If you would just consistently move forward on the things you know you have to do each day, the thing which would unavoidably get you to EXACTLY where you wanna be if only you’d do them, the amount of energy drain you’d save would be tremendous.

Not to mention that you’d actually get to live daily with a sense of accomplishment and purpose for just – doing the damn thing!

Do you realise how much time you lose, how much connectedness to your spirit, and by definition how much energy, creativity, wisdom and power by not just sitting your butt in the chair and DOING?

Yeah, the so-called purpose-driven and spirit-led or ‘conscious entrepreneur’ world will tell you it’s all about your BEING. And that DO is a dirty word.

But at what point did your true BEING not have a DO attached to it?

There’s doing for the sake of doing, running in circles chasing your own tail or trying to stay on top of what the world, your industry, your fear self would have you do; tell you you’re never done with –

and there is the doing which is aligned action, following your own inner fire and flow, being connected to God and truth and life, and going in to the dance of you being YOU.

You weren’t born to naval gaze. To ponder endlessly about whether you feel like it. Or feel ready. To continually look all around trying to figure out if there’s something you missed. Or should do more like the others. Or not at all.

Get over yourself.

Snap out of it.

And get on with the work you’re here to do, and QUIT PRETENDING YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS.

The basic, simple, day in and day out letting out of what’s inside of you.

In the way you are able to do it TODAY.
With what you have available to you TODAY.
With who you are TODAY.
With a reality check on the fact that what you DO have is TODAY.

And if you do not do todays work today, how on earth do you expect to be shown; have it made known to you, what tomorrow‘s work is?!

That’s not how it works.

You wanna get to where you’re ALL in as THE writer | speaker | artist | creator | leader | business owner | badass you dream of one day being, and eternally try to get clear on ’cause you think that your problem is you’re not clear and that if you were then you’d be effortlessly doing what you’re meant to?!

You have to do todays work today.

Write what is in you to write.
Speak what is in you to speak.
Make what is in you to make.

Let it be messy.
Let it be ugly, if that’s how it comes out!
Let it be random.
Let it speak to only one person, perhaps.
Let yourself sit with the discomfort of self-consciousness as you wonder if it’s any good, or if it can possible go any place.
Let it add up day after day after squirmy uncomfortable day.
Let yourself BASK in the moments when you do drop in, capture that flow, realise there is NO OTHER PLACE YOU SHOULD BE EXCEPT HERE. Those moments which will inevitably come, and can’t not! But not if you don’t show up.



Because in all this talk of it being all about YOUR being, and what YOUR precious being is ready / not ready for maybe,

just maybe,

you forgot to let what is in you be.