always available, and indeed always a responsibility to say yes to.

But you do gotta look for it, and in fact I recommend ACTIVELY doing so, asking yourself what else you’d be choosing RIGHT NOW if you knew you could have it all.

I’ve had a few of my Inner Circle private clients make lists around this recently and holy shit has their receiving gone next level just from laying down their CHOICES!

Look, either you believe abundance is infinite or no, yeah?? Might as well act it.

And might as well realise:

Making do was never meant to be the vibe.

God actually sent us here to rule the earth, yeah?

No, that doesn’t have to mean all the lavish luxe and indulgence. If you think I’m just talking material shiz you’re missing the whole entire point of everything. I’m talking about REPEATEDLY BEING IN A CONVERSATION WITH GOD AND SOUL TO SEE EVERYTHING THAT IS THERE FOR YOU,

in ALL the possible ways or categories,

and then saying yes to it,

as a rule,

because life will ALWAYS step up to the exact place you draw the line,

will ALWAYS accept your terms,

and also?

You’re being mofo irresponsible to not accept what is shown for you, and until you do you’re also cock blocking your ability to fully serve and give to others.

Which is just plain rude.