Live Your Passion

Scattered? Multi-Passionate? Can’t Just DECIDE Already?!

Scattered? Multi-Passionate? Can’t Just DECIDE Already? Stop Trying to Fight It Honey!

So Richard Branson, this British dude you MIGHT have heard across, perhaps spent some money investing in from time to time, has started over 400 companies under the banner of The Virgin Group.

I have no idea how many of those 400 companies have been wild success stories, and I can’t be bothered looking it up, but just off the top of my head now I can name a bunch. And either way you look at it – the guy is worth approximately 4.9 billion dollars and seems to bounce around on a cloud of happiness and natural joie de vivre.

He seems to be doing okay.

But wait, hang on just a second! How CAN he be doing okay when his energy is so scattered, when he is quite literally here there and everywhere, when he clearly has multiple passions and not even that but they span multiple INDUSTRIES!

It’s just not ON, and I for one won’t stand for it! Aren’t we, as SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs supposed to focus on ONE thing? Decide on our one true PATH? Develop and then LEVERAGE THE FUCK OUT OF our one key PRODUCT?

Isn’t that what they tell us WORKS?!

So I dunno – I think somebody needs to go and let this Branson guy know he has got it all WRONG! Dude needs to get his shit together and settle down already! A little FOCUS wouldn’t go astray if he really wants to GO places and grow,


Only thing is –

4.9 billion dollars.

Companies that STAND for something.

A brand we equate to being FUN and FUNKY and HAPPENING.

A leader who we look to BECAUSE HE IS A DAMN LEADER and not another puppet CEO doing boring things for boring people.

It’s kind of WEIRD, because so many of the LOWER LEVEL successful people, especially in the entrepreneurial world, keep on harping on about this ‘do one thing’ and decide already FOCUS thing, about how you can’t just be pop up all over the place doing multiple things based on childish enthusiasm and in the moment INSPIRATION you actually act upon, about how you really freaking well need to get ORGANISED, but, well (could it be???) MAYBE that way is not the only way.

And MAYBE if you yourself are SUPER multi-passionate and creative, and if the idea of doing ONE THING in your business and having a single focus makes you want to fall asleep right now on the table, then maybe – just maybe mind you! – you could model your business and YOUR success on SOMETHING OR SOMEONE THAT ACTUALLY INSPIRES YOU?

Like I said though, just an idea.

I’m sure all those low-mid tier success stories DO know more about success than Richard Branson, or Mark Cuban, or Thomas Edison (guy invented a fuckton more of stuff than just the lightbulb!).

And really, what actually matters here, is I’m sure that OTHER PEOPLE know more about who you are and what you should do than what YOU do. I mean, seriously! Who do you think you are trying to FOLLOW YOUR HEART?!

But here’s the other thing, the thing nobody thinks about or focuses on when they’re bemoaning the woes of being scattered, multi-passionate, telling you you should just decide already –

It’s also I bet something YOU have not thought about and something that – I know from VERY personal experience! – you can take a lot of comfort in.

You actually DO have one thing that you do.

You already CHOSE your focus.

You are in fact EMBODYING it by APPEARING to be all over the place, because the real thing that you do?

Is inspire change.

Where you’re getting it oh-so-wrong in how you think about this, and where perhaps even your coaches and gurus are getting it oh-so-wrong for you, and where CERTAINLY your partner, friends and the world at large are NEVER gonna get it is that you?


You aren’t somebody who just PUTS THINGS TOGETHER and then sells them.

You’re not here to sell and leverage a damn PROGRAM.

You? You’re here to change the WORLD honey.

You are a LEADER.


You move the NEEDLE, not just in your own life, but when you do the damn work you’re called to do then you move the needle in the lives of thousands if not eventually MILLIONS of other people.

And this? This doesn’t happen by selling a PRODUCT.

This happens by starting a damn movement.

It happens by causing a revolution.

It’s about what you – and ALL your crazy awesome ideas and creations – STAND for.

Not about what they ‘are’ or even what they include.

Don’t you see?!

We’re not inspired, excited and enthralled by the Bransons and Trumps of this world because they move planes or build buildings! We’re attracted to who they are and what their underlying MISSION is. And when we believe as they believe then we AUTOMATICALLY BELIEVE IN ANYTHING THEY CREATE OR SELL, much more so than if we were simply judging that item for its God damn BENEFITS.

So when you sit back and you listen to the folks who tell you to focus, who tell you to get your shit together, who tell you to pick one thing and MASTER it, you need to stop for just a SECOND.

And ask yourself –

Do you want to master a damn THING, a PROCESS, a PROGRAM, an item?

Or do you want to master being you, and sharing your message with the world.

Do you want to build a business, a brand, an EMPIRE around what you believe and what you stand for, and then create whatever the hell you LIKE and as much of it and as OFTEN as you like because it fits in with the MESSAGE and to hell with whether or not it’s another thing, another thing, another thing.

Us multi-passionate ‘preneurs, we have to stick together you know.

The world would tell us to slow down, to do less, that less is more, that we need to pick a lane already.


So if you want to be of the WORLD, then by all MEANS –

Follow your little heart out.

But don’t let the door hit you on your way out of THIS community, because this, this is NOT a group of women trying to ‘make money online’, or market a program.


This is a tribe of WARRIORS.

These are the women who will CHANGE THE WORLD.

These are the new wave of LEADERS.

These are the ones we will look to and be AWED and HUMBLED at what they have created, who they are, what they STAND for and what it means for everyone else.

I’m talking about YOU, you know.

YOU are that woman.

YOU are that leader.

YOU are the face of change.

So wake UP sister.


Be crazy.

Be creative.

Be PROUDLY scattered.

Do what you LIKE.

Do as MUCH as you like.

Do it ALL.

But for the love of GOD, do it based on what it means and based on what you stand for.

One thing?

You mastered that ages ago.

Now you just gotta let all the juice outta it.

It’s time to shine beautiful, because the world? It does not NEED another lemming, another zombie, another clone another NOTHER.

The world needs you.

Let her out!

*This is an OG blog from 2015, and one of those ‘must read once a year soul truths’ I know you need!