Success/Success Mindset


l…When you’re doing the work you are here to do, the energy is certain, it is clean, it is CRYSTAL, it is unfuckingshakeable, and you simply KNOW –

this is good.

Good, pah! This is GREAT, this is GOLD, this is exactly what it was always meant to be, there is no QUESTION that it’s precisely what the world wants and needs right now, and who am I to get in the way of the gift that what’s in me IS to the world?!

By contrast, when you’re operating against your own flow, pushing endlessly to TRY for a breakthrough (hint: breakthroughs are DECIDED, and surrendered to, not gifted off the back of weak try energy), fighting against what your soul knows to be true because admitting the truth is too SCARY,

you will feel endlessly uncertain
energy will be lacklustre at best, and drain QUICKLY anytime it does reach some sort of semi-flaccid peak (which is the best you’ll get)
everything will be bothersome
you will feel sad, drawn, depressed, and also worried, anxious, unsettled
you will work a LOT harder
but feel as though you got nothing done
never reach the point of release or fulfilment you seek
and then wake up and do it all over again, mainlining whatever socially acceptable drug you need to consume in order to prop yourself through another day in the pits of the hell you’ve chosen for yourself,
all the while making continual promises you’ve already broken to yourself which say that TODAY IS GOING TO BE MY DAY, NO REALLY!

And what you will know the entire time,

is this:

Stop.the.fucking.train and get OFF.

Heck, get off while it’s still going if need be. FLING YOURSELF AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM THAT TRY-TRAIN, and admit what you need to admit:

I don’t LIKE this.
This is no longer the THING.
This never WAS the thing!
I don’t WANT to have to ______ !
What I REALLY want is ______ !

And then?

Whaddya mean, ‘and then?’!

DECIDE, obviously.

It’s no longer a question of ‘can I get away with not doing that shit I don’t wanna do?’. It’s no longer a question of ‘could I possibly ever one day just _____ ?’.

It never WAS.

It’s only ever – and then you woke up and realised you CREATED all of this. And so if you don’t like it love it LIVE for it …

create something different.

Stop promoting yourself endlessly into a business and life which doesn’t activate your soul with certainty and fuck yes and THIS is the thing, now.

And realise that the whole entire time you had an INVITE waiting to ALLOW yourself to be the person you long to be.

Accept who she is.



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