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Success Mindset


It’s not in integrity that you play small, and repeatedly refuse to take action on what’s inside of you.

What, you think that you should get some kind of award for not being too ‘full of yourself’, for being coy with life, for backing away from fame, impact, greatness?

That’s not how it works.

Maybe you are proud of yourself for not being so egotistical as to imagine that YOU should do something extraordinary with your life, be known in a big way, make millions and millions of dollars, be a LEADER, be somebody who others aspire to be like.

After all –

Who ARE you, indeed, to think that YOU could be so amazing, so badass, so rich, so FREE?

What makes YOU worthy of that?!

And so, you aim high – but not too high. Wouldn’t want to break away from the pack … it’s a good pack, after all! You ARE driving and succeeding and taking names … but, well, you know –

There are limits, right? To what’s reasonable to aim for? At least for right now!

Let’s just quietly push aside one of the REAL reasons you don’t NOW reach for the heights which you see inside of you, which is, that perhaps you’d end up all alone –

Floating away –

Like a cut-loose kite –

In the sky.

Maybe you’d completely lose control, and never come back down again!

But let’s put that aside, yes.

Pretend it’s not a thing, which causes you to shrink.

And let’s talk INTEGRITY, as well as EGO.

Let me tell you something about ego:

EGO ruling you, self-importance inflating you, is when you allow yourself to buy into the bullshit that YOU shouldn’t consider yourself good enough to live into your own power.

When you fail to go all in –

When you hide, and play small –

When you shy away from all that you KNOW you could be –

No, you don’t get a fucking award for not thinking too highly of yourself!

You get a smack in the face (with a cold fish, as my Dad would say!) for making your SELF more important than your MESSAGE, your calling, your soul work, your art.

Here is your ‘self’ –

And here is your ART –

When you don’t allow the latter to be all it was divined to be, to be unleashed OUT of you, from where (let’s face it) it’s KINDA TOXIFYING SHIT UP FROM BEING KEPT IN … hence sickness, anxiety, unrest, sadness, etcetera! …

Then you make the FORMER matter more.

“I” am more important than what’s inside of me, and so I won’t let what’s in me out, not fully, which is to say not at all.

“I” and my drama, my stories, my SMALLNESS, matter more than my message, my purpose, the thing which I am supposed to let from and THROUGH me.


And here you thought you were being a BETTER PERSON somehow, by not presenting your full power to the world, by dialling DOWN your light.


You can live your entire life, if you like, continuing to respond to the SELF.

“I” don’t feel like it.

“I” am scared!

“I” am not ready!

“I” don’t know how though!

“I” don’t feel safe, or validated, or enough!”

“I, I, I, I, I!”

Looks like some Roman numerals shit

When you think about it this way, it starts to feel a bit SQUIRMY, doesn’t it?

“Fuck me”, perhaps you’re thinking –

(or maybe it’s “fuck YOU, Kat”, but still you know I’m right!)

– I’ve been making it ALL ABOUT ME


I’ve been KILLING or at the very least slowly suffocating what’s inside of me.


(I’m sure you’re thinking!)

Well, maybe you’re not quite as carefree with the compliments as I am

Perhaps you have COMPASSION for the ‘you’ who thought she or he mattered more than what’s inside of you –

And which is the real you –


There’s a question!

But either way, right now –

Do you SEE how it’s not in integrity for you to keep on this way?

Do you see how out of alignment this is?

Do you see how freakin’ OBVIOUS it is, that if you got out of your own way, and just GAVE WHAT’S INSIDE OF YOU LIFE –

You’d be writing | speaking | creating | unleashing like a whirling DERVISH, and you’d be just EXPECTING the fame | impact | legacy | MONEY to show up.

It’s so crazy –

If you think about it –

Or even if you don’t!

How we make it SUCH A BIG DEAL.

Make millions?
Impact millions?
Be famous?
Go viral?

These things are NOT more special, nor are they any harder to ATTAIN, than the life you have right fucking now.

You can choose a life of sitting back and watching others rise, while you continue to show up just enough ahead of the norm that you are unarguably ‘successful’, but never so far ahead that it ACTUALLY MEETS WHATS INSIDE OF YOU –

And you can continue to tell yourself a BULLSHIT story that reaching further would be HARDER, or in some way threaten you, because WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU GOOD ENOUGH FOR THAT?

Or you can look around –

And realise that everything you already have and have achieved and created and become –


You’re ALREADY manifesting, all the time

And you’ve ALREADY created a life which less than 2% of people in the world even know is POSSIBLE, or believe could be


When you think that it would somehow be WRONG or BAD or SELF-SERVING or EGO-FUELLED of you to imagine you could BE ALL THAT’S INSIDE OF YOU

Allow me to remind you of something:


Your art came here to do great work in the world.


And decide –

Finally –

To get your damn ego out of the way, and be the damn VESSEL for this incredible thing the world is waiting on you to reveal.


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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